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Trust and Promises

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Sequel to The Old Walls Crumble. To know Jenny, you need to read that story first. The continuing saga of Severus Snape, his family, aquaintances and students. Mostly in humorous, drabble form, wit...

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Sorry it's been a while. My life is in upheaval at the present time.
Lets see what's happening to Lily.

Snape stood in the tower watching the bobbing lights floating across the loch signalling the approach of the newest crop of first year students. A lifetime ago, this would have meant another year of coddling the mewling children thrust upon him in Slytherin; a thankless duty. Now, he saw a future generation, of which his own children would soon be a part of. With a strange fascination, he realized his attitude towards the students had subtlety changed without his realizing it.

Snorting, he turned his back on the vista and headed down to meet the arriving newcomers. He appeared outwardly much as he had during Dumbledore's reign; dark, imposing and austere. Inwardly, he knew he had to be careful not to lose his well cultivated persona, which had been uniquely his for as long as he had taught.

"Albus used to do that," said Minerva, seeing him descend to the front stairs as she headed towards the Great Hall.

"Your pardon, Headmistress?" he asked, pretending not to understand.

Minerva smiled, "Albus would watch the boats as they floated the first years over the loch to the school docks. He once said it gave him all the energy he needed to carry on for another school year." She gave him an odd look and lifted an eyebrow. "You know, you've started to share a lot of his old habits, Severus. I've seen you passing on little hints to help out the youngsters who are struggling, just as he might have."

Severus straightened his collar. "Bah! To quote our beloved Keeper of the Keys, Professor - Codswallop! One's duty requires that the dunderheads be kept out of harms way. If a well timed suggestion will keep them in line, then I shall, of course, speak to them." He looked down the stairs where the students could now be heard approaching.

Minerva poked him gently in the ribs. "One day, you might even give up black robes," she teased.

Snape fixed her with a glare then shrugged, resignedly. "Just promise that you'll Avada me if I start to twinkle."

With a chuckle, McGonagall entered the Great Hall, leaving Snape to his first year charges.


The Sorting and Feast were celebrated in the normal fashion. The students and faculty tucked into the sumptuous meal with gusto as they caught up with summertime gossip.
Snape, for one, wanted nothing more than to see his students safely ensconced in their dorms so that he could return to Jenny and his Hogwart's haven.

As the meal rounded down, with the appearance of pudding, he took the time to study the members of his house seated at the table in front of him. The older students were rushing towards adulthood with a rapidity that quickened as each year passed, it seemed. The second and third years were blossoming into adolescence - the boys looking gangly and awkward, where as the girls had an inner glow of promised beauty yet to come.

He continued his perusal, looking for a familiar blond-haired nuisance. He frowned when he didn't find her at the first go-round. Sitting straighter in his chair, Snape looked more closely for Lily at the table. He cast his eyes up and down the benches, but didn't see her. Finally, a black haired girl turned towards the Head Table and looked up. Snape looked back at her, astounded at the change. Pretty blond haired Lily and been replaced by a black-haired girl with multiple piercing's in her nose and ears. Even more than her physical transformation, Snape was troubled by the look in her eyes. He saw the familiar look of anger and defiance that had stared back at him from mirrors throughout most of his time at Hogwarts. He knew at once Lily had been through an experience which had left her embittered. She was on a spiral into darkness. He had to find out why, but he couldn't yet fathom how to begin his discovery


Several weeks into the term, Severus was sitting in his office marking the barely coherent essays from this year's crop of first years. He grimaced over a particularly garbled sentence and decided he'd had enough for the night. Throwing down his marking quill, he leaned back in his chair and stretched.

Jenny quietly went down the stairs to Severus' office with a cup of cocoa. She watched as he stretched and finally yawned.

"Been a long day, love?" she asked. She smiled and set the cup on his desk.

Severus sighed deeply. "Sometimes I wonder why I was ever persuaded to return to this... this...."

"This place you call home?" finished Jenny.

Snape gave her a mock glare. "Alright, madam, you are correct, as always." He sipped the cocoa and relaxed. "Are the children sleeping?"

"Yes," replied Jenny, "All is quiet in the Snape household and Mrs Snape is a bit lonely."

She walked around to his side of the desk. He turned to let her slide onto his lap.

"Are you seducing the schoolmaster, madam?" he asked in mock disdain.

Jenny wrapped her arms about his neck and leaned forward for a kiss. "I would never do any such thing," she retorted, "But, I'm not above coaxing my lover up to bed for an early night."

