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my point of view

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no summary you have to read it .

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THhanks for the reveiws and the kinda wait but it is hard to think of ideas so please I really want to improve on my skills well not really skills but my words so please tell me what would make this story better.

Archie made his way down rather quickly, That might have been because the girl he cared about most was in serious trouble and one of the only people that he could trust in this time zone took his PMR and may have killed his best friend. A few small rocks fell down over Archie but didn't damage him. He was about 50 in the air now. Archie looked up at where he had just come from. Atlanta was far up and the sun was beating strong. What if she really needs me right now? Archie wondered to himself. Archie shook that image from his mind. He continued to climb down. After 10 minutes of non-stop climbing he reached the ground. He wobbled for a moment but then steadied himself. Atlanta. He told himself. First he needed to find Helen. Mabey he could talk her into giving back the PMR and tell me what she did to Atlanta. Then another thought struck his mind. What if Hera isn't even on the mountain? And Atlanta could be in more trouble then I thought. Archie found his way back to Helen's home. Archie rang the doorbell. He waited a while then Helen came to the door. " Ha Archie!" She said over excited. " Ah yeah." Archie replied. " Listen I need to talk to you." Archie said in a stern voice. " Oh do come in Archie, Wait where is your girlfriend?" She asked fakely. " She is not my girlfriend and I need to talk to you about that." Archie said. Helen led him in and they sat down on a couple coushins lying on the floor.

Back in the current time the titans were at the school trying to find their friends. They had their backs to one another while Hera was in between them all talking about their whereabouts. It seemed that the more they thought about it the more they didn't know.
" So like do we know where they are yet?" Neil asked. Nobody responded they just all shot their heads in his direction.
" What I care about my friends too you know." Neil shot.
" We all care about them but WE trying to find them." Odie said mockingly.
" If you are trying to find them why are we just standing here?" Neil spat. "
" We aren't just standing here we are talking too." Herry announced Neil rolled his eyes at this.
" Children what is the matter?" Hera asked in her kind tone.
Theresa spoke up quietly." We had a big fight the other night."
"Oh I see." Hera said not quite understanding. " Do continue." She said. So the friends told the story but they didn't get very far because they kept interrupting one another trying to tell there point of view.

Okay still short but still please give me some helpful critisum I want to know what I can improve on. Your author Chickiedeedo.
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