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A letter

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Same summary as last one.

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Theresa swam down to see what it was; it was glowing and glowing brighter. She picked it up off the sand; she couldn't really make out what it was.

She swam back up the surface.

"What was it Theresa?" Atlanta questioned.

She took another glance at it, "It looks envelope," she answered.

Neil leaned over and took it from her hands.

How rude! Theresa thought,

"Give me that!" Atlanta snapped.

Neil pouted.

She opened it up and read it

To the land of Knossoss, where your answer lies.

With a few simple tasks will be your answer guides.

Find these two tasks

She passed it to Jay.

Double Hearts of everlasting love,

The instrument played by one lover for another,

And a sailor of courage, faithfulness, strength and heart.

He passed it to Archie.

A bond created by a competition

And a friendship that leads to romance

That will be your first task

He passed it to Herry.

You find these things and it will lead you to a future filled with wonders more precious than silver and gold.

He passed it to Neil.

"Thannnkk youu" he said.

For you to complete you must have had sacrifices, and prove love

He gave it to Odie



Is the key

He gave it to Theresa.

If you do all this, i promise you, what you are looking for you will lead you to what you need in Knossoss. If you ignore these tasks, all will be lost.

Sincerely, the goddess Aphrodite, Hope, and the Oracle

"Wow" said Neil.

Haha, i hope it all made sense!
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