"Ah, well then, that's quite different." Severus smiled and kissed her gently once more. "I'm more than willing to be your lover." He set her on her feet and pulled his wand to put his desk in order with a charm.

At the same moment, a knock came to his office door. Jenny looked up at him, "Who would that be? It's past curfew."

Snape shook his head and answered the door. Filch and two of his students, obviously in trouble, waited at the threshold.

"Mr Filch, what seems to be the problem?" asked Snape.

"Sorry to disturb you, Professor. I caught these two up to something nasty in the Trophy Room. Just lucky I caught them before they... went too far." He leered at the pair who looked sick.

Severus took stock of who the accused students were. He frowned when he saw Lily and a fifth year boy. "Very well, Mr Filch, I'll deal with it."

Filch looked at Snape hopefully. "I don't mind dealing with it, Professor, I just thought you should know."

Snape spared a look for the caretaker, "It's quite alright, Mr Filch. Thank you for bringing it to my attention." He jerked his thumb over his shoulder, indicating the students should enter. With a nod, he indicated Filch could leave and closed the door on the other man's mutterings.

Jenny looked at Severus, indicating she intended to return upstairs and leave him to his onerous duty. He held up his hand to halt her.

"Mrs Snape, if you don't mind, I would prefer if you would stay. I believe there is some merit to your input in this situation." Severus looked at Jenny, hoping she would sense his hint of urgency.

"Of course, if I can offer my advice, I'm happy to remain," said Jenny, wondering at Severus' request.

Severus returned to his seat behind the desk. Lily and the boy stood facing him, neither daring to lift their eyes.

"Beyond the obvious flaunting of rules by being out and about past curfew, what exactly were you both up to?" asked Snape; quite sure he would get no answer.

Lily sighed and looked up and away into the distance. The boy glanced at her and frowned before he spoke.

"Well, sir, it was... that is, we er... I - Lily and I, we - we - we-" He trailed off.

Snape stood again, letting his menacing height instil more fear in the boy. "Do you always take young ladies to the Trophy Room for an evening's dalliance, boy? Such an appropriate name for a location to have a close encounter of the erotic kind, is it not?"

Lily snorted at Snape's allusion to the Muggle motion picture. The pure-blooded boy shook his head, clearly missing the Muggle inference.

"No, it wasn't my idea. Lily said she'd been there before and hadn't... "sputtered the frightened youth.

"Shut it, will you!" barked Lily, "I told you to keep your mouth shut, you stupid--"

"Watch your tone in my presence, young lady," snapped Snape, now pinning her with a glare that would leave first years in tears. "I will give the instructions here and you will be silent unless I ask you a direct question." He turned back to the boy. "Continue, Lily said she'd been there before and...?" he waited for an answer.

The boy glanced at Lily once more before answering, "She'd taken a couple of others there before and... I've never had a girl..." He looked down in embarrassment, "You know, use her mouth."

Jenny looked over at Lily, expecting the girl to be upset, but she was still staring into the distance appearing to be merely bored with the entire circumstance.

"Twenty points from Slytherin and a week's detention with Filch. Perhaps you can curb your baser instincts with a little dirty, hard labour. You might want to let your parents know they will be receiving a letter regarding your newfound hobby as well. Get to your dorm now!" Snape ordered.

Both students turned to leave as fast as they could, only to hear, "Not you, Miss Dowd. We have a little more yet to discuss."

Lily stopped in her tracks. The boy looked back at her for a moment, but continued on his hasty retreat. She remained standing where she had stopped, her back to the desk. Severus summoned two chairs for Lily and Jenny before snapping his fingers to summon an elf. The older elf, who had been to their quarters before, appeared.

"Oppa, we require assistance from one of your number who has volunteered to care for my children. Please have your most trustworthy attend my chambers to keep watch while my wife and I are detained."

"At once Professor; we are most proud to look after your babies." With a low bow, the elf disappeared.

Severus turned to Jenny and led her to a chair. "Miss Dowd, come and sit down." He returned to sit behind his desk once more and waited for Lily to join them.

Lily turned and faced him. "I'll just stand, professor..."

"It wasn't a request, Miss Dowd. Sit down, now." He waited until she complied. She sat down, crossed her legs and arms, then looked down at the foot that was now bobbing up and down.

Jenny looked at the young girl then turned back to Severus, a frown furling her brow. This was not the same girl she remembered visiting them in Manchester.

"Miss Dowd, I believe we need to get to the bottom of your new attitude. Your behaviour and manner have become belligerent to your professors and peers alike. Your marks have dropped significantly from previous years. Your appearance does no honour to Slytherin or Hogwarts." He paused and sighed. "This latest incident is most distressing."

