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The Hyenas

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Scar is saved from rather angry hyenas by none other then Jevani...And Jevani finds out exactly who this lion on her territory is.

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A/N: Once again, thanks to those whose roleplays which this story is based off of! Another short chapter, I know. -sigh-


Jevani's POV:

Hidden under the cover of the long grass, the only thing that made Jevani's presence known was the rumbling growl that was building up in her throat. She had half a mind to just pounce and kill before even trying to see if was even an outcasted lion that she could bring back to her pride, but, she held her impulse back. No matter how much both her and her pack were starvingly hungry, this lion could be worth something to their pack. Even in the shape he was in.

Just as she was about to pounce, she heard the sounds of someone, or rather someones behind her, and quickly whipped around. Oh, boy, was she displeased with what she saw. Hyenas. In her territory?! That was even worse then this lion. There was about three or four of them, laughing their crazy laughter. THey looked a bit beat up and burnt themselves, but not so bad as the lion in front of her. She'd deal with him later, these things would have to go before she could to anything.

She slunk across the ground, watching as the hyenas spotted the lion on the ground, and just laughed louder. "There he is!" One exclaimed, another letting out another high-pitched, howling laughing. "We're not finished with you yet, Scar!" The other hissed, and they made a move to pounce, but in one swift jump, Jevani sprung out from the grass, and blocked their attack, causing them to yelp and fall to the ground.
One she swiped across the face, the other gave a good chomp on the neck, and the last one scampered away.
"Get off my territory!" She hissed under a snarl to the remaining two, who only had time to give frantic nods and yelps before scampering off, whimpering. With one last victorius and warning roar, she stood her ground for only a few moments until they disappeared into the distance.

Now, it was the lions turn. What did they say his name was? Sca... Wait, Scar?! The Scar? THe one she'd heard about, who had killed... No, it couldn't be him! Of course, she'd only heard rumors out of the Pride Lands that he'd taken over after Mufasa and his son whats-his-face had died, and had yet to find out that Mufasa's son was indeed alive, and was the reason why Scar would be out here in a condition like this.

Of course, though, she didn't know this, and stalked, over to him, stepping straight in front of him, stopping from going anywhere. She put on her serious, warning look again, just incase, and got directly in his face. "Who are you, and why are you here?!" She snarled at him, not caring how hurt he was until she found out exactly who he was and what his reason for being here was.

Well, until she found out he was really Scar, at least. Her pack nearly worshipped him after what they heard he had accomplished. He'd basically acheived all they wished to, which earned him high respect in their eyes.

But, once again, she didn't know that yet.

Scar's POV:

The lion staggered a bit, half startled by the hyena's sudden laughter. Oh, great, it was probably the trio that had been always around him- the rest were off whining somewhere, most likely. The dark-maned feline had ignored his bruises,(not very well, but sitll) turning around sharply with a snarl that held no bite the second his ate up the air.

Frayed and frisked, Scar had been about to yell out a come-back with several words the Gods would frown on, but before that could happen, some.. lioness had thrown them down. The dark colors was a good sign, something he hadn't seen for a while, but nonetheless a threat. Caught in his smoke-addled mind was the fact that everything was out to get him, so while the other was distracted, he promptly slinked back to where he was heading- only to be stopped short.

His neck craned, backpedalling to gain much needed space, dark jawline turning down in a frown. His red eyes, now semily blood-shot, narrowed out of habit even as a near detaloned paw raised and the lion almost ended up on his rump. Black scroffed tail curling, the scarred feline took longer than normal- for him, anyway- to get what was happening. Oh, question. With a quirk of a lip, one bloody fang scowled distastefully at her, wondering once more what she was trying to get at.

He slinked out of instinct to get around her with a scuff, while answering in normal slyness(even if he didn't look half that) her question: "Scar, and why would you need to know?" Snappy. "Uncle Scar" wasn't in a great mood at the moment, and the dust that was being kicked up with all this jumping wasn't doing too well with his clouded lungs. Speaking of which, holding in a wheeze was harder than ever, but one could never let one's self sink that low.
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