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day thirtenn

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september 13th

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Dear Diary,
Well we are still flying right now. Still not quite sure where we are headed. Well I guess (as Taylor said) HTL had an opera competition and I guess Omar won, because he is running around the plane screaming like a maniac. Justin went to the bathroom a while ago, I think he's sick. He still hasn't came back though. Man, I'm still tired. I hope we land soon. Taylor is playing Brent in that pirate video game. Jeff says he is playing winner. I'm sure he hopes it's Taylor. Brent is like mega good at video games though, so I doubt Taylor will win.
Tom is getting way annoying. I'm tired of him complaining. I wish we could ship him back with Melissa, but then we would be giving her what she wants and that wouldn't be good now would it? Shaant is like glued to his laptop right now. He won't show me what he's doing though, little suspicious. I hope that when we land Shaant and I can do a little ring shopping. Don't tell taylor this but Ryan did get her that ring. It's gorgeous. I guess on the back he got it engraved with "love, ryan forever". How romantic. Brent
was making fun of him for it. Of course though he didn't do it infront of ryan, because then ryan would've had to kick him where it hurts again. Wow, justin finally came out. HE doesn't look so good. ew he just barfed ALL over jeff. It looks like jeff is about to bawl.classic. To bad I don't have my camera with me right now. This is like a halmark moment, only more gross. Hey we're landing! K, so the flight attendant said we're in scotland. Cool.

few hours later
So we're all in the hotel.Actually justin is at the hospital. and jeff is taking like a mega long shower.
I think everybody is sleeping besides me and shaant. We were smart and slept on the plane.
OOOO well I better go shaan wants to show me what he's been working on. I hope it's good
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