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each chapter one of our heros makes some confecions.

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Herry lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. Archie likes her, I'm not allowed to. He told himself for the thousandth time today. He though back to his dream of the lovely red-head girl.
He longed for the taste of her soft lips, the smell of her conditioner and the touch of her gentle hands on his shoulders. Herry held his old teddy bear up in front of him in the air. " Argh I sleep with a teddy bear, I don't stand a chance." He frowned disappointedly at the stuffed bear. " And if she can't even see that Archie likes her then what chance do I have with her?" He asked the bear. The plush animal just looked at him through beady eyes that were scratched up. Herry shifted in his lumpy bed. He could smell the faint sent of bacon and eggs. His grandmother loved the eggs he would make for her back on his farm. Those were the days. He told himself. Herry decided to get up and head downstairs. He threw on a clean white shirt and left his PJ bottoms alone. Just as he was about to leave his room his eyes trailed down to his feet. On them sat a pair of furry bunny slippers that his grandmother had made him for Christmas last year. " And bunny slippers?" He asked aloud kicking them of his feet. Barefoot Herry walked down the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen. He took a seat at the island near the door and breathed in the sent of breakfast. He glanced around the table to see who was there. His eyes met with the girl of his dreams, literally. " Hey Herry." Atlanta waved a hand in his direction. He smiled back. " Well look who's up." Athena the dorm maid said flipping a few eggs. A sizzling sound drained out the kitchen. " Mmmm smells good." Herry replied sniffing the air. " Only the best." Athena chuckled. She slid a plate towards Herry. Herry glanced down at the tasty breakfast before him. A happy face was arranged with the food on his plate; Eggs for the eyes and a smile made of pork. Herry picked up the bottle of ketchup in front of him and glazed his food with the red substance. In a few bites the whole face was devoured and all that was left was toast crumbs and the remains of ketchup. He looked up and over to the other side of the table where Atlanta sat carelessly flipping through the paper occasionally picking up a spoonful of fruit-loops. He observed her eating for a few moments but the second her head turned his way he looked away. " Hey." Came Archie's voice as he sat down next to Atlanta. She smiled grandly at him. Herry pushed away his empty plate and left the room. After he did so Archie and Atlanta focused more on each other. Archie reached down by her stool and took hold of her free hand. Atlanta smiled and clutched his hand back. Atlanta's smile widened. So did Archie's. Athena turned around and the two dropped hands and acted as if nothing was happening. " Herry was watching you eat." Archie said out of the blue. " How do you know?" Atlanta asked.
" I was standing by the door-way and he kept watching you eat." He replied.

Herry ran through the park. It was mid morning and the park was filling full of kids and teens. Music blasted in Herry's ears as he ran along the wide path and down by the pond. He stopped and looked at his reflection in the blue water. The bent down a bit to catch his lost breath. Archie and Atlanta could run this trail four times and never get tired. He told himself sadly. As he began to pick up pace again he noticed two teens around his age sitting together on a park bench. His eyes could make out more details as he came closer to them. Then something inside told him that the two teens were in fact Archie and Atlanta. Now he was almost standing next to them and he could see that it was them, but not just that they were also kissing!
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