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Dirty Little Liar!

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Couples: M/A & S/R with a lil bit of an-again-off-again couples.

Dirty Little Liar!


12 HR. later the small blonde finally woke up. There were 3 faces looking at her, and she was sure that someone was standing behind the sofa. But the blonde girl caught her eyes first. "MAX!" She said looking directly at Sue.

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"No" Came Sue's calm voice. "No, I'm not. You've been in an accident. You're just a little confused" She said in a soothing voice that would remind almost anyone of their mother.

"NO, no!" Came the blondes' voice sounding very confused and worried. "But you're Max" She said again, as Sue shook her head no. She seemed very confused and only then began to realize her surroundings She immediately bulleted up, and had her back to the wall in seconds, as she stood facing them in a fighting stance.

"Who the hell are you then!" She said in a very commanding voice looking right at Sue Then when she didn't get an answer, she looked at the other three men looking at her. "Who are you, and why am I here!" She said in an emotionless voice. Waiting for a reply.

Reed decided to take charge at this point. There was no point at scaring the poor girl anymore. She still had her injury, and he didn't want her to rip the stitches out with all her excessive moving. "Well" He began, gaining everyone's attention "Were all part of this team called the Fantastic four. My name is Reed Richards. I'm known as Mr. Fantastic. And this is Ben Grimm. Also known as The Thing." He said as he pointed to Ben, waiting for that reaction that most people gave, but it never came. She didn't flinch or wince or anything. So he continued. But he introduced Johnny fist, he figured he should do Sue last, considering she already though she was someone else. "This guy over here, whom you've probably already met is Johnny Storm. AKA The Human Torch. And this is Sue Storm. Also called the Invisible woman... Or no no! Johnny and Sue are brother and sister, their not married" He quickly said right after a confused look shot across her face. She simply nodded.

"You call yourself The Human Torch?" she asked Johnny looking at him, still with the face of a soldier. After he nodded she continued. "That's the name of a famous World War II hero. It became his nickname after saving a whole lotta people." She informed him.

"Well now you know about us and our names. How about you give us yours." Came Ben's low voice standing beside Sue.

"Fine. My name is Leah McDowll." She lied. "I live about 15 minutes away from the club that I was at yesterday. I'm a university student, I'm 18 and I live with 2 room mates. Maxine and Steve." She continued. The only thing she said that was true was her age. She had been trained her whole life what to do and say in situations like this. She knew enough not to tell the truth. Lies were her only way out. She was trained for this. She couldn't afford for them to know. From the looks they were giving her she knew they needed more proof. "If you don't believe me, then you can call up my room mates and ask them." They had all established what to do and say before any of them went anywhere. "Here" she said after writing down a phone number and handing it to them. "Liar! Liar! Dirty Little Liar!"

"That's ok" said Reed handing it back to her. "But you should probably call them and tell 'em were you were last night" he said, before handing her the phone of the counter.

She gave him a knowing smile before dialing the number. "Hello? Steve?" she said into the phone, before transferring to German. "Hören Sie dort war ein Unfall gestern, kamen sie nach mir wieder und ich stabbed. Dieses Halteseil nennt Johnny wünschte mich zu zurückkam zu seinem Platz. Ich wünschte ihn nicht mir folgen Haus, also bin ich jetzt an seinem Platz. Er ist ein Teil dieser angerufenen Gruppe die fantastischen vier. Sowieso sind Sie jetzt Steve, und jedes mögliches Mädchen, das das Telefon beantwortet, ist jetzt Maxine. Ich versuche und erhalte zurück einmal heute, aber, wenn ich nicht sein O.K.. Ich muß gehen. Tschuess".

There were an accident yesterday, they came back after me and I was stabbed. This guy named Johnny wanted me too returned to his place. I did not want him to me follow me home, therefore I am now at his place. He's part of this group called the fantastic four. Anyway you are now Steve, and each possible girl, who answers the telephone, is now Maxine. I'll try and get back today, but, if I don't its o.k.. I must go. Bye Mwah she said into the phone before hanging up.

Everyone was looking at her odd. They had no idea what she had said. She was about to speak Latin into the phone when she remembered where she was. One or more of them were Scientist and all Scientist knew Latin. It had something to do with so they could understand each other, no matter wear they came from in the world. Luckily for her, she had to know this stuff.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

"Who was that?" asked Max as she left the bathroom, coming over to Alec. She looked about 19 and was 5'6. She was dressed in dark form-fitting jeans and a light blue T-shirt with her very dark brown hair hanging down her back. The only make-up she had on was lip-chap and a little bit of eye shadow to outline her brow eyes. She stood beside a tall man. He looked 20ish and about 6'1 with Hazel-Green eyes and dark blonde hair. He had blue jeans on, a brow shirt and one of those everyday leather coats. They both looked very attractive. Like they had just walked out of a movie.

"That was Loralee she called and said that White's people had come after her again. They must have gotten here the same way we did. Anyway she got stabbed and this guy took her back to his place and it turns out he's part of the Fantastic Four, the group we've been hearing so much about since we got here. Oh and if you, CeCe Nela or any of the others answer the phone you're to answer to the name Maxine, and me, Steve Todd, Tav, and Biggs names are gonna be Steve. That shouldn't be a problem for you or Steve." He said with a smirk across his face.

Max just raised an eye brow at him "Wow. And you almost said that in one breath" she teased

"Hey, shut up" The brunette just laughed at him before picking up the phone. "Who ya calling" he asked rapping his arms around her waist.

"CeCe, she's out with Biggs and I want her to get me some red-hair die." she said Dialing her cell phone number.

"Why!" Asked Alec clearly not understanding why she'd change her hair to red. "Because, one of the members of the Fantastic four, looked exactly like me, except she's got natural blonde hair and blue eyes and her skins lighter then mine. But other then that we could pass of as twins." She said handing up the phone. CeCe wasn't answering. "This is her world, not ours, people will see me and think it's her. We can't bring any more attention to ourselves. Plus I can't die my hair blonde, that's her colour." she looked up at him and smiled. "Relax I'll die it back later."

"Fine" Alec said raising his hands up in mock surrender, "I'll even go get it for you...But I'm taking you're Ninja" he said grabbing her keys of the table and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Fine, but if you crash, I'm gonna kick you're ass" She yelled after him. He'd closed the door but she knew he could hear her. She turned around and walked over to there bedroom while shaking her head before muttered "Dumb ass!"

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&

"What do you mean you lost her!" Came the booming voice of a tall thin man in his mid thirty. "It was a 3 agents 1 fight! How the hell did she beat them?" He yelled at another man in his mid-twenties. "Sir, you even said that they are highly trained in killing. She already killed 1 of the 3 that attacked her. Johnson was able to stab her but she killed him and got away. We have no idea were she is now." said the quivering man. "Smith said someone from the club helped her. He was able to follow them for a few blocks but then lost them. We have our men out their now looking for her. There also looking for X5-452, 494, and the rest of then that came through too." he said hoping this would lighten the mans mood.

He was about to say something when someone walked up to him "Mr. White?" came the little mans voice.

"What!" snapped the all ready pissed off man.

"We have a lead. One of the male X5 have been spotted on a Ninja. He's heading North-East. He doesn't know were tracking him yet. Were closing in on him. With any luck he'll be in out custody within the hour." He said handing the papers over.

"Excellent" Came the dark reply.
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