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On The other Side

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They go through the portal...what's on the other side? (I'm gonna have to write it later)

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Jay first carrying Theresa. Herry and Julia second, Atlanta and Archie next.

Poseidon stayed until the water rose some more.

Jay jumped in to the portal of the unknown... he stood on a shiny floor made of gold. The others behind him.

It was a trap!!! It was Cronus's shrine again!!!!!

The giants showed up behind them. They grabbed Herry, Julia, Jay, and Archie.

Atlanta and Theresa looked at their friends ready to fight but Cronus had gotten the two holding them by their necks.

"Don't hurt them!!" Archie and Jay yelled as they struggled.

"Sorry no can do...and Theresa..your time is up! And Atlanta!! You're next!!"



They both yelled in anger.

Suddenly Odie and Neil showed up.

Odie punched Cronus, Neil kicked him.

It hurt they didn't know how to do it like Herry did or Jay, Theresa, Atlanta or Archie but it was worth it.

Cronus dropped them.

Theresa fell to the ground feeling weak.

Atlanta comforted her and moved her away from Cronus.

Julia gave an elbow punch and dropped her and Herry. Archie and Jay did the same.

Everyone started fighting.

Herry and Julia fought side-by-side wanting a piece of Cronus. Odie and Neil helped too.

"Odie where'd you come from!!"

"I had to get over my fear and I had to drag down Neil." Odie explained charging after Cronus. They were expecting him to open up a portal and escape, but Cronus knew he needed his giants.

Soon water poured in from the portal.

"What! What's this! This is not possible!!" he yelled.

"Agnon! You fools! Defeat them at once and let's get out of here!!" cronus yelled.

But they were getting their butts kicked they couldn't move.

Archie and Atlanta fought together on one giant and Jay was guarding Theresa as he fought.

Theresa felt woozy...

She felt dizzy..what was wrong with her?

Cronus was backing off then he saw Theresa.

"You're not getting out of this one Cronus!" Herry punched his fist into his hand.

"Haha!!! What about your friend over there..she looks a bit weak. ..Hmmm"

Herry, Julia, Odie and Neil turned around.

"Theresa!" Julia ran over.

They really wanted to see if she was alright but they couldn't let Cronus get away.

"Oh, you three staying for the party? Well let's make it fun."

Cronus's blade showed up out of nowhere and tried to slash Herry.

He jumped and did a duck and roll and the ground.

Herry got mad.

"Grrr.." he charged for him.

Odie knew he couldn't fight but he had an idea.

The shrine was filled with tons of water now and Poseidon showed up.

He charged after Cronus and Herry helping Herry.

"Come with me Neil." Odie said.

"Theresa!!" Julia said lifting up Theresa lying in the water.

"Help!" Archie shouted.

Now Atlanta was fighting by herself.

"Archie! Stand on the statue and use your whip to cut of Cronus's head while your at it.

Archie smirked as he ran to climb up the huge statue. It wasn't the real head but it would do.

He sliced the head off and it fell right onto the giant.

He collapsed knocked out.

"Go Archie!" Atlanta shouted.

"Julia! Is Theresa alright!" Jay said while backing off the giant.

She didn't answer just continued trying to wake her up.


"Oh...I don't think she's well Jay! we got to get out of here! She needs to see Dionysus! We'll get Cronus later!" She shouted.

Then the jet came crashing through the ceiling.

"NO!! What the!! How!! YOU!" Cronus pointed to Odie.

"We'll finish this another day!" Cronus yelled at Poseidon and Herry as he wiped blood from his mouth.

His giants ran towards him and escaped into the portal.

"He's such a coward." Herry said. "But I'm glad I got a piece of him!"

Poseidon laughed.

Everyone raced towards Theresa.

And Archie hopped into the jet.

"Hurry! Bring her in here! And this place is filling with water!!" Archie complained.

They rushed over.

Everyone in, and a incautious Theresa beside Jay.

Poseidon disappeared into the water saying goodbye and thank you.

"You must hurry to Dionysus right away!" Poseidon said as he left.

They rushed back home.


What did Cronus mean by her time's running out? And what did the fire he blew out in the other chapter mean as well? FIND OUT!
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