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Sasuke's Feelings?!?

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Sasukes back and Sakura doesn't seem to care... But I think Sasuke does...

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/08/17 - Updated: 2006/08/17 - 3386 words

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto... (Short and to the point)


It was a bright and sunny day for squad seven was out side celebrating the return of one of their members Sasuke. A certain loud blonde headed kid was fighting with Sasuke while Kakashi sensei and Sakura watched them laughing. Everyone so happy Sasuke was back. Sakura was happy but watching to boys fight, whose power was almost even, and she knew all of there moves got boring after awhile.

Hey Kakashi sensei...

Yes Sakura?

Do you want to fight? I'm bored and I would like to do something... You got those bells?

Well, well, well, aren't we different today? You never want to fight anyone...

Kakashi said this with a grin on his face. Sakura stood up stuck her tongue out and laughed. She walked over near to where Naruto, Sasuke, and she had become Gennin (just barely).

Okay I'm not going easy on... You were trained under Tsundae-sama so you should be able to defeat me if you are as great as Tsunde-sama says...

Kakashi has not see Sakura battle in so long the last time he saw here fight was the chunnin exam and after that that's when she started training under Tsundae. He was never able to go on missions with Naruto and Sakura because he was always in the hospital because he over used his sharingan... he wondered how good has she gotten?

Okay ready? GO!

Kakashi ran into the bushes and Sakura observed her surroundings.

Kakashi sensei I'm disappointed I thought this would be hard!

Sakura walked over to the trunk of a huge tree and by this time Naruto and Sasuke stopped fighting to see the show... Lightly Sakura punched the trunk of the tree with her fist and! BAM! The tree shattered into millions of pieces. There lay Kakashi sensei in a hole on the ground stuck under the piles of wood. Sakura walked over and took a bell from the struggling Kakashi sensei.

Got a bell Sensei! Would you like help out of the wood?

Yes that would be nice Sakura...

Sorry Kakashi Sensei got a little carried away... hehehe...

Whoooooo! Go Sakura! She got Kakashi sensei in one move.

The excited Naruto kept cheering even though the battle was over (actually I wouldn't even call that a battle). Sasuke on the other hand had not seen Sakura fight in a long time. For when she and Naruto when to get him he was not conscious when, Sakura fought Kabuto. That was how good Sakura got while he was gone how could she do that! She used to be a wimp now she's smashing trees with a little punch! What did I miss while I was with Orochimaru? Kakashi seeing the expression on Sasuke's face answered his question.

While you were with Orochimaru, Naruto trained a lot but Sakura must have trained way more for she is now a medic ninja and can whack anybody with one punch to the Hidden Sand Village in a matter of a minute (three days travel from the Hidden Leaf Village on foot). Naruto and Sakura trained and got stronger to save you.

Sasuke was speechless. He didn't have a clue to what he was supposed to say? Naruto was always strong but Sakura? She could barley do any jutsu now she's a medic ninja and is probably better than Rock Lee at tailjutsu... She did that to get... me... to bring... me ... back...

Hey Sasuke what are you zoning out for do you need Sakura to look at you?

No I'm okay Naruto thanks...

After Sakura helped Kakashi Sensei out of the wood Kakashi claimed that he was tired and it was getting late. After Kakashi left Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were about to leave until Naruto started whining.

Oh, no! I forgot my money! How am I supposed to buy dinner tonight!

Naruto... if you want I'll buy you ramen since I'm hungry too...

Really!?!? Sakura-Chan are you serious! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

Oh, come on Naruto...

Sakura said this with an annoyed tone in her voice then giggled at the look on Naruto's face. Then Sasuke approached the giggling Sakura and the dumb-founded idiot standing next to her.

Ummmmm... Sakura can I come too? You don't have to pay for mine or anything, I hope you don't mind.

Oh, sure Sasuke... I don't mind, I'll even pay for yours too.

