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Chapter Fourteen

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Stoker is Found. The Mice are getting a feeling something isn't what it seems.

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Biker Mice from Mars Biker Mice from Mars
It's War!
Part 14
/By: Whipblade/

Stoker Glared at the fish in front of him. True, his memories had been scrambled since being brain-washed by Karbunkle during the dark days of the war. But Stoker still remembered the reek of every single Plutarkian he had ever dealt with. Limburger had been one of them, one Stoker remembered fucking up most things Stilton set into Motion.
"Still wearing that ugly purple suit I see. Too bad the face isn't much of an improvement either." Stoker sneered from his tethers. The wind tossed his long amber hair, ruffling his fur.

"Shut up you primitive ill-mannered vermin!" Limburger snapped. "With you here, the other mice will surely roll up the tower and into this trap dear doctor Karbunkle had set up, and once they do... SNAP!!" laughing and snorting, Limburger turned away from the old mouse. "Three trapped mice!"

Stoker eyed the net laying on the roof warily. "Are you sure it's big enough?"

Limburger stopped laughing. "Of course it is!" He shouted.

Stoker hummed. "I don't see how three motorcycles are going to fit into that small net."

Limburger turned to the net and studied it, carefully pondering the old rodents' words. After a few silent moments, Limburger shouted. "GREASE PIT! Put down another net!"

The oily goof sliding on his own drippings sloppily saluted. "Duh yes mister Limburger!"

Stoker watched as the silly goon over lapped the nets, rendering them useless.

"Don't need one of them escaping." Limburger reasoned as he stepped away from the edge.

Stoker only smiled. "Of course not." He muttered under his breath.


Throttle made a sling for his arm out of his bandana. Keeping a close eye on Mace, who had yet to fully wake. Throttle moped around the hangout feeling trapped.
Outside there was a fight taking place. A battle he wasn't part of it.

Flea peered over the couch, looking at Mace's poor battered body. "Throttle?"

The tawny mouse jumped, trying not to look startled, he turned to see the young adult he forgot was still in the hangout. "Yeah?" he coughed clearing his throat.

"Is Mace going to be alright?" Flea asked sitting down on the coffee table.

"He should be. Charley is great at patching us up, and our bikes." Throttle replied studying the young silver-gray mouse. "Flea... do you want to learn how to rip?"

Flea smiled slowly. "Sure... will it hurt?"

"No." Throttle smiled reassuringly.


"Come over here." Throttle motioned Flea to follow as he led the way to his bed. "The couch would be better, but I'm not moving Mace yet." Throttle explained as he sat down.

"Makes sense." Flea summed as he sat beside the tan mouse.


Carbine, Vinnie, Rimfire and Modo charged up the sides of Limburger tower. The silo wet of a tethered Stoker made them all sizzled in rage, and see the obvious trap. Each bike bound mouse took a different side of the building.

Simultaneously they appeared over the edges and landed on the roof. Only poor Rimfire was unlucky enough to land in the trap. Grease pit pulled the rope, the two nets tangled as Rimfire road free without a hindrance from the trap. Goons, was a different story.

Total Chaos erupted as the trap failed.

The goons all pointed towards Rimfire's landing position, started to shoot at the lone young mouse. Then they realized they were being shot at from different directions.
The more the goons fired at the mice, they more they took each other out.

The goons' fortunate enough not to be shot by their own, had to maneuver out of each others' way, trying to chase the irritating multiple rodents. The confused goons crashed into each other trying to confront the enemy.

Carbine swerved around two crashed four wheelers, lasers locked she fired her guns at Stoker's arm restraints. Stoker winces as he hands were freed. Rubbing his wrists he twisted to unbind his tail restraints. Like a metal whip, his tail lashed violently against the poles securing his legs.
Modo aimed is arm canon at Stoker's ankle binding. He shot once, Freeing Stoker.
Vinnie whipped by, tossing Stoker a laser pistol.
Catching the gun with both hands, Stoker looked around for his target.

Limburger tiptoed towards the exit. He slinked along the edge of the wall. Hand on the emergency bar.

Stoker aimed, holding the gun with both hands, to steady his shot.

Carbine zoomed past the older mouse, her tail wrapping around his middle, dragging him onto the back of her bike.

Stoker gave a shout as his shot went wild. Hitting a satellite dish, it wobbled before falling a lot a group of goons, just about untangled from a previous goon-caused wreck.
"Meant to do that." Stoker stated with a cocky grin. He hung onto Carbine's middle as she headed for the edge of the roof.

"We've got what we came for! Let's ride!" Carbine shouted to the other mice.

With a final flare of battle, the biker Mice and Rimfire followed Carbine off the Limburger Tower.

"Should we knock it down?" Rimfire asked.

"Not without Throttle." Modo replied.

"Tradition, we all need to be here." Vinnie laughed popping a wheelie as he landed.


Carbine turned off her helmet radio. Well ahead of the rest of the mice, she adjusted her mirrors to see Stoker's face. "Why'd you kill Mace?" she asked.

"I killed him?" Stoker sounded surprised, but didn't look it.

"Almost, Charley saved him." Carbine stated her voice calm and cool.

"Do you know Mace and Throttle have a history?" Stoker asked curiously.

"No." Carbine's hands gripped the handlebars harder. "How much of a history?"

"Enough of one." Stoker sighed. "Just around the time Throttle met you. The night Lucas set out, Throttle and Mace shared some harsh words..., about you."

"You don't say?" Carbine's interest perked. She had never known any of this.

"Throttle wanted you, not Mace. Mace wasn't all that keen on getting.... tossed to the curb by a kid." Stoker frowned. "I don't know if Mace went with Lucas because he was furious and hurt, or because he really wanted to help get James back. Either way, I'm guessing Mace led the failed battle because he had nothing to look forward to at base."

Carbine felt Stoker lean against her with a sad sight. Turning on her helmet radio she watched the others came closer. "So why then?"

Stoker hugged her middle, trying to comfort her. "Let's just say... you would have done the same."

A small sob-like-gasp escaped Carbine's throat as she turned into the Quigley field parking lot.


Charley watched the mice driving around her. They seemed subdued. Not one to normally feel like an outsider on these Earthly visits, she seemed to be just that this time. Listening to the silence over the radio, the lone human realized she wasn't the only one being ignored.

Vinnie sped beside Charley's tow truck. Swerving cars and pedestrians alike, his mind tried desperately to wrap around the concept of an Innocent Mace.
He believed the mouse wasn't the rat.
Ahead of the group, Carbine with Stoker riding bitch lead the way to the secrete hideout entrance.

Vinnie expected to find Mace dead, Flea weeping and Throttle just as miffed. But then Throttle felt Stoker's fury as well.
It made Vinnie wonder just what wasn't being said to them.

Rimfire slid up beside his uncle. "Is your radio dead?"
Modo hummed listening. "No. Stoker and Carbine have theirs turned off." He replied


"Probably don't need us hearing Carbine belly-aching about Stoker's temper." Modo shrugged also wondering just what was going on.

Divided they shall Fall

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