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Chapter 1

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Very First chapter. Can't really think of anything to write for summary.

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Chapter 1

Phantom Ganon 2 was in his base talking to Volvagia about what he should do next now that he had an even more powerful version of the Triforce and that the one with three triangles was a fake created by Din, Farore and Nayru to distract anyone from stealing it. But Phantom Ganon 2 knew that it was a fake since helped create it. This Triforce is called the original Triforce. There are more than 3 parts to it. Din made the Power part, Farore made the Courage part, Nayru made the Wisdom part and Phantom Ganon 2 made the Darkness and all the other parts to it. It was Phantom Ganon 2's idea to create it in the first place. Phantom Ganon 2, all the people that work for Phantom Ganon 2, Link, The King of Hyrule and Zelda are all immortal. So why do they battle you ask? Well because Billions of Years ago there was big battle between them and Phantom Ganon 2 used a power in which killed Din, Farore and Nayru. They have been gone since. So if they were able to kill immortal goddesses they might be able to kill the other
"So what we do is we lure Link, The King of Hyrule and Zelda to the Canyon where I killed the Goddesses and we battle" said Phantom Ganon 2 to Volvagia and the others.
"We need to do something soon" said Link to The King of Hyrule. "We need to act quickly when battling and don't forget he killed immortal goddesses, he knows very dark magic and still for the record he has the Original Triforce" said Link to The King of Hyrule. "Vaati here I want you to take the Staff of Power I do not need it" said Phantom Ganon 2. "I don't need it anymore my sword is more powerful" said Phantom Ganon 2. "Ok let's go to the Canyon" said Phantom Ganon 2. He then used his sword to create a portal to the Canyon of Death. Luckily Link got there just before hoping to find a way to revive the Goddesses. "Hello Link" said Phantom Ganon 2 "What do you want" said Link. "Oh you will see" said Phantom Ganon 2 "Into the Canyon of Death may the statues stop anyone from escaping except me and my army" said Phantom Ganon 2. Then he raised his hands and the Canyon rose up into the air. "Goodbye Link I'm off to the Triforce Realm and you won't be there" said Phantom Ganon 2. He then created a portal to the Triforce Realm. "Not if I can help it" said Link. Link then jumped into the portal with Phantom Ganon 2. "Ok that's it I'm finishing this off for once and for all" said Phantom Ganon 2. Phantom Ganon 2 and Link both wielded their swords and started fighting. Link came up behind him and stabbed him in the chest. He used his powers to pull it out and through near Link with his powers and nearly and hit him in the heart. He grabbed it and ran towards Phantom Ganon 2 but Phantom Ganon 2 used a power and threw him against a wall and used another power to choke him. He then stopped and said you're no match for me. He then used his sword and made electricity come out of it and electrocute Link. "Volvagia, Onox and the others come here" said Phantom Ganon 2. "Now before I do anything Onox you know what to do" said Phantom Ganon 2. There was then a blinding light and Onox had transformed into a dragon. Vaati was nowhere to be seen. But then Vaati came up behind him and stabbed him in chest. Phantom Ganon 2 pulled it out and said "Vaati that's it Volvagia, Onox, Koume and Kotake get him". They then went flying Vaati. "Wait guys let me do it" said Phantom Ganon 2. Phantom Ganon 2 rose his hand in the air and then there was Blinding light. "Noooooooooooooooooooo" said Vaati. Vaati was nowhere in sight. "What did you just do" said Volvagia. "I transported him to a place he can never get out of" said Phantom Ganon 2. "Now goodbye I'm off to my world" said Phantom Ganon 2. "Oh wait one more thing Link say goodbye to your life" said Phantom Ganon 2. He raised his hand and a blinding light came. But then Link used his shield to reflect the spell at Phantom Ganon 2. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo" said Phantom Ganon 2.

End of first chapter hope you liked it.
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