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The Con Man quickly shut the door, and locked it behind him. CRAP.

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Ok, so I had lots of this gonna be like the movie "Saw." That answer: No. Well, maybe the idea, but no sick twisted games like on the movie. They won't have to hurt themselves to save themselves, it won't be gory, people aren't going to be dying, if you know what I mean. I like to be unique and different, so yeah. And I really can't imagine that happening to D and J, can you? LOL. I'll shut up. Here's the story.



The Con Man shoved me into a dark, plain white room. I grunted when I hit the cold pavement. Delilah was thrown into the room next, falling right ontop of me. The Con Man quickly shut the door, and locked it behind him. CRAP.

I stood up, then helped Delilah up. "You ok?"

"yeah, I think so," She replied. "God, I can't believe he got us."

"I know what you mean," I replied.

We groaned in fustration when we remembered that the Con Man had taken away all of our gadgets away.

"See anything that can help us out?" Delilah asked me.

I studied that room. I felt like I was in a prision cell. Just a white room, with concrete floor.

"nothing." I replied.

"Nothin..." Delilah began, but was cut off when she gasped.

"Found something!" She cried out.

In the corner of the wall, was a note. She picked it up, unfolded the neatly done up note, and read it out loud:

So you think you can beat me
Then let's see you try to set yourself free

Let's play a game
To put you to shame

There's just one rule
It's to keep yourself alive, it's cruel

It's everyone for themselves
You can only trust yourselves

You only have till midnight
Till you say good night

For the place will explode and so will you
So this is what you do

Try to find out of this room at first
For it's freedom you thirst

And look for a note to guide you
But whatever you do

Is worthless. You can not win even with these clues
What you do if for you to chose

Look out for the forgotten fiveth and sixth wall
For you'll fall

With only memories of the needle

"Wow. Never knew that Con Man was a poet," I said laughing.

"I can't believe you," Delilah said at me, rolling ger eyes. "We're trapped, and you're making jokes...this sounds like the Con Man made some sick kind of game. Is this place actually going to explode at midnight?"

I shugged, then said, "I dunno and I don't want to find out. We have to get out of what did that note say? "The forgotten fiveth and sixth wall...what does that mean?"

"OH! It's a riddle, Juls!" Delilah cried out. "Think...everyone says a room has four walls."

"That's true." I said.

"The forgotten fiveth and sixth wall, Juls," She cried out again. "The roof and the concrete of the room is also like a wall. The forgotten fiveth and sixth wall!"

I couldn't believe it. God, she's so smart! No wonder why I love her. I had to remind myself not to be distracted by my girlfriend. (a/n: Heart Crusher) I had to protect her.

"But what about the part that says, "With the memories of the needle" mean?""

I thought for a second, and re-read the note in my mind.

Look out for the forgotten fiveth and sixth wall, or you will fall with only memories of the needle.

"Tranquilizer dart!" I screamed.

I quickly grabbed Delilah in a panic, and pulled her to the side. We both screamed when about ten darts came flying from the roof and the floor. One missed Delilah's arm only by a centermeter. I pulled Delilah into a deeper hug, as we both shaked. We both jumped when the wall we were leaning agaist slowly pulled back. It reavealed a dark passage way. The roof was dripping water.

"We're not going in there, are we?" Asked Delilah.

"we have to. We have to get out of here. Remember what the note said? We only have till midnight till the place explodes!"

Delilah looked at her watch, then looked at me with a frown. "It's eleven. We only have one hour to get out of here alive."


xxDarkness' Kidxx

Sorry guys, gotta go to bed for school tomorrow. Good night, everyone.
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