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Dirty Dancing

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What happens when you put two, active teenagers in a club together? Then after a big fight, she walks away with just a little scare, leaving the other almost dead![Crossover with Dark Angel]

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Dirty Dancing

It was a Friday night and John was were all 19 years olds would be. At a club dancing and drinking. He'd finally been able to get there at around 10:11p.m after sneaking away from Sue, Ben and Reed. They were all scared that he was gonna do something stupid...Again.

The song 'Dirrty' by Christina Aguilera came on all the couples split up and started grinding or left completely to get a drink or talk with their friends. He looked over to where a few girls were dancing on a big block. He'd seem then all before, except one. She was a tall blonde about 5'6 her hair was down to her mid-back. She was in high-heels, a black skirt and a shiny silver kinda see threw belly tank top. Not to mention she look very, very HOT.

He didn't know why, but she seemed to stick out a little. She didn't look any different from the other girls, but she still looked...out of place. She knew how to dance, but it was like she didn't recognize the songs. 'Dirrty' was a popular song, and all the other girls knew what little action to do for the song, but this girl had no idea. She just danced to it like it was a regular song.

"Whatever!" John though, finally looking away. He wasn't gonna go up there to her. Besides it was kind of an un-written rule that that's where all the girls dance when they didn't feel like dancing with a guy.


At about 2:30 am John decided he'd better be heading back, before they sent a SWAT team after him. He was just about to leave when he noticed the girl from the box was beside him. They both made eye contact with each other, before she moved into his arms and began grinding with him. He wrapped his arms tighter around her as she pressed her body harder against his.

They stayed like that for about 2 more songs before the girl looked up at him and said "I've gotta go" into his ear. Normally he would have asked her to stay for another song, but he had to go too. John was surprised that she hadn't asked him about how it was like to be on fire, or what it was like being a 'super-hero' She hadn't even attempted to ask.

"K" was all he said before letting her go. She simply walked away towards the back doors and left the still booming club. He walked over to the tables were his coat was and then heading towards the same door. He knew she'd probably gotten into a cab or something but, for some reason he was hoping to see her again.

'Get over yourself' He scolded himself. 'Its just ONE girl, you see plenty of then just walking down the street.' But this one was different. She wasn't just dancing with him, or talking with him because of who he was. She didn't even seem to know he was famous.

When he finally got to the back doors, he could hear a fight going on. This wasn't unusual for him to see or hear. The back doors lead to an ally and there were lots of fights there. Usually over drugs or money. As he rounded the corner were the fight was at, he saw their shadows. 3 guys and one girl.

When rounded the corner he was very surprised at what he saw. From the looks of it, the blonde girl he was with before was winning the fight. There was already one man down against the wall, and un-contions. The other two were on either side of her. Both in their very early 20's with big coats and baggy pants. John was about to help, when he saw one of then pull out a knife. The blonde did a back flip and landed behind the one without a weapon. She spun him around and kneed him in the groin before flipping him on his back and kicking him in the chest. As soon as the blow hit him, he was into a coughing fit.

The blonde turned around just in time to be stabbed right through the rib cage. "AWWWW" she screamed in clear pain backing away from the man, with the knife still in her. She looked down at it before pulling it out quickly and putting it right into the middle of the mans' stomach. He gave out a loud yell before falling onto his knees. The girl walked up to him and gave him a side kick to the head before he finally fell down.

John was looking at her wide eyed. She looked so small, and innocent before. Now she was a fighting-killing machine. Well that wasn't fair, the guys HAD attacked her, and he wasn't sure if the man was dead or not. Johnny came back to what was going on in front of him just in time to catch a foot heading right for his face.

She didn't try and kick him again, and he didn't flip her. They were both just looking at each other. Sizing each other up. After a few seconds, Johnny smiled at her and asked "So...You want your leg back?" It wasn't really a question more ice breaker.

"Yeah, that'd be a good think to have walking home" she said smiling at him as he let her leg go. "So, what are you doing out here?" She asked looking at him with an emotionless face.

"I live a few block from here" He said causally "Listen why don't you come back to my place so-" But he was cut off "No thank you, Sorry, but I'm not that kind of girl" She said to him before turning to leave. She suddenly wasn't so attracted to him anymore, and she was making it clear.

"NO!" John yelled at her, and grabbed her arm "No, no, I didn't mean for you to sleep with me, I just mean so I can get you patched up "He told her calmly, referring to all the blood now oozing from her side.

"It's ok" she told him, putting her hand on her gash. "I'm fine, I'll heal" She said again trying to leave, but her vision become a little blurry. "No you're not. Don't worry I'm not that kinda guy either" Johnny told her. "And even if I was, I'm pretty sure, you could Handel it." He said to her, referring to the three guys on the ground. "Come on, I'll just get you patched up, and if you want you can leave. Promise" He said putting his hand over his heart.

The girl just nodded, and began following him. He rapped his arm around her when she stared to stumble, from the blood loss. "Maybe we should take you to a Hospit-"

"NOO!" She yelled loudly. "We are NOT going there" She said very sternly. "Oook" John said slowly, surprised about how much she didn't want to go to a hospital. Most people would have said yes right away.


10 minutes later John walked into the pent-house type place. The first thing he saw was Reed, looking very pissed. But his face quickly changed when he saw the un-concious girl in his arms with blood now on both of their clothes.

"John! What the hell did you do!" He hissed at the younger man. "Nothing!" John hissed back. "She was in a fight and I found her" He said giving the short versions.

"k, well lets patch her up" reed said walking towards them. "OH no we can't! She was cut in her ribs, Do you really think it'll be a good idea if we take off her top?" He asked the older man. "Well what do YOU want us to do!" Reed hissed. John just looked at him like her was the bigger idiot in the world. "You know, for a rocket scientist, you're not that smart" he snapped back, heading towards Sue's room. Before he went in, he placed the small girl on top of an examining table then disappeared into Sues room.


A few minutes later, Sue walked out dressed in a crimson red tank top and blue jeans with her blonde hair in a high ponytail. Her brother showed her over to where the still bleeding girl was lying. He'd already explained to her what happened.

"k, I think I can stop the bleeding, but I'll have to do a small operation" She said after looking at how bad the cut was. From what her brother told her, she was expecting it to be worse. "k you two need to go" she said looking up at them both as she turned of a few lights. Reed was about to say something, when his fiancé interrupted him. "Its ok, I can do it! The knife didn't go in all the way" From what her brother had said to her, she was thinking it had, but from the deepness of the cut, there was no way it had, unless it was a small knife but switch blade weren't that small. "Now, go" she insisted, closing the door behind them.


12 HR. later the small blonde finally woke up. There were 3 faces looking at her, and she was sure that someone was standing behind the sofa. But the blonde girl caught her eyes first. "MAX!" She said looking directly at Sue.







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