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A Song

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They completed most of task one. They found the Double Hearts of everlasting love, they found a sailor of courage, strength, faith and a pure heart. And they found, A bond created by a competitio...

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Jay and Theresa looked at each other...then the four mysterious ladies.

"Yeah...Can you help us?" Theresa huffed. She tried to explain this a long time ago!

"Well...since you're in the outskirts of Elysian Fields and you're trying to get to Orpheus...and play a song on his lyre for that really cute boy over there...I would be glad to help!" The purple one shrieked with excitement.

"Which way do we go?" Theresa asked.

"That way!" the pink one pointed.

"Let's go!"


Odie, Herry and Neil looked at each other smirking.

Archie and Atlanta quickly got up and rubbing the sand off their clothes.

Archie brushed off the mucky sand on his arm and shoulder and saw Odie, Herry and Neil smiling.

"WHAT!!!" Atlanta and Archie shouted at them.

They all stepped back.

"Nothing...nothing..." they tried not to laugh.

"Let me see that!" Atlanta said taking the paper from Odie. She hated the way he was looking at her like that!

"Theresa and Jay must have completed the three tasks but except for the one they started with...An instrument played by a lover for another...I wonder why..." Atlanta said scratching under her chin.

The three looked at each other gain and back too Atlanta and Archie.

"Theresa and Jay didn't complete three tasks...only one...the one that use to say A sailor of courage, faith, strength and a pure heart. " Neil said. Trying to point this out to them.

"You and Archie finished the tasks by climbing a tree and Archie cared about him and went after him to save him. That's the friendship part." Herry said.

Atlanta started blushing and dropped her mouth. "Oh yeah and what about the romance part...huh?" she said.

"You fell on top of each other!!!" They all fell to the ground laughing.

Atlanta put her hands on her hips. She pouted, and gave a crimson red blush. She blushed a lot today.

Archie heard this all and tried to hide his face as he grew red tomatoes and planted them on his cheeks.

"Oh yeah...just great laugh your head off guys! Real mature!"

They were laughing so hard they were crying. They got up smiling and dried the laughing tears.

"Okay, Okay." Odie said. "Now for the other part."

He took the paper from Atlanta and scanned it over.

You find these things and it will lead you to a future filled with wonders more precious than silver and gold

But for you to complete you must have had sacrifices, and prove love



Is the key

If you do all this, i promise you, what you are looking for you will lead you to what you need in Knossoss. If you ignore these tasks, all will be lost.

"That part is even more that part 2?" Neil asked.

"I guess so..." Herry said.

"Maybe were supposed to find out for ourselves...."Archie said.

"What does it mean by if we find these will lead us to a future filled with wonders more precious than gold?" Atlanta asked.

"It might have something to do with Cronus...he's the god of time. And we might have a sweet revenge in the future!" Odie said.

"Okay...but for you to complete you must have sacrifices and prove love?" Herry said.

"I think we already did that...." Neil said.

"Yeah! Theresa and jay proved love for each other.." I saw them in Chiron's was amazing!" Atlanta said.

"...What about you and Archie?" Odie said.

"Whaaa!!" Archie went.

"What!" Atlanta said.

They started giggling again.

"Ah whatever guys! Now stop it!" Atlanta shouted.

"And for the sacrifice...Theresa had to give up her legs for fins...but that's unfair...she never willing wanted to give them away..." Herry said.

"Well...there must be something missing, if it still hasn't erased..." Odie said, rubbing his chin thinking.


"Julia..." Theresa said. Trying to talk to her in private...she was the only one with a name she knew of.

"Yes princess?" She said.

She didn't want to be called that.

'That! That's what!" Theresa said.

'Whh...what?" She said back.

"Why are you calling me princess? Why am I the princess! What I am suppose to do as your princess! Why did you run away from home! Why do you need me to play the lyre just like us! I don't need any more questions in my life! I want answers!!" She practically shouted. Jay and the other three could have heard but they were too busy fonding over Jay.

She sighed. "Okay..." Julia started.

"First of all...WE...are princesses..."


"We are the daughters of Persephone and one knows about us...except us...."

"Our father hasn't had much time taking care of hasn't our mother....they hadn't much time to spend time with us...and we were never allowed to escape the palace walls...we had to run away...we were all miserable there." She stated.

"Oh...I'm so sorry...that I even asked..." Theresa said.

'Don't be" Julia put her hand on her shoulder.

"And the Oracle...well he knows everything...and he told us you would come...he said we would help you let good win over evil, by helping you complete your tasks. He said you needed to play an instrument for another lover...we call you princess...well" She blushed.

"We think you're very pretty that's all."

Theresa blushed too. 'Why thank you"

"Can you tell me why I am wearing these clothes? I know they belonged to Eurydice...but it still doesn't all fit in my head..."

"Well since that hottie of yours over there is YOUR prince....aww you're way too sure I can't have him after you play a song for him???" she pleaded.

Theresa smiled.

"I'm pretty sure I want him...." She blushed.

"Okay sweet pea...but you promise you'll find me a guy? And bring me with you to the world the outside land...I'm so sick of staying underground." She said.

'Agree" Theresa made a deal.

"So...just to make it are part of the 7 heroes who will defeat Cronus...Correct?"


"Didn't you come down here before?? I swear...I remember that Oracle saying something about tricking Orpheus into thinking you're sure look like her...but younger and more like're just as pretty. Theseus is a cute boy too, but Tara over there wants him..." Julia explained.

