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Chapter 29: Luna 2, 3, 4, 5

by selenepotter

Harry travels back in time to a world where Ron was the boy-who-lived. Harem Harry, Harry/Tonks/Luna/Ginny/Hermione/Padma/OC Luna/Ginny Luna/Rose/Parvati Luna/Ginny/Rose/Parvati Luna/Harry/Gi...

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Chapter 29: Luna 2,3,4,5


On Friday night, Luna and Ginny were on their way to the library to study before dinner when they felt Parvati kiss Harry. As one, they took a U-turn and started to go back to the Hufflepuff wing. All the way back, they could feel Harry and Parvati groping each other. By the time they'd reached their room, the arousal had become unbearable as Rose and Padma had started up too. Flopping onto the bed, Luna and Ginny ripped the clothes off of each other. Ginny tackled Luna as her mouth greedily kissed her. She rolled her over so that Luna was on top and forcefully parted the girl's lips with her tongue. Luna straddled Ginny as they kissed, rubbing their bare pubic mounds together. Ginny moaned loudly when Luna broke off the kiss and began kissing her way down her neck. Ginny's breasts were large enough that when Luna had made her way down to them, she was able to push them together and lick both nipples at once. She expressed her delight at this loudly. When Luna had made it down to her tattoo, she turned as put her own tattoo in Ginny's face. They both began French kissing each other's tattoo that took the form of a face with their clitoris as a tongue. Suddenly they both cried out in pain as they felt Parvati lose her virginity. As the painful sensations began to be replaced with pleasure the two girls moaned and returned their attention to each other until their felt themselves shudder with orgasmic release.


Saturday evening after dinner, Luna invited Rose and Parvati to the Room of Requirement. When the door opened, they found themselves in a room that was decorated totally in scarlet red, with the entire floor covered in a thin layer of rose petals covering the whole room. Even the bed, with its red satin sheets was covered with rose petals. As soon as they stepped into the room, Luna pulled her robe over her head.

"Are you in a hurry?" asked Rose as she began removing her own clothes.

Well, I didn't bring you in here to play exploding cucumber, you know," said Luna.

After the three girls were undressed, they fell into a group hug. Parvati leaned forward and kissed Rose, then, Luna did the same. She held the kiss and gently licked Rose's lips, at which Rose parted them slightly to give her entrance. As their tongues began to dance, Luna pulled Parvati closer and made room for her to join them. As their two-way kiss became a three-way kiss, they began to feel Harry kissing Ginny. Without breaking the kiss, the three girls managed to sit then, pushed Rose back so she was lying down. Luna and Parvati kissed down opposite sides of her neck as Rose gasped at each kiss. Each of them took a nipple in their mouth that they kissed and licked and suckled. Parvati began kissing her way back up as Luna went down on Rose. She moaned loudly as Luna brought her to orgasm and Parvati licked her ears.


Sunday afternoon, Ginny disillusioned herself and Luna as they followed Rose and Parvati to the 5th year girls room of Gryfindor Tower. Once they were all in the room, Rose cast locking and silencing charms on the door, so that they wouldn't be disturbed. As soon as she did so, the other three began kissing her, pawing her and trying to remove her clothes. Rose happily complied with their demands and she was soon completely naked and on her bed. As one, the girls abruptly stepped away from her. They formed a line with Ginny in the front, who began to slowly remove her own clothes, all the while giving Rose smoldering looks. Once she was done, she crawled into bed with Rose, and sat behind her, pressing her breasts into Rose's back and with her hands, caressed Rose's nipples as she kissed the redhead's neck.

Parvati was the next to strip. Rose could see the desire in her eyes as she slowly removed her clothes. Once she was done, Parvati climbed onto the bed and slowly began kissing her way up Rose's legs. She was so aroused that it was difficult to keep her eyes open, but she wanted to see Luna, so she made the effort. Slowly, Luna bent over until she'd grabbed the hem of her robe. As she gradually rose, the lifted the hem until just before it exposed her knickers. Then, she pulled first one arm and then the other into her robe and grabbed the hem from the inside. As Luna pulled the robe over her head, it became apparent that she was not wearing anything under it. Luna stood there, holding her crumpled robe over her head and dropped it to the floor.

