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What happened if Scar survived the last fight at Pride Rock, near death after what the hyenas did to him? ...He does exactly what Simba says, and runs, runs as far as he can. As far as the Outskirt...

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A/N: This is just a somewhat default chapter, just an introduction. CH\'yeah. That\'s why it is short. \nThis is actually based off of a roleplay I have going on at the moment. Thanks to all the people I\"m roleplaying with if you\'re reading this, I\'m actually using actual posts from the roleplay...Yo, xD\nRemember, no reviews= no updates, x3\nAnnnnd, be prepared for maybe some liony-sex between Scar and Jevani in later chapters, that\'s why the rating is so high, xD\n\n----------------------------------------------------------\n\nJevani\'s POV:\n\n\nThe smoke filling the once bright and cheerful sky coming from Pride Rock was just barely visible in the gloomy, dark sky of the outskirts. It was raining, and the harsh wind blew the smoke form the Pride Lands all the way to the Out Lands, where none other then the leader of the Outlanders pack stood, munching on the hide of a fallen wildebeest. \n Jevani\'s head was buried inside a leg, ripping and tearing at the flesh. Yes, only but a leg was what she would eat, she had to leave some for the rest of her pack! This was going to be their only real meal of the week. But of course, she was going to be the one to get the first taste, and have her stomach filled. \n \nThat\'s what life was like once you were kicked out of the Pride Lands. For betrayal, deception, or even murder, which was the reason for Jevani\'s own reason for being outcasted. And what was worse, they made Jevani take her sister with her, when her sister had done nothing! Those good for nothing....\n Best not get all worked up about that now, what\'s done is done. \n\nBut, Jevani\'s single black-striped head as immediately shot up, and her black-trimmed ears perked as she heard something. The near pitter-patter of what seemed to be another lion\'s paws. But who of her pack would be out, she was the only one supposed to be hunting now! \n\nHer ears twitched and spun, and she narrowed her green eyes as she sunk low to the ground. No one better be trying to steal her kill! She got ready to attack, and the only thing moving was her black-tipped tail twitching behind her, just waiting to pounce. And, she made a move to spring off the ground when---\n\nShe realized something. It was another lion, only a few feet off, and she froze in mid leap, nearly falling to the ground with the complete look of shock on her face, and her black outlined eyes widened. She immediately caught her balance and landed swiiftly on her black paws, raising a brow as the lion fell to the ground. \n \nIt was a male, with similar black markings as her. A black mane, black paws, black-trimmed tail, the works. She couldn\'t help but think he looked familiar, maybe someone she knew back in the Pride Lands when she actually lived there, but, he was un-recognizable. He was in bad shape. Bleeding, badly burned in some places, scratched up, bruised, you name it, he had it. \n\nShe slowly approached him from behind, keeping her distance. Had this had something to do with what had happened at Pride Rock? Of course, she had only heard rumors, and seen the smoke, but for now she\'d just have to find out for herself... \n\n\n\nScar\'s POV:\n\n\nBlood. He could taste it, could smell it, could feel it, trickling down his mane and off to his side. Everything seemed to ache, from the muscles on his back legs to the tip of his tail. Even his teeth-his teeth!- seemed to have become suddenly painful. He snorted, flecks of blood flying off of his muzzle to land a few paces away. His shoulders tensed, battered with bruises and singed by fire, screaming in his mind for a release as he tried to come back to his feet. This was not how it was meant to be. \n\n \n\n\"Simba..\" His green eyes narrowed, his fur bristled. How could it have come to this? His Kingdom had fallen for what? The years of plotting, the pain of hiding in the shadows, the time it had taken! Only to end up in a wasteland under twisted agony. And those filthy had he ever trusted such simple creatures with such a complicated plot? He should have taken care of the cub with his own claws. His teeth gritted together as he rose again, a light growl escaping his throat. \"Pride Rock..\" Strangely, it resurrected a small laugh from him. Simba would rule over a desolate piece of nothing, before it came back as anything. And even then, he doubted that King was strong enough to rule. He merely had the favor of those traitorous lionesses..that was all. \n\n \n\nHe stumbled, his claws digging into the earth to keep balance. Even then, his vision seemed to swirl as he stood still. It had been too long a journey, and too much of a pain, to come this far to die. He shook his head, droplets of blood flying from his mane. A memory of a hyena came upon his mind and he growled, taking a first, steady step forward. That one had come to close to his throat..but then, that one was no more. The dog had made a poor miscalculation, and was now dead, his own throat wide open for the scavengers to pick at. \n\n \n\nThe Scavengers. He turned his gaze upward, searching the skies. The vultures had been following him, and sure enough, a group still ranged overhead, hungry and hopeful. But they would be sorely disappointed; it was not his time. He grinned. It never seemed to be. How many times had he faced abuse and death, only to come out, still alive and well? Not even his own mother had punished him so thoroughly. And not even Mufasa, his greater brother, had bested him. No, Scar was a fighter, but in the small ways that others were not. Loneliness had taught him survival skills that no Pride could ever imitate. Even he had felt it as King of the Pridelands. He could never mimic that tough stride that being alone brought. But still...\n\n \n\nIt wouldn\'t kill fate, to give him worthy followers. Hyenas, he realized, were worthless. Though the lionesses blamed him for the chaos of the Kingdom, was it not in turn, the dogs\' fault for the ruined paradise? His tail twitched irritably behind him, sending a small pain up his back. Even without Pride Rock..he would move on. \n
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