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breathing just passes the time until we get old and die

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what will Dahlia say to Raven? Will anything REALLY happen between rank and Dahlia? Will Gerard ever stop drinking so much? You'll find out sometime in this story but for now just read and be happy!

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Dahlia walked the rest of the way to her apartment, and saw that someone had been there for her. Raven? Why had she come? she thought. Hmm. Strange. She walked up to her apartment. As soon as she walked inside she was attacked by her tea-cup poodle, Kiara (not keira--key-are-ah).
"Hey, Key. Stay DOWN!! I have to get my stuff. Now who called?" She pushed Kiara away and walked to her answering machine.
All from Raven, I'll bet. She's the only one I'm allowed to talk to, she thought.
She pushed the button to listen to the messages.
Message 1-1 new message:
Hey D, it's you get the email? We're supposed to eat together when we get there. My god we're gonna get fat! Anyway, call me back. BEEEEPPP!!!!
Meaasge 1-1 new message:
Um...Dahlia...I...Um...stopped by today...I-I have to talk to you bye.BBEEEPPP!!!!
Message 1-1 new message:
Dee, I really need to talk to you! I-I'm worried. I don't know what's just like...oh my me back as soon as you can. BEEPPP!!!!
Dahlia was startled to hear how somber Raven was. She was normally so-so energized.
She dialed Raven's number.
"Bonjour, Dee." she answered

"Ca Va?"

"Bien. Et vous?"

"J'ai été meilleur..."

"Om my God! What's wrong?!"

"I-um...can't say..well...Ils bombarderont la tour que nous serons dedans. Nous devons juger et attraper les types qui la font et les dépistent. M. Clark les veut des morts."

"Sacre Bleu! Merde..."

"I know...It's like...Nous pourrions mourir!"

"Well, yeah! But what about Kiara? And Frankie...Oh my Frankie!"

"Awwwww....Dee's in love!! How is he by the way? You lovey? Have"

"Oh god Rae!" Dahlia was talking as she was packing her stuff up. "Ok fine...Je reste avec lui jusqu'à ce que nous puissions cesser d'aller à cet endroit! Son endroit est plus étroit que le mien! Oh My GOD!! He's soo cute. I stayed over there last night-"

"AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!! Le bébé est revenu!!! HAHA!!!"

"Shut it. I had to much to drink-well to much to drive home. He bought me a new outfit because I still had the same clothes on."


"But I'm afraid for him! Do you knwo what i told him I do? Why I can't tell him why I travel alot? I told him....Je suis dans le programme de protection de témoin ! Je suis une sauter-étoile française. Je m'égrappais et j'ai dû me déplacer. Ma mère est française, aussi."

"Oh shit." Raven Burst out laughing. "and he believed it?! I don't think you should date him, cuz he's such a retard! (sorry to those taking offense) Then again....easy to do easy to cheat!"


"What? It's true!"

Dahlia chuckled. "Alright, I'ma go girl. I'll call you-sometime. If you need to talk, call my cell. Bye."

"Bye. Have fun. Mwa Mwa Mwa....."

Dahlia laughed again and hung up the phone. She finished putting her clothes in the bag and got her bathroom stuff.
bomb...bomb...kill us...catch them...kill them...WPP...
She couldn't get these thoughts of her phone conversation out of her head. She shrugged. She walked in her kitchen and changed her answering maching.
"Hey, I'ma be gone a while. Call my cell. It's 911-200-1747."

(note-look up last 3 digits on ur phone-it might give you a little hint about something...and the language was french winkwink)

She got Kiara's food,dishes and leash. She also got her little poodle coat and some boots and sweaters so she didn't get cold.
Come on, Key. We're gonna go see your hope-to-be daddy." She put her coat and shoes on. Along with Kiara's coat and shoes in her. She put her in her little carrying bag and picked her and the other bags up. She walked back and got stuck at the doorman.
"I told you! I'm here for Frank!-No? Fine then, I'll call him!." She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed the number. She heard bob answer the phone and say "hang on." He handed the phone to Frank, and Dahlia heard loud noises, like things being thrown and yelling and being smashed. At the exact time she heard the banging, she heard it on the starirs in front of her and saw a couple of the pots she had washed earlier that morning smash down the starirs.
"Frankie, come get me! Just come downstairs. I'ma kill Gerard!!!" she hung up the phone and walked over to get the pots, the doorman watching her intently, making sure she didn't go upstairs.
"These are mine, sorry." The man grunted.
"Frank waltzed down the stairs as if a couple of his pots had not just taken the same route. He smiled when he saw Dahlia.
"Joey, You need to let her in from now on...she's going to be staying with us for a little while!" He walked over and picked her bags up, letting her carry only her purse, the pans, and Kiara. When they walked in the door, it was Hell on Earth. More likely, Hell on the intersection of 81st and 73rd, apartment 374. Gerard was hanging by one hand from a chandelier (sp?) and making more monkey noises. Occasionally, he would drop, pick random things up and thrown them at you. I looked in one corner to see Ray hunched down, wearing an aluminum hat. In another corner, Mikey was crouched, with a garbage can lid over his head. Bob popped up from behind the couch in the next room.
"Help!" He gasped quietly. He ducked back down the split second before a plate hit the area where his head had just been.
"Pft! You're araid of him?! He's just drunk!" I laughed at them. I walked over to Gerard and put my hands on his waist and puled him off of the light fixture.I whispered in his ear and he nodded vigorously. I led him into his bedroom, whick was completely empty, with the exception of his bed, blankets and pillows on the bed, and a sheet. I put made him sit down on the bed. I walked slowly out, reassuring him that I would be back in a second, and put a chair behind the door. I ran to the kitchen and put an entire pot of coffee on to brew. After I put it on I ran to Frank, wrapped my arms around him, and waited for him to lean in and kiss me. I popped my leg up and leaned closer to him over a plate of broken, raw eggs. He leaned in.
"I'll be right back...This man will be sober as long as I'm here." I ran and got a mug out of the cupboard. I took the entire pot of coffe into the room with me. I poured it and handed it to Gerard. he wouldn't frink it.
"It's beer. It's a new kind I found for you to try!" He shrugged and took it.
"Hmm...This is pretty good. More!" He drank the entire pot and the next and the next...
Eventually, he passed out on the bed and I left the coffee beside him.
"Poor guy. I'm gonna kill him." I muttered.
I walked out of the room and clapped my hands together in an up down motion like I was sweeping dust off of them.
"Where is he?" Ray asked skittishly.
"Passed out. I gave him 4 pots of coffee. No more beer will be allowed in this house. Drink it outside. This man will be sober!."
I walked over to frank again.I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist.
"And you, you lucky little hottie, you, get to hep me clean up." I kissed him again. "So DO THE REST OF YOU!! UP NOW NOW NOW!!!!"
Frank stared at me in awe.
"Oo Rah" I said just loud enoguh for him to hear.
"It's a marine thing" he finished

That's all for tonight!
Hope you like it!
and if you can't read french...well figure it out...
good luck solving my mystery!

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