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Chapter 2

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2nd chapter find out what happens to Phantom Ganon 2

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Chapter 2

Then Link came up to him and stabbed him in the chest. "Yes" said Link. But then Link saw the sword come out of him and it went flying towards him. He ran out of the way. "I should have known you weren't dead, you yelled to trick me" said Link. Phantom Ganon 2 got up and said "Well goodbye I'm off to the Canyon." Phantom Ganon 2 used his sword to create portal and everyone else but Link went through. But then Link said "nice try." Link ran through portal as well. When they got there Phantom Ganon 2 raised his hand and a dark blinding light appeared and Phantom Ganon 2 said "goodbye." But just then the King of Hyrule came and stood in the middle of the platform and said "Din, Farore and Nayru come from the dead and rise up once more." Then suddenly three statues in the canyon disappeared and then in the sky were Din, Farore and Nayru. "Nooooooooooo" said Phantom Ganon 2. "We should have known what you were going to do back then, but we didn't and before we sealed it away for it not to be used for billions of years I broke it and gave the shard to link but just after I gave it to him you came up to us and used a very dark power you had and killed us and took the rest of the Triforce that I hadn't gave to Link and then billions of years later you got the shard from Link" said Din. "You just don't get it if I have killed you once I can kill you again" said Phantom Ganon 2.
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