As Naruto and Sakura started walking toward the village Sasuke head was filled with questions. 'Why did Sakura leave me out at first? Normally she would have jumped at an opportunity to go on a date with me... Instead she... went with Naruto!!!!...!!!... And I had to offer to come with before she even thought about me coming. Then, what's that whole thing with Sakura now being able to crack a tree into little pieces? She did it all to get me but now... she's not obsessed with me like she used to be. In our Gennin days she would follow me around trying to get my attention and go on dates with me... she would do anything (exaggerate on the word anything) to at lest get close to me. But now... now she doesn't seem to like me anymore... well, like she did before at lest but why-

Sasuke are you sure you're all right? You've been zoning out all out ever since we got back. Is there something on you is mind? You don't want to go back to Orochimaru do you?

What! Naruto you know you're still an idiot even after all this time... I don't want to go back there. I... I'm just a little worn out. I'll sleep tonight and be fine in the morning.

What Sasuke said was a lie of course (not the part about Naruto though because you know as well as I do that he has his moments still) but, he said that all to see what a certain pink haired kunoinchi would do... 'If Sakura still likes me like she did before, she would never pass up a date with me especially when I said I wanted to go with her and this is an opportunity for her to go rub this in Ino's face.' Sasuke smirked thinking, 'Yeah, she'll say oh, okay let's go to the ramen shop before in gets dark I'll buy you an extra bowl...' At that moment something whipped that smirk right off his face...

Sasuke, you should go home and get some sleep then... you can come with me and Naruto to the ramen shop another time. Okay? If you're tired you should go to bed.

Sakura said this with a light voice. Sasuke surprised at Sakura's comment, said 'bye' turned around and started walking for home. While Sasuke was walking home he could hear Naruto saying things like, "Sakura you mean it! It's just me and you out late at night getting ramen together!" and "I thought this day would never come... you want me to marry you!" While Sakura just said, "Will you be quiet... you are such an idiot sometimes..." Sasuke finally reached home wondering why Sakura had changed. What happened to the little annoying girl that used to follow him around? Then the biggest question off all... Why did he care so much that she did not like him the way she used too? All of those questions remained swirling around in his head... lucky for him he really was tired and fell into a deep sleep. If he wasn't as tired as he was I would think he would have been up pondering all night what had happened to Sakura and himself...


BEEEEP! BEEEEP! BEEEEP! BEEEEP! The limp body of Sasuke laid up in bed sleepily the best he could, he had a mission today. Not a big one just a regular boring D-class mission. He was to help a lady clean out her attic with Naruto and Sakura... 'Sakura oh, I can't wait to see her, she always gets there extra early before- Wait... what am I thinking?!?!?!?!?! I've never wanted to see anyone so badly in his life so why start now and why would I want to see Sakura? I mean I've seen here loads of time's why now?' That sunny day he hurried up to get dressed and eat thinking he just wanted to get their early to get the boring mission over with... but I'll tell you now (even though you probably already know...) there was another reason to why he left very early that morning...

Oh, hi're here early today... did you get a good sleep last night?

Oh, Sakura I uhhh... yeah I got a good sleep last night thanks to you. Ummm there's something I need to-

SAKURA-CHAN!!!! Kakashi sensei said he would be late today! Do you want to go for a walk or- SASUKE! OMG! Sakura, Sasuke's earlier than me! When did that happen?

Naruto, it's not a big deal I just got here earlier than usual...

Oh, sorry Sasuke I was just surprised you have been gone for so long and now you're back and here really-

Why were you early?

Sasuke really had no idea of why he came early he was able to stick the idea of seeing Sakura in the back of his head but for some reason it just keeps coming back to him... 'Why did the idea have to come back now...?'

I uhhh... got up earlier than usual probably because I got such a good sleep last night...

Oh, okay then, now we have to wait for Kakashi sensei to come... Okay I'm taking a nap wake me when he comes...

Naruto curled up on the ground and fell asleep almost instantly. Sakura stood there looking at the afternoon sun mean while the nervous wreck Sasuke stood there with so many thoughts going through his mind... Naruto's sleeping, Kakashi sensei's no here yet and Sakura's just standing next to me... I want to talk to talk to her but what do I- Wait why do want to talk to Sakura so badly? Why is this stuff happening to me? Am I dreaming? Is this gen jutsu? Sakura would have found it by now- there I go again... what's wrong with me?

