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Herry's In Love

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they all completed the tasks, now their on their way to Knossoss Island. But the other five heroes are introduced to Julia. What do they think of her??

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The words goldened and erased. The tasks had been completed.

All was left to do was to get their reward.

Which was in Knossoss.


Jay, Theresa and Julia disappeared from Elysian Fields.

Theresa's fins came back. And they vanished to the island where the other five heroes were.

Theresa landed on shore.

Jay landed right by Odie.

And Julia landed by a boulder in the water.

"Whoa, where'd they come from?" Neil said.

"Welcome back man. " Odie helped Jay up.

"How did you complete all the tasks?" Atlanta asked Theresa.

"Dude who's she?" Archie pointed to Julia.

"Uhhh...that's Julia..." Jay stattered.


Herry was in a trance.

Julia's hazel eyes looked at Herry with mushy eyes. And her black hair swung in the wind.

Archie waved his hands in Herry's face.

"Hello...buddy?" Jay said.

Everyone laughed. The girls giggled.

"Herry and Julia sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" They sang.

"Hey you guys want to burrow one?" Neil said. Pointing to the trees.

"Neil! That's mean." Theresa said but giggled a bit.

Julia heard this and blushed so did Herry.

Both their cheeks felt a warm sensation come to it and gave a pink colour.

Julia turned to Theresa.

"I think I'm going to like him..." Julia giggled so did Theresa.

"Is he a cutie or what!!!" Julia whispered.

"Haha, he's all yours.." Theresa said smiling,

Julia hopped off the rock and walked beside Herry.

"Everybody...let's head for Knossoss!" Odie said hopping in his improved jet.

Jay helped Theresa on.

Herry opened up an extra seat hidden in the floor.

"Thank you" Julia said shyly.

Herry cleared his throat.

"No problem"

Julia starred at him with mushy eyes again.

Neil sat alone.

"Okay everyone let's go!"


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