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Chapter Two

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Usagi and the girls are having a sleepover, Mamoru is moving back, problems occurr...Usagi/Mamoru pairing plus others

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"Odango Atama?!" Mamoru asked wide-eyed as he realized that the goddess that opened the door was actually the girl that he used to tease. And the girl that he secretly crushed on.

"Yeah it's me. Hey you guys its already 2 in the morning, you all mind as well sleep over" Usagi said as she walked away, "Oh and help yourselves to anything" she said popping her head back into the room, then walked away to her room.

The next day around 1p.m...

knock knock knock

"USAGI OPEN UP THIS DAMN DOOR I KNOW YOU'RE THERE!!" screamed the guy who was knocking on her front door.

"Ok! ok! gosh hold your horses!" Usagi said as she got off the couch. They were all watching Mad TV on Comedy Central.

"What do you want, Seiya?" Usagi said while stepping outside so that the didn't hear the oncoming fight.

"I say you and me get back together" Seiya said as he tried to kiss Usagi.

"Who's that guy?" Mamoru asked, slightly jealous of the guy. They all moved towards the open window to watch the couple talk outside.

"Usagi's ex-boyfriend Seiya, that bastard! I can't believe he has the balls enough to come around here after what he did" Lita said

"What did he do?" Mamoru asked

"He was out drinking and cheating on Usagi and he ran over Usagi's little brother Shingo and now he's in the hospital" Mina said with tears in her eyes

"WHAT?! AND HE'S COMING BACK AROUND HERE?!" Mamoru screamed in utter disbelief

"Shh man, whenever he comes around it gets interesting. Last time we couldn't tell what they were saying but this time we can watch and hear" Ken said.

"Seiya go away. You really expect me to want to be with you after you cheated on me and ran over my brother during the course of one night?! Not to mention you got away with it! I even gave you a second chance afterwards" Usagi screamed

"Yeah and what a second chance that was. You gave up your virginity to me that night." he said while licking his lips. He then pushed Usagi up against his car and whispered in her ear "would you like a second round?"

"Get the FUCK off of me! I didn't willingly sleep with you and you know it! You raped me you nasty bastard!" Usagi said crying.

"He did what?!" Mamoru asked "Why didn't you guys tell me?" When he got finished asking that he noticed the stunned, furious looks on their faces

"because we didn't know, and if we did he'd be dead right now" Lita said

"What is he doing?!" Mamoru asked as he saw Seiya try to kiss Usagi "That's it I'm going out there, I can't stand by and watch him do that to her!" Before he could stand up Ami grabbed onto him and forced him to stay there.

"She can handle herself, look" Ami said when he looked at her as if she had two heads.

"I told you to get off of me! I will never be with you again no matter how much you beg!" Usagi said as she threw Seiya off of her. She then kicked him in between his legs. When he was hunched over she punched him square in the face so that he flew backwards. "Now stay the fuck away from me, my friends, and my family. You're not worth our time, you scum-bag" she finished as she spit on him and walked back into the house.

"You're not rid of me yet, bitch. You will be mine even if I have to force you again!" Seiya said as he got in his car and drove off.
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