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The Search

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Come out, come out, where ever you are...

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"...and so today, we find our heros...Delilah and Julius walking through the find the evil DJ Hook and the Con Man...will they find them? What are the baddies up to? Find out next episode..." Julius cried out like a news reporter.

I sighed, but I couldn't stop a little laugh as I elbowed him in the stomache. He could have such stupid humour sometimes. But that's what I like about him. Even though we're on a mission, Julius still took my hand like a little child. We both stayed close to each other.


Someone was out there. I knew it. It might be DJ Hook or the Con Man. I could hear their footsteps. Julius let my hand go, ready to get offensive.

"Who's there?" He shouted.

We saw a silloute in the distance. Julius gasped, as he made a move for it. He punched the silloute right in the stomache.

"Like, ow, man!" Cried the voice.

We knew that voice from anywhere. Oh, Crap, he hit Al! Al's glasses fell to the ground.

"Aww, I can't see..." Moaned Al.

Scarlett followed Al behind him. She bursted out laughing. "Al, I told you we should be more careful. Now look, your own agents are attacking you!"

"I'm sorry, Al," apologized Julius.

"That's ok, just let me find my glasses..."

CRUNCH. This time it wasn't because of walking. Al stepped on his glasses. Al cursed under his breath. Julius gasped. I knew he felt bad. It was his fault that his glasses were stepped on. But, hey, Julius was just being protective of us.

"I can't see!" Cried out Al.

Scarlett held his arm. "Here, Al, I'll help you. Let's keep looking for the baddies."

"I can't! I'm blind, man!" Complained Al.

"Fine. I'll look for the baddies, then."

Then they were gone.

"Oops..." Cried out Julius, giving a nearvous laughter.

"Common mistake, Juls," I resured him, taking his hand. "I probley would have by accident did the same thing."

Julius sighed. His sound was drowned out by footsteps. Julius let go of my hand for the second time. For the second time, he got offensive.

"Make sure it's not one of our own." I joked.

Julius made one of his fake laughs while rolling his eyes.

"Delilah and Julius!" Cried out a voice.

Julius and me turned to see a tall, fat, masked man. The Con Man. Followed by a man who was skinny who looked like he was in a sweat suit. He wore a black toke followed with black glasses. he didn't have a hand. It was a hook. DJ Hook.

"Why'd you guys team up? How'd you survive, Con man?" I demanded.

"Easy." Said the Con man. "Do you really think I'd do this plan without a back up plan? I had a radio that called for help. DJ Hook decided it would be awesome to help, too. Oh, and don't forget my friend...The Blood Hound. I'm sure you met him, Delilah. He had fun taking over you..."

I shivered as I remembered it's glowing red eyes. Everytime you looked at it it would take over your body. It made me hurt my friends...including Julius. So it's called a Bloodhound...I changed the topic.

"Where's the computers, boys?" I asked them. "Don't think you're going to get away shutting all the worlds computers."

"Man, you guys are idiots to fool for that old trick, aren't ya?" Con man asked us laughing.

Julius shrugged. "I don't get it."

DJ Hook sighed. "It's a trap, you idiots!"

"Oh." moaned Julius. "Uhhh...what are we supposed to do? Start cowarding like morons?"

"That wound be nice," Commented the Con Man.

"TOO BAD!" I cried out.

I did a jump kick, knocking DJ Hook to the ground. I just to keep him down with my body, but he kicked me off. I went flying and hit a tree. Ow...

"We're not here to fight." The Con Man said. "We have plans for you later. If I were you, I would check on your airplane."

With those words they left.

"What's wrong with the airplane?" Julius asked me.

"uh-oh...I know right now this isn't good..."

Julius and me ran back out of the trees. We saw the airplane. It was on fire. The flames greeted us with it's warmth. Julius and me just stood there with out mouths open. The plane was on fire. It was too late to put it out and save the plane. Half of it was already fallen off and ruined from the fire. Julius turned on his ear peice to contact Al, Scarlett, Nosey, Emmet and Ursula.

"Guys, come back to the plane...and quick." Julius demanded with fear in his voice. "You might want to see this..."

I knew right away...we were stranded...AGAIN.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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