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Same as before

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One Week-Wednesday

Disclaimer: I don't own the Ronin Boyz or Byakuen, I'm just messing with them for a little while and I promise to return them to Bandai eventually and relatively unharmed.

Seiji lifted up his practice sword and started one of the more advanced katas that he had learned a while ago from his grandfather. It involved a great deal of concentration and focus, mostly because it incorporated several different forms of slashes, guards, and thrusts. He was practicing outside to avoid the distractions that would occur in the house's practice room. Shin was busy in there working with the bo for the first time in a while. While the red haired warrior was not a violent person in his nature, he did need his own space to focus on his moves every once in a while. Having been raised in a dojo for his entire life, Seiji not only understood the need for solitude while practicing some of the more intrinsic martial arts, he respected them.

The blonde wince when he heard Shu's lapidary stool start to work. The damn thing was noisy, why couldn't he wait until Shin was finished downstairs so that he wouldn't bother him? Oh well, it didn't really concern him, and Shin was more than capable of handling either one of his lovers just fine without any form of assistance.

He took out a step and started, focusing on each part and what each movement meant by itself and as a part of the whole. It always amazed him how each piece by itself with a mere practice sword was almost useless, but when everything was put together, the form could become a deadly dance with the keenest of blades.

He heard a light chuffing sound and turned to see Byakuen staring at him. He bowed a pleasant "hello" to the tiger and set about his business. Another reason why he had wanted to practice today was that he needed some time by himself to figure out what was going on with the beast's strange behavior. The hunting in itself was unusual, but then to follow that with tongue baths and what Shu swore to be telepathy, it was all very curious indeed.

Seiji had known for a long time that there was more to Byakuen then some simple tiger. He could see it in the tiger's brown eyes whenever something happened to any of them, but especially Ryo. For instance, no simple tiger would risk its life over a sword that could be used with the white armor, but Byakuen had. Also, no normal tiger would be likely to play soccer or give people rides when they needed to go somewhere and get there quickly.

He took another step, pausing in his inner monologue to focus all of his attention on what he was doing. A quick spin and a sharp thrust made his blood start to pound and he looked up to see the beast in question shaking his massive head at him.

"What is it?" he asked with a smile. Okay, so he was talking to a tiger, Ryo wasn't the only one that Byakuen would communicate with on more than a verbal level. "Don't think that I'm doing it right, is that it?"

The tiger blinked his eyes slowly, giving Seiji what the blonde would have sworn to be a "no shit Sherlock" look. However, instead of continuing to chide him in his movements, the large animal just turned his head, still keeping one eye on the practice session and faked falling asleep.

Seiji just sighed and shook his head, amused at watching what he often considered to be Ryo's walking blanket take a short nap. He turned back to his kata, resuming where he had stopped not only in his motions, but his thoughts as well.

Considering that he had the ancestry and the knowledge of mystic things, Seiji had honestly felt that he would be able to solve the puzzle of the family friend much more easily then he was. He knew that deep down inside, he just didn't have all the pieces yet to the strange brainteaser, and that he would need a key piece before he would have any chance at all of solving the conundrum.

He also knew that if he hadn't been focusing so much on the problem with the tiger and paying more attention to where his feet were going, he wouldn't have found that still-wet from the dew spot in the lawn and performed a rather painful split. Sure, doing a normal split was no problem for the graceful blonde; when he was expecting it. But when he wasn't they would be just as likely to tear or strain a muscle in his thigh as they would anybody else's.

He let out a pained gasp and tried to pull himself back upright. He didn't notice that Byakuen had gotten up from his shady spot to investigate what had caused the normally very focused Seiji to falter in his practice. The tiger sniffed at Seiji's leg where the injury had occurred, making the blonde wonder if he could somehow sense exactly what had happened and how.

The tiger looked up at him and gently shook its large head in light disappointment, the way that a parent would look at their child while asking "why did you do that?" Seiji was about to scold the tiger when he felt himself being actually lifted up as the large beast simply walked between his legs and pushed him up high onto his back.

Of all the undignified positions to be stuck riding a tiger on, Seiji thought, why did he have to chose this one? He couldn't see that he was being taken to the house, lying on his stomach facing the opposite direction as he was, but he knew that that was where he was going. He could just hear the snickers now. Graceful Seiji falls flat on his face, he thought bitterly.

Ryo let out a surprised gasp as Byakuen walked through the door, carrying Seiji on his back. He wondered what had happened to his lover, having known that he had just been outside for a while, practicing. "Are you okay Seiji?"

The blonde both sighed and winced as he pulled himself up onto the couch that Byakuen had stopped in front of. "Yes, I just pulled a muscle, that's all."


"Inner thigh, can you go get me some ice please, I need to stretch it out a little before I can start to rub it back to normal."

"Sure, I'll be back in just a second."

Seiji looked down at Byakuen, who was still giving him that same look as when he first got hurt. "You can quit saying 'I told you so' any time now."
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