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Chapter 13

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Where is Stoker?

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Biker Mice from Mars Biker Mice from Mars
It's War!
Part 13
/By: Whipblade/

Vinnie hung onto Flea's middle as they practically flew into the hangout.
The youngest mouse driving slammed on the breaks leaving skid marks and the smell of burnt rubber in their wake.
"YYEAAAAHHH!" Hollering Flea jumped off the bike. "Did you see that! That was awesome!!! I flew right over that over pass! I don't know who was more scared. The old lady in the car I bounced off of, or me!"

Vinnie laughed patting the kid on the helmet. "I think I was." Vinnie smiled dismounting "Good run." he said going to the kitchen area, grabbing two-chilled soda's from the fridge.

Throttle smiled slightly watching the young Flea absorb everything Vinnie said and did. "Vincent" he called his voice still a little hoarse.

"Yo bro?" Vinnie turned his head while guzzling his drink.

"Is the kid still young enough?" Throttle asked.

Eyeing Flea thoughtfully, going over the days events in his head, the white mouse shrugged. "You can mold 'em, but I don't know if you can get too far."

Throttle nodded, thinking.

Flea looked between the two. "I'm standing right here." he huffed.

"He's trying to evaluate you for Ripping." Vinnie muttered low. "Mind your manners."

Flea blinked dumbly. "Really?"

Two bikes roared in just then. Modo hopped off first to help Rimfire with his unconscious cargo.

Between them, they carefully carried the battered red furred mouse.

"Where's Charley?" Modo asked as he and Rimfire laid Mace on the couch.

"Still out with Carbine... why?" Vinnie asked, before seeing the state the traitor was in. He winced. "He still alive?"

Rimfire looked to the white mouse. "For now."

"What happened?" Vinnie asked walking over to see the red furred rat, looking like another casualty of war; a casualty that wasn't going to make it though the night.

"Stoker did." Throttle grunted.

"Stokes?" Rimfire whimpered.

"I'll radio the girls." Flea said watching the blood drip onto the floor.

*Only Minutes ticked by, but for the mice trying to stop the bleeding, it could have been a life time.*

Charley and Carbine both rushed into the hang out. Medical texts, first aid kits and flat plastic splints laid in wait for the ladies.
Charley took one look at the red furred on the sofa, dripping blood, moaning in pain. Her voice went hard, her orders barked, and all mice followed her orders quickly and efficiently.

As the rush and determination wind down, Charley sighed. "He'll be okay now."

Carbine smiled. "You ever think about being a general?"

Throttle chuckled as he limped over from his bunk. "She'd make a good one too, if she wasn't babying our broken bones all the time..." he sat down in the lazy boy. "Speaking of which..."

Charley turned to see the sweet boyish grin on Throttle's face, his broken arm looking more like a dog's broken paw.

"Carbine can you mix this for me, please?" Charley asked the real General.

"You bet." Carbine answered, keeping quiet as Charley touched and mended Throttle's broken bones.

"OW!" Throttle shouted, as his bone was set.

"Sorry, you're lucky, only the Ulna is broken." Charley said wetting the cast material and placing it over the cotton bound around Throttle's arm.

"One out of two, ain't bad." he gave a small boyish smirk, before wincing in pain.

"Just means the bigger bone is going to be a natural splint. You'll have to wear a cast for a little while though." expecting to hear the whines, moans, complaints and belly-aching Vinnie and Modo did when she had to cast their injuries way back in the day... Throttle said nothing, just gave a nod.

"What happened anyways?" Carbine asked as Throttle held his arm still for Charley.

"Stoker." Throttle winced. "Blew up over nothing."

"Nothing?" Carbine pried.

Throttle sighed. He looked to her, silently begging to drop it, for now.

She knew the look, with a mute nod she understood. "We should find Stoker." Carbine said.

"Where would Stoker be?" Rimfire asked.

Vinnie smirked. "Probably kidnapped and being held at Limburger tower by now."

Laughter erupted... then promptly died as they realized, Stoker had been gone a long time. And Rimfire Was STILL there".

"Vinnie, Modo, Rimfire with me. Flea, you're staying here. Charley..." Carbine turned to the human.

"You may need my help." Charley said finishing Throttle's bandages.

"When Mace wakes up, give him these and make sure he drinks plenty of water." Charley instructed.

"Okay. I'll radio you if Stoker manages to come back on his own." Throttle smirked.

"Not very likely." Vinnie quipped.

The battle ready party roared out of the Scoreboard.

Throttle leaned back and sighed. 'How the hell do I explain this to Carbine... let alone to everyone else?.'


Did Stoker get Mouse-nabbed?

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