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I just want to apologise to Mr. Justin Hayward in advance...

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136. "What the hell is Ray Thomas wearing?!" Mom. "Heh, must've been laundry day."~Me. We were watching Legend of the Band.

137. "Paul McCartney and Justin are arguing over who's prettier."~Not my mother's, but we read it on someone's blog and now she won't stop repeating it!

138. "This is so damn unfair. Justin Hayward and I are just about the same height and I'm young enough to be his GRANDDAUGHTER!"~Me ranting at the unfair difference in age between me and Justin Hayward(He's 58, I'm 20, he's 6'1", I'm 6'0".)

139. "Hell, Justin's so thin there, a strong wind could knock him down."~Me. We were watching Legend of the Band during "I'm Just a Singer In a Rock n Roll Band."

140. "News flash to Ray Thomas: YOU ARE ENGLISH, NOT JAMAICAN! THERE IS NO NEED TO WEAR RED SPANDEX PANTS!!!!"~Me yelling at the television.

141. "John, lay off of the Prozac, please!"~Mom while we were watching the Red Rocks concert. John Lodge seemed... Ummm... A little TOO happy.

142. "Mom, you're swerving!"~Me while in the car. We were listening to a mix tape that she had made of Justin Hayward's songs and she seemed to... get rather distracted during "New Horizons."

143. "If I was Justin, I'd be like, 'We're WHAT now?!'"~Me, watching Legend of a Band with Mom during one of the interview segments. The exact quote before I said this was: "No, you're finishing the show."

144. "Are we there yet? No. Are we there yet? No. Are we-- Look, if you ask me one more goddamn time if we're there, I'm turning this fuckin' van around, you got me?!"~Me making Mom laugh.

145. "Imagine HIM... Being THAT close to you... It just got really hot in here..."~Mom. "That's because it's really humid. Either that or you're having a hot flash again..." Me.

146. "He's too rigid." "snicker" "Not in THAT way, you perverted little girl!"~Mom and I while watching the Hall of Fame DVD.

147. "He was playing with the vacuum cleaner again." "John's buttoned up to the neck too." "Looks like they were BOTH playing with the vacuum cleaner!"~Mom and I, watching Red Rocks. Justin was wearing one of those scarf cravat thingamagigs and we were bored, so we were teasing him and John Lodge.

148. "I Know You're Out There Somewhere... Also known as, 'Hey John, how many syllables do you think I can fit in one lyric?'"~Me while listening to "Sur La Mer" and said when my mom asked what I was listening to.

149. "I can play faster than you can!"~Mom randomly while we were watching Red Rocks.

150. "I love you, Justin, but please ditch the pink shirt." "Why, I think he looks hot in the pink shirt." "You have GOT to be kidding me."~Mom and I on a pink shirt Justin's wearing in one of her pictures.

151. "Wake up!"~Mom said this randomly one day while we were watching Red Rocks and it looked like Justin was falling asleep...

152. "He's sleep playing!"~Me. See #150.

153. "Oh, fuck me."~Mom while looking at Justin Hayward pictures.

154. "Ray put the audience to sleep!" "Dude, he put the BAND to sleep!"~Me, then Mom while we were watching Ray Thomas' flute solo for Legend of a Mind on the Montreux Festival DVD.

155. "It is virtually impossible to not wanna shake your ass during Ride My Seesaw!"~Me. I can't help it, that song is infectious!

156. "Mommy, can I ride Justin's seesaw?"~Me being perverted.

157. "He's tall, he's blond and he's got a big red guitar!"~Mom telling her boss why she likes Justin Hayward.

158. "You poodle-haired little bastard!"~Mom ranting at a news story about Patrick Moraz(The keyboard player who played for the Moody Blues after Mike Pinder left)
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