Lily sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes. "Nothing happened. Filthy Old Filch only caught us snogging. Honestly, you'd think we'd been caught actually doing something."

Snape pounded his desk, "That's Mr Filch to you, girl and you should thank your lucky stars you weren't caught en flagrante, or you'd be in the Headmistress' office now and quite possibly on your way home."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Are we through?" she muttered, still not looking at Severus.

Snape felt his anger growing hotter. He took a deep breath before he spoke, "Miss Dowd, I've known you since you were an annoying little twit eating Halloween sweets on Jenny's doorstep. Don't push your luck any further or you will be sent home on a suspension. How would your parents take that, especially when they find out why?"

Lily actually laughed, "My parents don't give two hoots about me... at least my mother doesn't." Her laughter had trailed off.

Severus decided to pursue the subject of his observations of her at the Opening Feast. "Who has hurt you, Miss Dowd? Who has caused your self esteem to fall to such a depth?"

Lily gestured dramatically, "Honestly, all this psycho-tripe from a wizard; can't I just want to change how I look? It's my life - my body!"

While listening to the typical teenaged ranting, Jenny looked back at her time spent married to a man who had denigrated her as a person. She remembered the clothing and makeup she'd started to wear to get his attention and his spurning her even more. Only when Severus had come into her life had she really begun to rebuild her self esteem once more. His gentleness and complements towards her had made all the difference in her world.

Sitting forward in her chair, Jenny held up her hand to Severus who was about to speak. "Lily, you have a new stepfather. Is everything alright between you two? I mean, do you get along?" She watched for Lily's reaction.

Lily smiled ironically, "Oh yeah, we get on right well. No problems there."

Jenny prodded on. "Who has hurt you, Lily? Why the changes in your appearance? You're such a pretty girl." Jenny watched as the girl's chin began to quiver.

"Yeah, that's what he said too. I was so pretty. Prettier than my mum." She bit her lips now, clearly fighting to control her tears.

"Miss Dowd," Snape began quietly, "what else did he say? What else has happened?"

She shook her head, "He said they'd put me in care. He said I wouldn't be able to go to Hogwarts anymore. I don't want to go back to Muggle School; I don't want to go into care."

Jenny went to Lily and put her arm around her, "Lily, what has he done?"

Lily, who was now crying openly, covered her face with her hands. Jenny pulled her into a hug. Severus pulled out a handkerchief and passed it over. Lily took a few shuddering breaths and wiped her face with the handkerchief.

"He used to hug me when he saw me, when I first met him. Then, when I was home for the holidays, he'd put his arm around my shoulders when we watched telly. One night, he made me a drink. Said it couldn't hurt to have one. Next thing I remember, I was in bed and he... he..." She began crying again, "He said it was my fault, said he'd tell my mum I'd thrown myself at him."

"Where was your mother in all of this? Was she not aware?" asked Snape, his quiet voice revealing to Jenny how upset he was.

"She works nights, don't she? She only worries about her next fix or getting money to keep him happy."

Severus sat back in his chair, feeling an anger quite different from the sort he'd felt at the misbehaviour of his students. He stood and came around to the other side of his desk.

"Miss Dowd, I think we should take you to the Nurse." He had taken her elbow to make her rise.

"Why? I'm not pregnant or anything. Please, don't say anything. I don't want to go into care." Lily looked panicked.

"You are a witch, Miss Dowd. Whatever else might happen, they cannot take that away from you. Now, there are other things besides pregnancy you should have checked. Come, let Madam Pomfrey do her job and make sure you are well."

Jenny smiled in reassurance, "Come on, Lily. It'll be alright. I'll go with you."

Lily let herself be led out towards the Infirmary, while Snape headed to the Headmistress' office. He had to report this to the Ministry. Lily may be put in care, but it would be done through the Ministry of Magic, not through the Muggle authorities.


"This is most irregular, Snape. We have strict protocols to follow when liaising with Muggle authorities." Harry Potter, newly appointed Auror, had been given the task of accompanying the Manchester police when they went to apprehend Lily's stepfather. Tonks went along as well, in case Lily's mother became involved

"The case is not a simple one of a petty crime committed upon a witch or wizard, Potter. A minor witch was abused and threatened. It is intolerable for any child to be victimized, but this girl falls under our jurisdiction and I have been assigned as temporary guardian." The professor continued to stride along the foot path towards the Police station where they were to meet the constables who were charged with the duty.

