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now its archies turn

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chapter 2 archie.
hey i felt like updating and if you want updates more reviwes please oh and sorry about my bad spelling.
Atlanta and Archie broke apart and stared at Herry standing just a few feet away.The tow stared at each other and exchanged glances then looked back at there frozen friend.Herry quickly ran off acting like he hadn't seen a thing."Herry wait!" Atlanta called after he team mate.Archie grabed her wrist and she went back to him.

Archie sat at his desk bouncing a soccer ball of his knee."It was perfect my very first kiss and Herry blew it." 'I mean why was he so shocked?" " He knows I like her everyone does.
Archie turned back to the poetry he was writting earlyer.
You're lips so tender,plain and sweet,
The pace of my heart skips a beat,
I was so happy ,on cloud 9, then Herry wrecked my great time. (what you try comming up with something better)

Archie droped his pencil and headed down stairs.Knowing Herry the whole house probaly knew about him and Atlanta.But strangly when he walked into the comon room nobody noticed.He then relized that Herry wasn't there.Archie sat down next to Atlanta on the floor and put his arm around her and moved closer.
Atlanta then slipped a pice of paper to Archie.He glanced at it (he didn't read it) and focoused his attention back to the movie.
Atlanta probaly wanted to thank him for the great date and she didn't want to enterupt the movie.

Yes i know its short bear with me rate and reveiw please.
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