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Chapter1: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

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James, Cassandra, Dameon, and Arya are meeting in the forest,talking about the strange things that had been happening to them... hope you like it, pleas eread and reveiw thank you !!!!! sorry its...

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Swish, swish, swish. That's how you could describe her hair. Ary, was walking the the woods, looking for her friends. They were supposed to be meeting here to discus something extremely important. Weird thing had been happening to her and her friends. "The earth is connecting to me, I can feel it." Ary thought to herself. James, Dameon, and Cassandra, had been experiencing the same things. But with the other elements. James, and his water, somehow connected, Dameon, had the element of air. He had always loved windy days. His favorite game when they were little was to try and run against the wind, and see who could get the farthest without falling back. Cassandra was her best friend. Since they were very little, they had always been together. "Inseparable," her mother had always said. Cassandra had always had fiery red hair. And she loved camp fires. After the strange things started happening, her eyes always turned bright red when she was angry.
"Arya, where are you, its happening again!" called a frantic voice, from the other side of a small stream. "Wait a minute," Arya said out loud, "When did this stream get here," James, she thought to herself, he had the strange water element flowing in his blood.
"Arya hurry!" This time she new whose voice it was. "Dameon," she thought to herself dreamily. She had a small crush on the tall, dark eyed boy.
She started to run towards the stream. She gasped when she saw that the streamed had appeared from James, but only because Cassandra, had accidentally set fire to some nearby bushes. "Oh my, are you all right," she asked franticly, running over to her friend, and hugging her.
"She'll be fine, this is the second time today," Dameon, said behind her, in a small comforting voice. Oh how she loved that voice.
"Wow, that takes a lot out of me," James had come up behind them, looking quite tired, but pleased on having known how to stop the fire.
"How did you do that," asked Cassandra. "I can't do that with my fire,"
"I don't know exactly, I guess I just wanted it to happen, and the water came out of no where."
"Well, we need to talk about this, and maybe try out what we a do," Dameon suggested. He had always been the leader, it just somehow suited him.
"Right, ok, so, I have the element of water." started James.
"I have fire," said Cassandra, it suited her perfectly.
"I have air," Dameon stated in a matter of fatly voice.
"And I have the power of earth," finished Arya, in a slightly quieter voice. She shifted on the rock she was sitting on, her long black hair, flowing behind her.
"How are we going to learn how to control these powers, nobody in the Red city, has ever experienced this before. At least not that I know of," asked Cassandra, but she didn't really expect an answer.
"Let's see what we can do," Dameon said, taking charge again. "I'm going to see if I can turn up a breeze, that can maybe cool us off, after that fire of yours Cassandra," Dameon closed his eyes, and concentrated on a nice cool breeze. But he thought up to much of a breeze, it nearly knocked them over. "Sorry, thought to hard," he said sheepishly.
"It's alright, my turn anyway," Cassandra stood up, turned in a circle, and pushed her hands in front of her. Nothing happened, but then a small little fire ball appeared in front of her hands. She put one hand down, and turned one in, and put it in front of her face. Then like a candle she tried to blow it out, but it didn't work so instead she closed her hand around it, and it was gone.
"Wow," Arya awed at her friend, wishing that she could do something like that, but doubting it by far. "My turn". She stood up as well, stuck out her right hand, and thought hard about a small rose, appearing in front of her. A rose stem started too grown from her hand, and then it started to bloom. It was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. Looking up from the beauty, she saw her friends staring at her. "Why are you looking at me like that," Arya asked in a curious voice, wonder why her friends were staring.
"You changed, you clothes, there beautiful." Cassandra said in sudden awe. Arya looked down and saw that she had changed. Before she was wearing a simple brown skirt, and long green shirt. Now she was wearing what looked like, an even longer black skirt, with a short green belly top, with long, vine like sleeves. "Oh my goddess," she gasped, "My sleeves, there made of vines."
"Wow," Dameon looked at her, he knew she was beautiful, but she looked like a goddess right now. Little did Arya know, but ever since they had met, three years ago, he had loved to an extreme amount.
"Why didn't I transform like you did," asked Cassandra, wonder what she would look like.
"I don't even know why I changed," answered Arya, still in awe at these veined sleeves.
Then all of a sudden, out of no where, they heard shouts coming from outside the woods. "It's the first of the silver singers, come quickly, she is looking for Cassandra, James, Dameon, and Arya," shouted the voice, "We must find them!" The four friends looked at each other, with scared looks on there faces, all thinking what does she want with us!
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