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Every Breath

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What's gonna happen to Theresa? Will they save her on time? What's wrong with her?

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Theresa gasped for air as she felt woozy and dizzy...she was dying.

"Theresa! Please! Wake up! We're almost there!" jay said wincing in pain as he said those words, his throat felt soar. He was crying, the type of crying as if he couldn't breathe at all.

Theresa's eyes looked dead. But she was barely moving.

"I--I feel..cold" She tried to mumble out.

"Sh, it's okay, please just hold on!" Jay said to her.

"It's okay Theresa. We're all here with you." Atlanta said.

Julia held her hand, so did Jay and Atlanta.

Odie put the jet on full blast.

Archie could feel tears swelling in his eyes. His friend was going to die...Herry had messy hair and looked dirty from fighting with Cronus. He felt sad for his friend and wish he could have taken out Cronus right there for doing this to Theresa.

He started to cry.

It was hard for Odie to drive the jet when his friend was dying in the back seat.
But he concentrated..for Theresa.

Neil felt sad. He had always been happy..but when Jay almost died he felt sad Theresa? Why was this happening?!!

Julia had only met Theresa and she already seemed like a sister to her. She wanted to thank Theresa for bringing her here and to meet Herry.

Atlanta could not believe this...her friend..and her shot through her. Her very best friend was going to die..NO! She wouldn't let that happen! But she felt weak..just wanted to stay with her best friend until the pain goes away..for both of them.

Jay sat there not knowing what to do..wanting to punch let the anger for Cronus to stop. This was not possible..he knew there would be dangerous happenings when fighting witha happened to him once..but never thought it'd happen to the one he loved most.


They rushed to Chiron's study.

"My gods, Theresa! Put her down, right here." Chiron ordered hurrily.

"We need room please, step outside." He ordered the 6 heroes and Julia.

"But no! Please!" jay said not letting Chiron bug and make him move. He took his hand out wanting to sit beside Theresa until she was all better. He cried as Chiron pushed him away.

"Jay. I know how you feel but I need to work alone with Hera to save her."

He closed the doors.

Jay fell to the ground and slammed his fists to the ground.

Julia tried to help him up.

Jay shoved her back and yelled at her to go away.

She stepped back sad and hurt.

Herry held her.

"Don't speak to her like that Jay! She didn't mean anything! She was trying to help, we know how you feel but we do too..." Herry spat at Jay.

"How do you know how I feel!!!" Jay screamed at him." Don't you dare judge me like that! I'm your leader! And you know how hard it is to be a leader!"

Herry was now hurt.

He gave him a look as he comforted Julia.

Jay stormed out of the room then ran to someplace quiet.


Jay didn't know what he felt like...he felt so hurt and couldn't breathe. He felt like his heart was dead. Someone had pulled the plug and stabbed it many times. His brain was like a headache. He didn't know what to think or do. He collapsed on the ground trying to get back up but he felt too much pain surging through him. Why did he say that to Herry? What was wrong with him? Why was he acting this way! Why does Theresa have to be in this condition!! He'd give up so many things to just even switched places with her or something! He didn't want her to die! He loved her!

"Do you hear me! I love her!!!" Jay shouted at the statue of Zeus.

He fell down and his eyes got blurry. He saw something..a was white and gold... then all went blank.


"I can't believe he spoke to me like that." Herry said sitting down with Julia.

Julia looked sad.

"Are you okay?" he asked Julia.


"He's hurt.."Atlanta said. "And I would do that too for someone I love so dearly." She spoke.

She glanced at Archie then blushed.

Archie looked at her at the same time and blushed too.

Chiron opened the door.

"CHIRON!" Odie said.

They started saying bunch of questions. This was the second time they had to wait out the door to how Theresa was doing..this time was worse.

"Cronus had put some poison in her...t changes her to a this case..a mermaid. Because her ancestor Poseidon..which of course is Theseus's a merman. But the poison was meant to weaken her..and kill's called her fire. It's her soul..this is a disease created by Cronus himself. It changes them to a state to weaken them then the poison takes action to where it kills her and sucks out your soul..your fire...her fire is being let out."Chiron explained so sadly


I'll make next chappie. and poor jay...R+R
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