"Tara?" Theresa asked.

"Whoops...I wasn't supposed to say that! But she's my sibling who's wearing pink...Don't worry I trust you!" Julia said covering her mouth as she said it pretty quick.

"She likes my ancestor??" Theresa asked but smiled at the thought.

"Yeah" Julia giggled.

"Oh why don't I just tell you all their names and who they like!" Julia said excitingly. "I never had a friend to talk about secrets...just my siblings." Julia said.

"Haha, okay!" Theresa agreed.

"Malony...the one wearing yellow adores Achilles...and Violet over there wearing her favourite purple dress loves Jason...she can't get enough of him!" Julia giggled some more.

"WOW! Really!...and who do you like?" Theresa asked.

"Me!?" Julia said.


"Everyone! Haha, but I haven't found someone I actually really love...So promise me you'll bring me to the upper world!!" Julia pleaded.

"Of course! A promise is a promise!"

"Okay enough chit-chatting, I still haven't told you how you go that lovely dress of yours." Julia said started starring at it. She desperately wanted to say where'd you get that? Bt she already knew and she couldn't have reason why she wanted to go to the upper world...SHOPPING!!

"Hello??" Theresa waved her hand back and forth in front of Julia's face.

"Oh! Sorry!" She exclaimed. "Now..."

"That dress you are a explains...your beauty...and your strength and shows you can do anything...and the soul of Eurydice gave it to you as a gift to bring to Orpheus.... he will lend you his lyre once more...but she asked me and my sisters to help you escape with your lover...Eurydice misses Orpheus so much...but she knows he misses her too, and she knows he's a desperate person...the dress is to help you on your way out of here as well." She explained.

"Thank you this means a lot." Theresa said. "But I'm just so afraid that after legs will be gone again."

"Eurydice also gave you the gift to bring back your legs but she wasn't strong enough to forgive them back to you forever..." Julia said sadly but them smiled. There was more than just that...but was not allowed to tell Theresa..

"Tell her I appreciated it!" Theresa said with confidence and she believed in her new friend.

Odie carried the letter then the words.

You find these things and it will lead you to a future filled with wonders more precious than silver and gold.
For you to complete you must have had sacrifices, and prove love



Is the key

Started to glow but didn't erase.

"Theresa and Jay must have found a way to completing it!" Odie exclaimed.

They had been walking for quite awhile, and Theresa and jay had gotten to know the girls very well and they had become friends.

They had walked many miles. Their feet were soar but wouldn't give up.

Theresa was glad to even feel pain in her feet to not even have them though.

"It's almost night..." Jay said.

"Don't worry...were here!" The pink one said and moved a branch with a large leaf on it.

The sky was filled with colours in Elysian Fields; a warm sun touched the grass. The water gently fell from the waterfall. The flowers glided in the wind.

"Isn't it beautiful Jay"? Theresa exclaimed.

"I know!"

They walked down the small hill.

There, was Orpheus playing a sad song once again on his lyre.

"Orpheus..." The purple one said.

"We came and traveled far to bring you something." The yellow dressed one said.

"We came along ways to bring you back to your wife...Eurydice." The pink dressed one said.

"Eurydice!" Orpheus wailed.

Theresa looked at Jay, he was a bit jealous...but knew it was only for a short while.

"My dear husband..." Theresa started...she bet she sounded terrible!

How would she bribe him again to get the lyre and not break his heart once more?

The four siblings then put their hands together and their eyes turned white.

Theresa was back into her real clothes but was standing next to Jay as someone that looked just like her wore the clothes she just wore.

"Eurydice!" Theresa gasped.

"She was with us all along...she was in each of us..." Julia said.

Eurydice and Orpheus rejoiced once more.

"Our father took away Eurydice from Orpheus because he was so mad he disobeyed him from his task. And hid her inside of us...and now we bring her back."

"That was so kind of you..." Theresa said.

Eurydice sounded different. "Orpheus my beloved husband...may this young lady use your lyre for the better and the good." Eurydice announced.

Orpheus looked at his wife and Theresa.

"Oh my beloved...yes! Of course!" He handed it over to Theresa.

Julia pulled her aside.

"This will help you get out of have to stand by the waterfall and whoever stands in the water will come with you."

"Are you sure you want to leave here?" Theresa asked Julia.

"Yes...I want to find true you did...I will come back.."

Julia walked over to her sisters they cried a bit and hugged.

Then Theresa walked over.

"You're mother...Persephone. I know her. She's my mentor...she has a portal...she can bring you back Julia!" Theresa said.

They all surrounded her giving hugs and kisses and thank you's.

Theresa sat on a boulder in the pond of the small waterfall.

Jay stood in the wet pond with Julia.

Theresa's legs turned into fins again as she sat on the rock.

One tear dropped. But she knew it was to be okay.

Jay splashed over and gave her a hug.

Julia walked over and gave her a pat on the back, telling her it was all to be all right.

The rest of the siblings were there too and Eurydice giving her confidence but stood on land.

They disappeared.


The letters grew even golder. And all the words erased.

Except...for the words.

If you do all this, i promise you, what you are looking for you will lead you to what you need in Knossoss. If you ignore these tasks, all will be lost.

Sincerely, the goddess Aphrodite, Hope, and the Oracle


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