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day fourteen

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september 14th

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-10-10 - Updated: 2006-10-11 - 401 words

Dear Diary,
Today would have to be one of the best days yet! Well,first of all Justins out of the hospital, it was just some motion sickness. So hes back in the game. The funniest thing ever happened today! Well as Ryan and I were walking around the town we saw this "Dace comppettion, Requires kilt" We both gave each other a sly look. Well,you know how I tell Ryan everything,and hes been talking about Ryan? Well we signed him up! Yep we signed him up to dance in a kilt. So we get back and wonder how the heck will we get him to dance in a kilt. Jeff,told us "get him drunk! He does anything when hes drunk!" So we got Justin to buy us some beers and Justin was fake drinking while Brent was downing them. So he did get drunk and he wore a kilt. We all went to watch him dance and by the end of his dance me and Ryan were crying and laughing soo hard! We taped it to show him in the morning. But, after that all happened we all went back to the hotel,and Fred was trying to show us his break dancing skills,while spining on the ground Tom kicked him and now they're mad at each other. Taylor and Shaant quickly wentback to their room,while in ours everybody was there. Wich made me kind of mad because Ryan said we would spend the night together just the two of us. He said we could tomorrow, so we're going out to lunch and then we're shopping for a while. A little before Brents dance Taylor and Tom went to leaarn some bagpipe, and Shaant played his song for me with the rest of the guys. It almost made me cry,it's wonderful! When I almost cried Jeff tried to comfort me and I pushed him. Poor kid, hes such a loser (but not as much as Brent). Well it's 2:00,and everyoones gone. But I can still here Brent singing and dancing in his room. Brendon saying "would you just shut up! This is one of the reasons your not in the band" he was madddd "Oh and one more thing! Don't look at my buttcrack" Brents making him mad! Well I'm going to go now,Ryan wants to snuggle and I just want to sleep.
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