Oh, Hi Kakashi sensei! Naruto.... Get up!

Sasuke's thoughts were shattered by Sakura's greeting to Kakashi sensei and her urgent whisper to Naruto.

Oh, hello every one... Today we have to go help some old lady clean out here attic, so let's get this boring mission over with....

Wait a minute what are you talking about you don't have to do anything but read you're stupid Icha Icha books. While we do all the work!

Naruto, have you forgotten... you're an idiot... therefore I have to watch you... okay?

The flustered Naruto moaned and stopped after that, as Kakashi said Naruto's still an idiot... but he has grown. Naruto's older he knows not to pick a fight with Kakashi sensei because of a remark... He's still an idiot though... Sakura stood there trying hard to keep in a fit of giggles from Kakashi sensei's answer to Naruto. Mean while Sasuke stood there and stared at the ground trying hard not to think about Sakura... The muffled giggles of Sakura were stopped Sasuke's shout in anger...

'Why is this happening to me!!!!!? ?'

Naruto looked at Sasuke alertly afraid that he may jump on top of him. Sakura stood there while inner Sakura just said 'What the Hell was that all about?' Kakashi sensei on the other hand was the first person to break the silence that came between squad seven.

Practicing for your comedy routine, I imagine you're doing with Naruto? No? Shall we go then?

Yeah, let's go get this over with...

Team seven made there way through the village till they came to a very nicely kept house it was hard to believe the lady needed help cleaning her attic with such a nice, clean house. They entered the house and found a lady sitting in a chair that was placed near the door. She put a smile on her face and greeted them. She walked them over to the staircase and everyone followed the lady up. The inside of the house has as nice as the outside. Then Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were all thinking the same thing... 'This is going to be easy...!...!...' Well, you know how it was supposed to be easy... it was hard. When the old lady reached the attic she swung the door open and the stench coming from that room was tremendous! It smelled like dead fish and expired cheese... but come on that's not a big deal we came here to clean here attic not get rid of the horrible smell. Besides the rest of her house is clean why wouldn't the attic- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The old lady turned on the light and there was the messiest place you could not even imagine (and most people think there closets a mess). There was cob webs every where and mold growing all over everything... But the silence was ended by a certain loud mouthed blonde standing there staring at the room.

Sorry old bag but I'm not cleaning that up! Definitely not! I'm not a maid!

Naruto! Shut up!

You can never tell if Kakashi is mad or not with his mask on and he can hide his emotion so well but something told Naruto he was mad (thankfully the old lady could not hear so well any more...)

Okay, you guys start cleaning up... Okay? I'll be down stairs if you need me, which you won't, Right? Bye! Remember have fun!

Kakashi started laughing as he walked down the stairs followed by the old lady... Well, I'll tell you squad seven did not have fun cleaning that up. Not a word was said to each other, everyone just scrubbing and scrubbing, rinsing and rinsing. Naruto was thinking about the ramen he was going to eat when he was done and maybe even inviting Sakura with him. Sakura was thinking about getting out of here and going to train some more with Tsunde-sama (fifth hokage). Sasuke has those mind churning questions in his head about Sakura again... Finally about five hours later the final scrubs were made and the final rinses were made and finally they had finished. Sasuke relived they were done wanted to get out of this place so badly ran down stairs to tell the old lady they were done cleaning her attic. With the thought of Sakura on his mind again he quickly ran up stairs to tell her and Naruto that they could leave. But when Sasuke walked into the room Naruto was on top of Sakura.... She was laughing at saying, stop Naruto come on I want to leave... I'm sorry I said that you got your revenge stop...' in-between fits of giggles. Sasuke's blood was boiling up... Sasuke stood there thinking 'Why am I so mad? What is going on' Before Sasuke could think any more he ran over to Naruto and Sakura and gripped Naruto's jacket and threw him off of Sakura (for all you people who think Naruto and Sakura were doing something else I'll tell you what they were doing... Naruto started tickling Sakura- that's her weakness). Sakura sat up and ran over to Naruto... he was bleeding bad...

