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Capture and Lost

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How long have I been away? Well, anyway I am glad to be back and surprised to see so many stories out of a sudden. I know that a lot of you will hate me for this but Archie and Atlanta will not be together for a long time to come. I might break Jay and Theresa up as well. But well read on the 5th chapter...
P.S. I am Theresa` if you have forgotten.

Summary in case you are lost...
- Theresa` is Theresa's clone which I will be writing in the first person point of view (I am theresa`)
- Theresa` has psychic powers and wants to kill Theresa cos it is destiny?
- Archie and Atlanta broke up at the start of the story cos Archie is not exactly the romantic type (Is he?)
- It is Valentines' day (Eros out shooting arrows but does not seem to hit Atlanta or Archie yet.)
- Theresa` attacks the gods' palace and mopped the floor with them. Took some weapons along the way
- Theresa` attacks the titans on Valentines' eve and almost injured Theresa.
- Herry spied on Theresa` and knew about the plan but seems to forget about it when Archie broke up with Atlanta.
- Gods knew about Theresa` and ordered the titans to capture and not kill her at all cost
- Archie wants to make it up to Atlanta by buying her flowers, but Atlanta made a clean break with him
- Archie and Atlanta found Theresa and Jay respectively in the middle of the night to talk about each other.
- And I would like to say that Cronus would be out of this whole story

