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Return to the Island

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Returning to the island...for a mission.

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I quickly opened Delilahs door, without knocking. I heard Delilah let out a yelp, as she quickly hid a little black book in her drawer. She slammed it.

"What do you want?" She asked me angerily.

"WOAH!" I cried out. "Al and Scarlett want us to see them in their office."

"Ok," she said.

Wonder what that book was?



"Guys, you're like, on another mission." Al told us.

Delilah was alert. "What is it?"

We never got a mission for the longest time.

"DJ Hook has a lair on Curse Island, my children," Scarlett said. "Apparently, the exact island we were stranded last month ago."

I felt Delilah slip her hands into mine when he said "the island." I held it tight, trying to comfort her.

"He has a computer on the island that can shut down all the computers in the world if we don't pay his randsom...give in you two guys..." Al looked down. "We would never do that to our own kids."

Delilah and me smiled when Al called us Scarlett and his kids. We really did have a family.

"Imagine what could happen if all the computers in the world would shut down...hospitals would be out, planes would would be chaos, man!" Cried out Al.

"Isn't Con man still stranded on that island?" I asked them, icnoring Als outburst.

"Yeah. Probley. I'm guessing he's still alive. Knowing that idiot, DJ Hook and him probley teamed up. DJ Hook could never do this without his help." Scarlett told us.

"Ok. So we're on it," Delilah said.

We both were about to leave, when Scarlett called us back.

"you need back-up." Al told us.

"WHAT?" I cried out. "We don't need back up."

"Guys, don't you get it?" Scarlett cried out. "We have to keep you both safe. DJ Hook and probley Con Man wants you two. This is a big mission, you too. Nosey, Emmet, Ursula, thie big man and me are joining you."

I moaned as I rolled my eyes. I felt like a little kid.

"Fine," surrendered Delilah. "just let me back a few things."



We were now on an airplane, going to Curse Island. I looked at the beautiful sky below me. I felt like writing. I took out my diary, and began to write:

Dear Diary,

So here I am again, on an airplane. I'm stuck with Nosey, Al, Scarlett, Emmet and Ursula. Don't get me wrong, I like them....maybe not Ursula, but, I just wanted to be alone with Julius. I really didn't feel like going on a mission. Right now, everything going good...besides the fact that Julius trying to read my diary over my shoulder...

Oh, we're about to land. Better sign off.

~Delilah Devonshire~


"What's that?" Asked Julius for the second time.

I rolled my eyes, and icnored him while I stuffed my diary into my backpack.

"It's...personal." I told him.


We had a little ruff plane landing, but it was alright. We all unbuckled our seatbelts and walked out of the airplane. The light greeted us with ethusiasm. I remembered this place so well...the trees...the water...oh, the memories were returning to me. Who could forget all the trees? The warm, hot sand? It was so beautiful. Yet so ugly. Bad memories...but good memories.

"Let's split up and find this baddies, children," Scarlett told us. "We'll keep radio contact. Two groups of two, one group of three."

After drawing straws to see who would be with who, it was Julius and me (YES!) Emmet, Ursula and Nosey, (Good luck with working with Ursula!) Then Scarlett and Al.

Scarlett gave all of us a little white ear piece to put in our ear, to keep raidio contact.

"D and J, you take the left. Emmet, Nosey, and Ursula, you three take the right. Scarlett and me will take the middle." Commanded Al.

And off we were...


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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