"She's safe at school, Severus. Why do want to do this?" Asked Tonks, who had a good idea why he'd insisted in coming.

"I told Lily I would make sure he would never be able to hurt her again." He halted in front of the building with a Police sign hanging out in front and turned to the Aurors, "You know by now I always keep my promises. Shall we?" He indicated the entrance.


"It's done, Minister Weasley. Muggle authorities arrested and charged him last night. Her mother was charged as well. Now, there's just the hearing for Lily's disposition." Harry Potter finished his report to the Minister of Magic.

"Good, I'm glad that's over. Now, we just have to find a place for the poor girl." Arthur sat back in his chair and pondered the options open to them.

"It was quite amazing, actually. The man sat there and blurted out everything. Even when her mother tried to make him shut up, he just kept on talking." Harry sat on a chair facing Arthur.

"Interesting," said Arthur before leaning forward and speaking into the charmed horn that acted as an intercom, "Dahlia, please ask Professor Snape to join us and round up some tea and biscuits."

Harry looked over at Arthur and asked, "What do you think he did - a compulsion charm or Veritaserum?" Harry had his suspicions, but had not voiced them.

"We'll see," said Arthur, just as Snape entered. "Severus, do sit down. A right nasty business this; glad its over."

"Yes, well it's not quite over for Lily," said Snape, seating himself opposite from Harry.

"How so?" asked Arthur.

Severus looked at the floor and pursed his lips, "Miss Dowd was examined by Poppy Pomfrey when we discovered what was happening. It appears she has an infection - entirely curable, thankfully - Trichomoniasis. Given the young lady has had a short history at school; we need to check out everyone she had contact with. It won't be pleasant."

"Oh dear, and here I was worried about how you got the confession from this pervert so easily. What was it, anyways - a potion?"

"Do you need to know, Arthur? Why couldn't it have been a guilty conscience on his part?" Severus watched as Arthur pondered the question. "I should think your time would be better spent finding her a new home."

Arthur nodded his assent, "I suppose so but... well, let's let the matter rest for now. You are her Guardian, have you considered making that a permanent association?"

Snape shook his head, "No, under the circumstances, it wouldn't be wise. I think she needs a great deal of close parenting and, with our careers and our own children, neither Jenny nor I are in the position to do that effectively."

He looked at Harry and nodded slightly towards Arthur. Harry looked confused for a moment, then smiled as he realised what Snape was suggesting.

"It's going to be rather lonely at the Burrow, when Ginny and Ron finally move out after the wedding," suggested Harry.

"Yes, it will be odd. That will be a spectacular day - a double wedding - greatest social event in years they say." Arthur smiled with pride at the thought.

"What will Molly do?" asked Snape, "She looks after your grandchildren now and then, but Molly is never happy unless she's busy."

Arthur looked between Harry and Snape, realizing they were setting him up. "Are you suggesting that I... that Molly and I... we're too old."

"No you're not, Mr Weasley. You and Mrs Weasley are the best parents I've ever met. It's not like she's a little girl, "offered Harry.

"It's true, Arthur. Lily is already in fourth year. What she really needs is nurturing and guidance. I can think of no other family who demonstrates those traits in such abundance." Snape watched as the man behind the desk sat thinking...

... "Come in, dear, it's so nice to see you again. Ginny, come down, Lily's here," called Molly over her shoulder. "Take off your jacket and come in the kitchen. Lunch is just about ready."

"Hi, I'm Ron Weasley. I work with Harry Potter and Tonks. You remember them, don't you?" Ron took her hand and shook it.

Lily stared around the strange house that had been suggested as her new home. She and Arthur had just apparated in from the Ministry. This was as far away as you could get from a council flat in Manchester.

"Headmistress McGonagall said you could stay for a long weekend to get to know us. If everything works out, this will be your new home," said Molly, hopefully, "Come on then, into the kitchen."

As Lily entered, a crowd of red-heads, one black haired boy, one bushy haired girl and one blonde part Veela, called out their welcome. Lily stared back in surprise - her mouth open.

"This is the Weasley family," said Arthur, "Never a dull moment."

Lily was led to a chair where her plate was being piled with food. Harry sat facing her, knowing exactly how she felt.

"Lily," he began, "I know - it's pretty overwhelming, but you'll get used to it. I did." He smiled at her and ducked as a flying green bean thrown by Ginny passed over his head. "This is what a real family should be like," he told her, before turning to his plate of food.

Lily looked up and down the table at the smiling faces and decided Harry may just be right.

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