By now, Parvati had made it to the top of Roses legs. Ginny had gotten out from behind her and after Luna climbed into bed, they formed a daisy chain with Parvati licking Rose licking Ginny licking Luna licking Parvati. When they'd pleasured each other to completion, they discovered that Harry and Parvati weren't finished yet. So they did it again, but it still wasn't over. The four girls had exhausted themselves long before Harry and Parvati where finished. By the time Hermione was popped, they had rested enough for another round. Ginny and Parvati each sucked a nipple as Luna ate Rose until there was another mass orgasm. As they curled up into a group hug to rest, Ginny suddenly said:

"Luna, Harry wants to know if you and I would like to join him, Padma and Hermione for an orgy?"

"Really!?" exclaimed Luna, with glee. "Tell him we'll meet them for dinner in the Room!"

"Hey! What about me?" gritched Rose as Luna and Ginny hoped out of bed and threw their clothes back on.

"I thought we wore you out?" said Ginny. "Besides, we have to sleep with Harry every night. We'd like to get our virginity out of the way."

"Bye love!" said Luna as she and Ginny kissed Rose goodbye and ran giggling from the room.

"I'll stay with you, Rose," said Parvati, hugging her wife.

"So, when are you going to give me a threesome with Padma?" asked Rose.

"Sometime after you give me one with Harry," replied Parvati.

"Touche!" said Rose.

"Seeing you like this is so odd," said Parvati. "How long do you think it will take to get your metamorphmagus powers under control."

At this point Rose looked like a composite of the three girls she'd just been with. Her skin was the same shade of darkish tan as Parvati's. Her nipples and areolas were the same pinkish shade as Ginny's and she had Luna's gray eyes.

"Well, I only lose control during the heat of passion," said Rose. "But I still can't change my shape, only my color.


By the time Luna and Ginny got to the Room of Requirement, there was already a dinner on a low circular table surrounded by cushions. Hermione and Padma were sitting across from Harry leaving room for Ginny and Luna to sit next to him. The three of them had not bothered to get dressed, so, Ginny and Luna shed their clothes before joining them at the table. Dinner was a vegetarian Indian meal. Afterwards, they were sipping their kheer when Hermione turned to Padma and asked:

"So how to do we proceed from here?"

"Like this," said Luna as she pulled Harry into a kiss.

Ginny began running her hand across his chest and Hermione and Padma crawled around to their side of the table. With a wave of her wand, Padma doused the lights, leaving them in pitch darkness. Ginny began kissing her way down Harry's chest as Luna's tongue danced with his. Harry's right hand caressed Luna as his left played with Ginny's hair. But then, just as Ginny started to go down on him, he felt Hermione and Padma each take one of his hands and place it between their legs. Feeling their vulvas in his hands, one covered in soft fur, the other smoothly bare, Harry began to feel his self stiffen as Ginny's lips engulfed him. Harry explored the two girls with his hands and could feel their love juices starting to flow as he became more and more erect. When his manhood was fully at attention, Ginny and Luna broke off their kisses. Luna straddled him and guided him into her and Ginny knelt over his face offering her labia for him to orally gratify her. As he felt himself penetrate Luna, Harry inserted a couple of fingers of each hand into Padma and Hermione, his thumb caressing their love buttons. To complete the circuit, Ginny and Luna began kissing each other, as did Padma and Hermione. They all began to feel lightheaded as their passion grew and grew. Harry even felt Luna's weight diminish as her orgasm pushed the others over the edge.


Tonks had been blindfolded before she was taken into the Serpent's lair.

"You may remove your blindfold now," said Snape.

