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"Patrick... you're friends a little weird."

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5 years earlier... Patrick and Pete meet and he introduces

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5 Years Earlier

Patrick and Amy leaned against eachother on the couch in Patricks basement. They were both 17 years old and had been best friends since birth, due to their parents.
They watched a horror movie, in honor of Friday the 13th.
Patrick was getting bored with the movie, and reached in his pocket and pulled out a bag with a little bit of weed left in it. Amy rolled her eyes and reached over the table to grab the bowl.

"Okay..." she sighed "but i swear Trick, this will be the last weed we ever smoke... this is it. We're not gonna smoke anymore. Promise?"

Patrick smiled "I promise. We're poor anyway, so that's motive enough.'

They lit up the bowl and took a few hits, it wasn't much, especially between the two of them, but it was enough to get them a little lightheaded.

10 minutes later Amy had her head on Patrick's shoulder and randomly giggled at Patrick's guitar playing. It was the usual, they sat there on his couch, got high, and played music. Amy and Patrick were best friends, they didn't need anyone else.

The doorbell rang and Patrick slowly got up and went upstairs to answer it, since his parents weren't home.

He opened the door to find a well-groomed, black haired, fairly good looking boy staring back at him.
Patrick blinked "Hey whats up?"

The dark haired boy shuffled his feet and smiled "Hi, I'm sorry, but we just moved in a few doors down and I'm really bored so I figured I'd come over and introduce myself. I'm Pete."

Patrick looked at him through squinted eyes "Hmmm well Pete, thats pretty daring of you. What if I was a murderer?"

Pete laughed "In this neighborhood? Doubtful. And I saw you yesterday, figured you were the only one around my age here, and decided to cure my boredom and say hi."

Patrick smiled "Well hey, come on in. My parents aren't home, but Amy's here. You can meet her. We're watching a movie."

Patrick walked down the steps with Pete in heel. Amy got panicky, thinking it might be her dad he was with, and pretended to be asleep.

Patrick laughed and kicked at the couch "Amy, its alright... wake up."

Amy smiled, opened her eyes, and sat up. She looked at Pete, who was just staring at her. He was a good looking boy, not her type, but very good looking. She smiled.

"Amy this is Pete, he just moved here and dropped by to say hi. Pete, this is Amy."

Amy smiled and gave a little wave. Pete turned to Patrick "Dude, your girlfriends hot."

Amy rolled her eyes. She didnt find it flattering when guys just outly told her how hot she was.

Patrick leaned in to pinch her cheeks and she winced and slapped him off of her. "She is cute, isnt she?" He said in a baby voice.

"I am not his girlfriend, we're just friends. He's like my brother."

All three of them chatted for a while. They talked about Pete moving to Wilmette with his family and Amy and Patrick reassured him about how boring it was.

Pete noticed Patricks guitar "Hey Patrick, you play?"

"Yeah a little, it calms me down."

"Thats awesome. I play the bass"

Amy and Patrick looked at him. He was wearing a polo shirt and nice hollister jeans. They didn't expect him to play anything but water polo or soccer.

Amy smiled "Hey thats awesome! Maybe you guys can start a band or something" She nudged Patrick, who rolled his eyes. Patrick hated the thought of a band. He was way too shy and didn't like anyone but Amy hearing his music.

A few hours, a movie, and a box of pizza later, Amy decided it was time to go.

"Well boys, it was fun and everything, but I must be going."

Pete looked at the clock "Yeah wow, I should probably go to. I'm sure my parents are pissed cause I'm not there to help them unpack somemore. Do you live far Amy?"

"Nahh, I live a few blocks away. I don't mind the walk home."

Pete and Amy said goodbye to Patrick and walked out together. Amy sighed when she realized it was raining and turned back to Patrick.

"Sorry Amy, my cars in the shop, remember? Do you just want to stay here?"

Amy shook her head "No, its okay. I'll just walk. I actually have a good amount of homework to do."

Pete joined in "I live right there ... I'll drive you home. It's no big deal."

Amy smiled. "Okay, sure, only if you don't mind."

They ran to Petes car a few houses down and got in.

Pete smiled at her "I'm really glad I met you and Patrick. I didn't think I'd meet any cool people here, especially you Amy."

She blushed "well, we're here I guess. You just have to know where to look" They both laughed and Amy directed him to her house.

Before she got out of the car he turned to her "Hey, I'm sorry if this is too forward, but can I take you out on a date sometime?"

She smiled kindly at him "Oh I don't really know Pete. Um, how about we all hang out some more and then we can see where that takes us."

Pete just smiled at her and she got out of the car.

Pete was nice, gorgeous, friendly, caring, talented, well mannored... but she just couldn't pinpoint what it was about him that didn't make her attracted. She sighed and went inside.

She took out her phone and called Patrick.

"Whats up Amy?"

"Patrick, you're new friend's a little weird."

"Uh oh. why what happened?"

"Nothing... he just asked me out on a date. No one ever asks me out... I just thought it was weird. Mehh, I dont know."

Patrick laughed on the other line "Oh yeah thats soooo weird for an attractive boy to ask an attractive girl out on a date."

"You think he's attractive? You're such a gay!"

"Whatever, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, love you bye."


story will pick up, i promise.
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