At the same precise moment, the two doors opposite each other opened. Out came Jay consoling Atlanta in one door, and Theresa shoving Archie in the other. Four of them stared at each other in the cold, silent corridor.
Theresa coughed to break the silent as she exclaimed, "Why are we all just standing here? Let's proceed to the hall."
Theresa took Jay by the hand and strutted down the staircase (The brownstone has three levels), leaving Archie and Atlanta standing there alone. Archie slipped both hands into his pocket and looked down, not sure whether to apologise and to shout at her. Atlanta folded her arms and leaned against the wall looking towards the window at the end of the corridor. She was determined not to look straight at Archie.
Archie shrugged his shoulders and looked at his fiery friend, "Is she still angry with me?" he thought silently before starting, "Atlanta, I..."
"Let's give ourselves some time, Archie. For now we will stay like this."
As Atlanta walked away, Archie grabbed her hand and said "Don't walk away from me Atlanta."
With one final shake her hand slipped out of Archie's reach as he looked at her back disappearing down the hallway. Archie could not help but punched the wall behind him. What a fool he had been! If only he had learned a little more from Jay or Theresa, his relationship would have gone better. He felt blood trickling down his fist as some blood stains could be seen on the wall after he left. He did not care if he would die from bleeding or anything like that. Atlanta would not return to his side anymore. The girl he had once loved was gone forever.
"How touching..." I whispered as I looked through the screen which I had magically created.
With a swished of my hand the screen disappeared and I turned to face the sea. I had camped on the cliff near New Olympia. A pity Archie and Atlanta could not stay like that. But Jay and Theresa would not either. I would make sure of it.
"Hey Atlanta, good to see you are up to early going for a run with Archie?" Athena asked as she flipped some toast with butter and jam on to a plate and handed over to Atlanta.
"No." There was a definite tone in her voice as Jay and Theresa looked towards each other.
"They weren't getting along that's for sure" Jay thought, as Theresa who seems to be able to read his mind, was thinking alone the same lines.
Then Archie entered the kitchen with a bleeding fist as he stared straight at Atlanta first before moving towards the fridge to get some juice.
"Archie, your toast will be ready in a minute. And what did you do to your fist?" Athena remarked as she rushed to get the bandages from the store cupboard.
"Were you attacked? Jay jumped up totally forgetting about breakfast, too concerned about his teammates.
Athena looked at Archie as she bandaged his hand; she knew that Archie had done that to hurt himself on purpose but why?
"He will be fine. But you kids had better finish breakfast fast, before Ares has to come to the brownstone to find you guys for combat practice."
By 7am the entire team was already sitting in their mode of transportation and waiting for Neil to finish up his facial.
Jay did a headcount and yelled towards the brownstone "Neil if you are not on the truck by 1 minute time you will have to head for the school on your own."
Perhaps by his luck, Neil managed to jump into the truck just before Herry stepped on the gas pedal.
As Neil checked his nails and flipped out his three-panel mirror he scolded Jay, "You know you should not rush me like that. It makes me nervous and luckily I am still in perfect condition."
The team just looked outside the window and sighed, as some of them sniggered at Neil's whining. Neil was a big joke when he joined the team as it seems that he just could not make the cut. However they hate to admit that without him, they would not be able to escape unscathed from certain situation and he was certainly helpful. Herry swerved the wheel as he parked the vehicle expertly into a parking slot. As the others picked themselves up, Herry stepped out of his beloved jeep whistling.
"Next time Herry, I'm driving." Odie said as he arranged his broken spectacles.
The blue portal swirled before them as they enter the janitor's closet. Upon the arrival, they noticed that the security was much improved to prevent another attack. Theresa was particularly noticed by the magically force field as she could not enter it immediately. She has to wait for a moment before trying to enter.
With a frown on her face, Theresa and the rest of the group entered Ares' dueling room as they were told to take the swords and shields off the racks. Then they divided into pairs for combat practice. Archie was dueling with Atlanta, Neil with Theresa as Jay and Odie took on Herry at the same time. Jay was practically left to defend himself as Odie gave up after falling at least 5 times. Theresa was certainly not taking it easy on Neil as he was found screaming things like, "Watch the hair." Archie and Atlanta was totally fierce about dueling. It was as if they were taking out their anger on each other as the swords and shields clashed frequently. When the rest were all exhausted from all the training, they lay on the mat flat not even able to move or get up. Only Atlanta and Archie were still going on about it. It was as though every blow Atlanta dealt was in revenge for Archie not being romantic and being very forgetful. As for Archie he was sort of half blaming Atlanta for ditching him and saying that it was over. Then the sword Atlanta was holding broke all of a sudden, causing the blow which Archie dealt landing on her right shoulder. It was lucky that Archie had hit Atlanta on the flat side or Atlanta could have been hurt pretty badly. Archie dropped his weapons and fell to Atlanta side as he shouted her name. The others who were lying on the floor got up and crowded around Archie who was carrying Atlanta in his arms. They all rushed to Chiron's study as Atlanta held her right shoulder.
"Atlanta you ok? I did not mean to..." Archie said as they brought her to Chiron.
With a final check that everything was in the bag, Theresa` took a look around and swept out of the cave. Funny that such a background should be used as the scenery of the final battle. I thought to myself. The sun was setting over the horizon as the rays of sunlight gave their last wave, giving the beach of New Olympia an orange glow. As I look up into the sky, I could not help but ask myself. Why am I doing this? Is it my destiny? The feeling inside me was raging as thoughts of Theresa flow smoothly. I need an answer. I promised silently and flew into the direction of the god's palace.
"Why did you do that?" Theresa's voice could be heard ringing across Persephone's solarium.
"I did not. It was an accident and will you just get off my back," Archie yelled back as he muttered "Chiron said she will be fine."
Theresa opened her mouth to say something when Jay stopped her. He shook his head as Archie left the palace to cool off.
"Everyone Hera needs you to see her in Chiron's study immediately. It's urgent." Hermes fluttered into and out of the room before anyone even noticed. His voice just appeared and the team trudged wearily to the study.
"Theresa` is coming and I am afraid the target is..." Hera eyes fell on Theresa.
"Yes, but this would be a good opportunity to catch her once and for all." Hera added as she left the room to prepare the gods for the disaster.
Jay moved to the center of attention as he announced, "Well let's move out. Odie, Theresa will come with me. We need to work out a plan. Archie, Herry and Neil get some equipment to capture Theresa`. Atlanta you stay here. Now let's go."
"No I am coming along. I will be fine."
"But Atlanta..."
"Let her be. She is too stubborn and hates to miss out on all the action, kind of like Atalanta. Atlanta you go with Neil and the others. I am afraid we've got some hunting to do." Jay cut in and the team spread out.
000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000As Theresa` looms nearer to her destination, she smiled as she looked at the city one last time.
"This will be your last day here. Tomorrow the city will be gone." I smirked as I dived down at breakneck speed.
My eyes were fixed as the secret location of the palace came into sight. No movement as far as I can see. I assured myself. As I was about 5 metres off the ground, Jay leapt out of his hiding place.
Neil's extension cord flew out of the bushes in an attempt to strike me. I caught it easily and laughed at Jay. I would not fall for the same trick twice. But I had to let it go immediately as million watts of electricity surged through my body. I fell to the ground and found myself face to face with Jay. His blade was drawn and he was ready to fight. I managed to block his xiphos with a mini barrier constructed out of air as I rolled away from the impact. Then Atlanta took out a stun gun and shot me in the heart.
"You again bitch. You will not be so lucky this time because there is no one who will protect you now." I whipped out a sword and threw it at Atlanta with pinpoint accuracy.
"Wanna bet?" Archie threw his whip at the sword and flung it back at me.
Then Herry charged straight at me again with no weapons.
I froze him with my powers and smiled, "You never learn do you?" then blasted him into the gym.
Herry's body collided with the walls and crashed right through the brick wall. Then Jay tried to take me on, but it seems as though the combat practice had paid off as he strike with more force each turn. Then out of nowhere a net and three flash bombs landed directly on me. I was totally paralyzed by those bombs and they caught me.
"What the heck are these made of?" I screamed as I tried to pull it apart.
Atlanta stepped out and said, "It is the kind of trap a hunter uses whenever she is up against a prey that is fast, strong and powerful. It is elastic and repels magic as well so give up."
So that was their master plan, all that fight was just a bluff. To detect my position, Atlanta shot the stun gun at me though it was ineffective as a detector was placed in the bullet. Then to buy time for Odie and Theresa to land the trap on me with the hover jet, they fought with me one after another to minimize my movement as much as possible.
"I'm impressed. But even if you capture me, I won't let you get away that easily." I muttered some strange words and thick smog covered the entire area that within seconds the entire team was knocked out.

So what do you guys think? Theresa` is captured but the entire team fall into slumber. And I seriously apologize for not updating for so long. I will get up the next chapter asap.

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