Tonks found herself in a windowless room with three men. One black, one white and one asian. There was only one door.

"Remove you clothes and wait here," said Snape. "Each of you will be brought in turn before the Supreme Serpent, who will judge your worthiness to join our order."

Snape stepped out of the room and locked them in.

"Hi, I'm Danae Black," said Tonks as she concentrated on making her pubic hair more bushy so to conceal her tattoo. "And you are?"

"Dan Dunn"

"Montague Hale"

"Li Chen"

While she was waiting, Tonks began to feel the Harry and his harem become aroused.

(Not again!) thought Tonks. She had felt Harry's threesome and Rose's foursome earlier that afternoon. This was the worse possible time to be feeling the hormonal rush of arousal. Tonks gritted her teeth in an attempt to avoid moaning with pleasure. It had built to quite a height by the time the door opened again.

"You shall be first, Miss Black," said Snape as he beckoned her. He was wearing his Sons of the Serpent uniform. As he led her down the hallway, Snape advised her. "If you want to be one of us, you must obey the High Priest throughout the ceremony."

She was led into a large room that was decorated in green and silver with a serpent motif. At the other end of the room was a circular pit with a diving board extending into it. There were two other men in the room, neither of which Tonks could recognize. They too, were dressed as Sons of the serpent. They were dressed in black bodysuits over which they wore green jackets that came down to their thighs. The jackets were open in front, revealing a skull-like snake head on the front of their bodysuits. A belt cinched the jacket at the waist. They also wore green boots. On their heads, they wore green helmets with a snake-like crest on top that made in look like there was a snake resting on each of their heads.

"Who do you bring before us?" asked the man standing closest to the pit. Tonks did not recognize his voice.

"A newborn child who seeks to attain Darkness by ridding the world of the muggle plague," replied Snape.

"You Highness, I challenge her right to join our ranks!" said the third man. Tonks didn't recognize his voice either.

"Very well," said the High Priest, the man near the pit. "Bind her and bring her forward, that the Supreme Serpent may judge her."

Snape pulled her hands behind her back as the third man manacled them together. They brought her up to the diving board at the edge of the pit.

"Is it truly your desire to become a Daughter of the Serpent?" asked the High Priest.

"Yes, it is!" said Tonks, trembling with arousal.

"Then, you will walk to the end of the board to await the judgment of the Supreme Serpent.

Tonks did as she was bidden, walked to the end of the board and stood there with her toes hanging off.

The High Priest made a hissing noise and a sound began rumbling from the darkness of the pit. It got closer and closer until an enormous serpentine head rose from the pit. It was a basilisk. From the size of it, it has to be at least a thousand years old. It was wearing a sort of harness on it head that held blinders over its' eyes. But had little doubt that if it wanted to, the basilisk could easily scrape that harness off. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to climax as the basilisk's head drew nearer. Then, Tonks felt everyone else in her soul bond network go over the brink as she could no longer stifle the moan of her orgasmic release. While she was moaning, the basilisk ran its' enormous tongue from her inside ankle, up the inside of her thigh and across her mound.

"Fascinating," said Snape. "I've never seen it react that way to anyone before."


As they recovered, Harry became aware of a light that broke the darkness. It began dimly at first. At it became brighter and brighter, Harry realized that it was coming from Luna. When it reached maximum intensity, she was giving off the light of a full moon. He also became aware that the five of them were floating in mid air.

"By the time you get there," said Luna. "Regulus Black will have killed Fudge and appointed himself Minister of Magic."

"What?" asked Harry.

"I'm sorry. Perhaps you like it better this way," said Luna as her voice took on an unearthly quality.

"A Dark Lord takes his throne.
The one-who-lived in another world will arrive too late to stop him.
But his family shall be re-united."

"When it this happening?" asked Harry.

"Now," replied Luna.

Harry clothes turned to liquid, flowed through the air at him, and reformed themselves on him, as he flew out the door.
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