Sasuke you idiot what did you do that to Naruto for? You seriously hurt him! You big idiot why did you do that!

Sakura was yelling now quickly doing some hand signs and helping Naruto's wounds to recover. Sakura looked like she wanted to cry. While Sasuke was gone she had gotten very close to Naruto... She doesn't love him but she cares for him she thinks of him as her brother like she thinks of Sasuke. She doesn't want Naruto hurt and Sasuke to run back to Orochimaru.... She looked at him and looked away...

Sakura I- I

No why did you do that to Naruto? What did he do to you!

But he was hurting you...

Hurting me...hurting me... what are you talking about I was joking with him and said he should quit being a ninja and become a maid instead... he got me back for my remark by tickling me ( That word it doesn't sound like ninja material but it was either that or he really doing it with her so.... I chose tickling her). Then you injure him... I don't care if you guys throw each other across the room but you injured him...!...!...!...!...!...!...!...!...! By this time Kakashi came wondering up stairs because he heard yelling and banging sounds he walked into the room...

What's going on? Sasuke? Sakura? Why is Naruto on the floor with a puddle of blood?

By this time Sakura had healed Naruto's wounds and Naruto was sitting there astonished that his best friend did that to him. Sasuke standing there looking at Sakura with a guilty look in his face was thinking the exact same thing as Sakura 'Why did I do that?' Sakura stood up looked at Naruto said he would be fine looked at Sasuke and ran out of the room so fast that by the time they ran down the stairs she was long gone.

That night Sasuke when home feeling guilty. He could not forget that look on Sakura's face when she left that look of why... why...why...why... Then the other questions floated back to him. He got in bed although he was not tired. He tried to sleep but he couldn't. He had to go talk to Naruto. Maybe he knew why he was acting strange. Sasuke jumped out of bed got changed and walked out the door toward the ramen noodle shop. There he found Naruto sitting there slurping down the broth from his fifth bowl of ramen. He saw Sasuke and waved him over. Naruto did not seem to mind what happened. He said to Sasuke as long as I can still eat ramen I don't care what happens! Sasuke sat down and Naruto knew he wanted to talk about why he did it.

So how's life? I haven't seen you in two hours...!...?...!...?

Naruto I need to ask you something... ummm... Sakura she's well she's...

Naruto maybe a retard but he knows when to shut up and let a person talk especially if it's a friend...
Sakura she's... all think about lately! I can't get her out of my head! I don't get it that day I was early that morning I was like 'Oh, I can't wait to see Sakura!' I don't get it I can't get her out of my head! Then I walked into the room and you and she were laughing and I don't know I just felt mad like I wanted to be the one on top of her tickling her making her smile. Naruto what's wrong with me! You've had plenty of things wrong with you so what's wrong with me!

Well, despite the insult... I'll tell you that Sasuke, there's nothing wrong with you.

There isn't anything wrong with me?

Nope, actually I feel that way about...

Naruto stopped and blushed a deep violet and finally came out with it...

I feel that way about... Hinata... Sasuke I like Hinata no I- I love her... You have the same case as me... Except its Sakura... You fell in love with Sakura...

Naruto... I...did?

Yep, that's all there is to it...

Thanks Naruto.... You're still an idiot though...

And always will be!!!!!

You gonna stick around, Sasuke?

No, I'm going to go for a walk, Thanks, see you later.

Sasuke began his walk down the hidden leaf village thinking about all that Naruto had just told him. I love Sakura... that explains it all why I could not stop thinking about her, why I pummeled Naruto. The only problem now was... 'Damn it, now how do I tell her I love her?...?...'

Not my best one but please comment I would love to head how I did... Thanks :) Hate it? Tell me how much you hate it and how I can improve to make it better! Thanx for reading!
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