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Where does this hole lead? What will happen to them! Will they find Poseidon in time! What's cronus up to?

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The hole was couldn't see anything...but the light above from the beach.

Herry landed with a thump.

Theresa and Jay on top of him.

They heard screaming behind them and yelling so Jay picked up Theresa and moved aside.

Herry caught Julia and almost caught Atlanta, Archie sort of fell on top of her.

Again they were on top of each other. This time Archie was above Atlanta they blushed in the dark.

"Ow!" Atlanta yelled.

"Sorry..." Archie blushed some more.

Jay got out a flashlight.

"Where are Odie and Neil?" Atlanta asked. Archie helped her up.

Herry got a call from his PMR.

"Guys! Are you okay!" Odie said.

"Yeah...where are you?"

"We didn't jump in..I think we'll stay up here thanks."

"Can you tell us which way to go?" Jay asked he lifted the flashlight where he saw three passageways.

"That would take a while to track down where they lead. Best if you split up." Odie replied.

So Jay and Theresa, Herry and Julia. And Archie and Atlanta.

Jay carried Theresa, it was sort of obvious Herry wanted to go with Julia.

They kept walking in total darkness..still nothing.

But it was quiet and alone time with Theresa.

"So..uhh Theresa.." Jay stattered.

"Yes Jay..." theresa asked. Jay could see her eyes glimmering in the light.

"After we get Poseidon..and if we do defeat Cronus today...would you like know go out sometime?" he asked.

Theresa saw his eyes..the chocolate swirled eyes.

She smiled.

'Yes Jay..I'd like that..." Theresa the sighed of the thought of dating with..with these fins! Those horrid fins that were ruining her life!

Jay sighed with relief as she said yes.

"But Theresa...please..don't--loose hope...I swear I'll do anything to get your legs back! I promise you...You WILL get them back!" Jay said comforting her in a protective voice.

"Thank you much..for all you've done..."


"this place is a bit..creepy isn't it?" Julia said.

"Yeah...don't worry just stay close to me, you'll be alright." Herry said.

She smiled.

"Soo..." Herry said.


He loved the sound in her voice. it was soothing.

He looked the other way though he couldn't really see her face anyway. He fidgeted as he walked.

"I uh...kind of think your cute and I was wondering if you would like to try dating...if you're single that is..and you know...not right now..cause we're kind of in the middle of finding an evil crazy god...and trying to rescue the god of the sea..but when we get back to where hera and your mother persephone you know we could.." He stattered trying to say this all at once.

He waited for a reply.


No answer.


Still no answer.


She was gone!


"Oh man! This is taking way too long!" Atlanta said as they walked 10 minutes through the dark passageway.

"Wait! A door!" Archie said as he looked up ahead.

"You're right! Let's contact Odie."



"There's this door..can you tell us where it would lead to?" Atlanta asked.

"This is pretty it up and contact me as soon as possible, it might be where Poseidon is! I got a call from Herry and Jay, hold on."


Jay and Theresa saw light up ahead.

"Jay! Look!"

Jay jogged over.

The light grew bigger and bigger.

They turned the corner and saw...

"POSEIDON!!!!!" Theresa shouted.

Poseidon looked around everything was blurry.

"I know that voice...Theresa?" Poseidon tried to say.

"Yes!" Jay ran over and tried to pry open the bars.

"If only Herry were here!" Jay said.

He tried to contact Odie.

"Odie! We found Poseidon!" Jay said.

"That's great! But Herry has the water bottle..hold on...he's calling me right now." Odie said.



"Julia!! She's gone! She disappeared! Can you find her!!!"

"What!! And no I can't!!! Hold on...Theresa and Jay found Poseidon. Your passage leads up to the cell meet up with them while I try to find Julia, Poseidon needs water!!"

Herry stepped on it and ran forward.


"Herry!!" Theresa shouted.

"I got the water!" Herry pried off the bars and poured water into Poseidon's mouth.

"Ahhh, thank you!" Poseidon said.

But the air was still filled with heat.

"I am still a bit weak...I don't know if I can escape out of here."Poseidon said.

"How did Cronus get you in here?" Jay asked.

"I don't know...I was fighting with my father then everything went blurry..i'm assuming someone had knocked me out.." Poseidon rubbed the side of his head.

"Don't worry I'll call Odie." jay said.


Archie and Atlanta stepped inside the door everything black.

They fell. It was a hole! There was no floor.

They fell yelling. And landed on hard ground.

Again, they were on top of each other.

They blushed once more.

"Okay that's it! I had enough falling for one day!" Atlanta said coming up rubbing her back from pain.

"Look a portal!!" They saw in front of them, stood a blue portal.

"Odie?" Atlanta said.

"Yes!" Odie said working rapidly, trying to find everyone and especially Julia.

"We got a portal here!"

'Okay hold on...Jay and Theresa found Poseidon...and Herry met up with them. And they lost Julia."

"Oh no! Seems like you're a bit busy...we'll call back." Atlanta said.


"Odie?? Is there someway Poseidon can escape?" jay asked.

"Well Atlanta and Archie found a portal..he could escape there..but it's quite a long ways to pull him over there. Hold on."

"I'm going to go find Julia!" Herry said and ran.

"Herry wait!" Jay said. "Now he could get lost!"


Herry took a flashlight and ran back into the passageway.

'Julia! Julia!!!" he shouted a couple of times.

Then he put one hand on the wall and it made a strange noise.

He pushed it and the wall turned around.

'Julia!" Herry shouted.

Julia was behind the wall.

He picked her up and ran back.


"Guys! There's water behind the walls of the cell!" Odie called.

"Great!" Jay said happily.

"I'll call Atlanta top set the bomb towards you guys to break down the brick walls, step back."

"Wait Herry ran back to find Julia.." Theresa said.

'I know, he's coming back. Now step back!" Odie ordered.


"Atlanta!" Odie called Atlanta on her PMR.


"Aim your shooting bomb northwest!" Odie ordered.

"Alright..." She had no idea what was going on.

"There!" Odie ordered her to fire.


Theresa, Jay, Poseidon, Herry and a sleeping Julia in Herry's arms hid behind in the passage waiting for the bomb to set as they put on their scuba suits.

Julia woke up.

"There you are.." Herry said.

"Wha??? Sorry Herry...I was listening but i hit something and everything turned black..."

"It's okay..right now you have to put on this scuba suit..okay?"


The bomb hit through the walls of the passageway and hit the cell and water started flowing in.

Soon it was easy for Poseidon and Theresa to swim.

The water flowed throughout the whole place.

Soon it reached Archie and Atlanta. The room started filling up with water.

Archie tried to get up and jumped into Atlanta's arms.

"Archie.." Atlanta complained but laughed a little, use your inflatable boat thing.

He did and Atlanta laughed at him a little seeing him like this.

Soon the others caught up to Archie and Atlanta.

"Odie said we we'll have to go through here" Atlanta recalled.

Everyone jumped in.


Where does it lead to?

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