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Okay I decided to change Hestia to Helen for future reasons I feel like writting but when school comes updates will come slower but not very slow like 3 a week mabey.I start back on thursday so yeah.

At the brownstone an augment was taking place.
" It was not my fault!" Neil once again pointed out. " Yes it was." Herry yelled.
" Well if you feel that way then fine i'm going up to my room to fix up my hair." Neil pouted.
" Tipical can't you think about anyone els?" Herry shouted. " Our friends are missing!" Jay added in.
" So what if I care about my looks , At least I don't look like a deranged donkey." Neil screamed stomping upstairs. Herry stood at the bottom of the steps panting with rage. " Oh I'm so going to get him." Herry threatened hiting his hand with his fist. " Herry we already have on broken door we don't need Neil's broken too." Odie said trying to make peace between his two friends.
" You're next Odie." shouted an angry Herry.
" Me I was just trying to..." He was cut off by Herry. " Just trying to get in the way." Herry half asked half accused.
" Fine if you feel that way." Odie said following Neil's example by walking up the steps.
" Jay do something." Theresa whined.
" Like what?" Jay asked screaming.
" Do anything you're the leader." Theresa was now crying. " Stop crying we have more important things to do." Jay screamed at the woman he loved, He didn't know why he was so agnry at the moment but he was. Jay was the next one to stomp upstairs. Once Herry heard the door slam he too walked up to the ever popular upper level.
Theresa was now alone in the common room. She flopped down on the couch and tried to blow of steam. She glanced over at the PMR laying on the table in front of her. Mabey I should try again. She thought. Theresa bent over and picked up the small device. " Archie Atlanta is anyone there?" She called into it. When she got no anwser she thought she would look for there signals. The red botton now said that her friends were a ways away from where they were before. Now it said that they were in the sky high up. "This thing is busted." Theresa said tossing the PMR on the blue carpet.

Archie was freaking out.Like way more then he was before. " Oh Atlanta what have I done?" Arcjie screamed franticaly. " Cronus will pay for what he has done." Archie whispered to his very week friend. Archie was holding her hand leaning over her. " When push comes to shove," Archie told himself. He tilted her head back lightly pluged her nose and gave her two slow breaths. Archie waited a moment after getting no responce. He sat her up on his knee and tried the choking method. He waited a moment then decied to check for a puls. He couldn't find one. Maney my PMR will work. He thought. Archie reached down to his pocket where he always kept it. Archie was stuned it wasn't there. But he always carred it with him."Helen ." Archie spat in discust. She must have lifted it from me when I was a sleep. He thought. I need to get Atlanta to saftey.Archie told himself. I need to get her down from here. But how? " I'm so sorry." Archie said to her as he made his way down the mountain.

I will update soon but I need to go so tell me what you think.
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