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On Their Way

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This is pretty obvious but they're on their way to poeison that's all i can say without giving it out.

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"Okay, how are we going to find Poseidon? We tried studying that ship, but it only led us to Cronus and trouble" Odie exclaimed.

"Maybe that's it! Cronus's shrine!" Atlanta said.

"Right, he might be keeping Poseidon there!" said Jay.

"But then why would he leave us in his shrine after he took Theresa? He would know we would search his shrine for clues," said Odie

"He took Theresa, he knew we would go after her as soon as possible. Like why would we stick around searching for clues when Theresa was taken?" Herry said. He said something pretty smart for once.

"Then he set the trap of the sea monsters to get us into more trouble. And if we succeeded in defeating the monsters he knew we would never go back to his shrine cause that's where all the trouble started in the first place" Archie said.

"Right!" said Theresa.

"But we still got to be careful of that place, alright." said Jay.

And they were off.

They once again, got sucked in the portal to Cronus's evil shrine.

They all got out, but Theresa swam in the pool for water.

They rest of the six we're checking every corner of the shrine but found nothing but gold and more gold.

"Wow, he must have tortured the giants to death to make the place so shiny" smirked Atlanta.

Then Theresa found something in the water. It was glowing white and went to go fetch it.

"Hey I think I found something! Be right back!" said Theresa


Ooohh, what did Theresa find! Next chapter coming up!
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