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Three Heads

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Two heads are better than one But I bet three heads can get the job done...

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I put my arm around Julius' arm while we entered the cave. It was dark. It was cold. It was...spooky, I had to admit. The only light in the damp cave was lit tourches. Julius took one. Man, he almost looked like Indiana Jones. I laughed mentally in my head. All we heard was the echos of our feet walking in the puddles of water. We soon got so deep, we saw a cliff off. Crap. Now where are we supposed to go? It's a dead end.

It was Julius who noticed the note hidden behind one of the tourches. He took a deep breath, put the tourch near the note to read it, then read it out loud:

Looks can be decieving you know
Exspecally down below

Water can be dangerous
Let's see if you really are couragious

Two heads are better than one
But I bet three heads can get the job done

Who are your enemies? Who are your friends?
Can you survive till the very end?

"Well, this makes more sence at least," I said, shrugging.

We both starred down at the water beneath us. Was the note trying to say something was down there? I jumped when the water soon began to rise. Julius quickly grabbed a hold of me to try to protect me. The ground began to shake. We heard a loud squeal that sounded like nails on a chalk board. Then, infront of us, were two giant adacondas! Julius and me jumped in surprise. We weren't expecting that! The three large andaconds starred at us with there blood red eyes. The roared again, shaking the whole cave. It showed their ugly, sharp fangs. I screamed when one of the adacondas grabed me with his tail. (feet???)I heard Julius give a scream of surprise, so I guessed one of the other adacondas got him, too. They began to pull us deeper, and deeper into the water. I kicked and kicked, hell I even bit the adaconda, but it fail to stop. All I could do was watch helplessly. I saw Julius and his adaconda right beside me. I saw Julius struggle. I saw the third adaconda beside him. I have no clue how were're going to get out of this mess. It's hopeless. Then, everything went black...


xxDarkness' Kidxx

Sorry for the very short chapter, friends expecting me over. Thanks for all the reviews, you guys rock!
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