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"Maybe someday you'll change your mind"

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Amy gives Pete a chance and Patrick finally gets a job.

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"So Pete and I are hanging out tonight, do you want to come over?"

Amy rolled her eyes as they walked down the hallway to their next class "So what? Is he replacing me as your new best friend?"

"Excuse me miss bitter! No he is not, annnd I don't even know why I asked you, you're always over. I was actually just wondering what was going on with that whole thing... do you like Pete? Would you go on a date with him?"

"I dont know Patrick... He just doesnt seem like someone I would date."

They reached the door to their classroom and Patrick stopped her before going in.

"Amy! You never date anyone. It's like you're afraid of boys."

"I'm not afraid... I just havn't found somebody I'm actually attracted to... enough to at least want to go out with."

Patrick smirked "Well, I'm gonna challenge you to give Pete a try. Just go on one date with him... just one. We've known him only a few weeks now and already hes asked you out 4 different times. Give the poor boy a break!"


"Hey Pete, Hey Patrick."

Amy made her way to the couch in the basement of Patrick's house. The boys were fooling around with instruments and playing some surprisingly good sounding riffs. She was happy that Patrick was comfortable around someone enough to show off his talent because he really was amazing when it came to music. Piano, guitar, drums... anything. He could do it.

Pete stopped playing and looked up "Hey! Did you guys hear about that music exhibit in the city this weekend? Its all day on saturday. There's gonna be bands playing and its a classic rock tribute to older bands. It sounds pretty awesome. We should all go!"

Patrick sighed "Thats this saturday? We go every year, it's amazing. I totally forgot about it though... I have a job interview."

Amy looked surprised "YOU have a job interview? Where?"

"At Vintage Vinyl... the record store around the corner."

Amy raised her eyebrows "Oh yeah? Thats a cool place... good luck."

Pete slumped back in his chair "So I guess Saturdays off... I'll just see if my little brother wants to go or something."

Patrick looked at Amy, raising his eyebrows and slightly pointed them towards Pete. Amy tilted her head at him, giving him an 'are you serious?' sort of look, then rolled her eyes.

"Pete I'll go with you."

Patrick let out a short laugh and Pete's head shot up in surprise.

"uhh oh, okay!! uhhmm I'll pick you up at your house around 10 and we can go for the day!"

Amy giggled at his sad attempt of playing it cool and pretending he wasn't excited.


9:57 and the doorbell rings.

wow, early. hmm... he must be really excited. Amy thought to herself as she examined herself one last time in the mirror. She looked good, but then again, she always did. She wasn't conceited, its just it was hard for her NOT to look good. She had that uncommonly natural beauty to her and an original sense of style that would make anyone turn their head.

She got in Petes car and they made their way into the city. The conversation consisted mostly of Pete talking to her about his old town, his old house, his old dog, his old neighbors... anything to keep the conversation going. Amy thought silence was a good thing, and it was clear that Pete just wanted there to be talk at all times.

Pete paid for her way in, he paid for lunch and a t-shirt for her. She didn't even ask him, he just did it. He was nice and polite... he didn't hit on other girls... he didn't even let her go to the bathroom without asking her if she'd be okay.

When Amy went to the bathroom she took out her phone to text Patrick

Okay so he is sweet... but trying wayyy too hard.

a minute later he replied

hahaha! just be nice don't break any hearts.

She laughed and put her phone back in her bag.

It was a fun day and time to go home. The ride home was more talkative on both ends... comparing notes about the events that went on earlier. The bands, the music, the exhibits, everything.

Pete walked Amy to the door and stopped her before she opened it. He leaned in and kissed her gently.

"Amy, I like you a lot. I've never had these feelings about anyone." He pulled her close for another kiss.

She stopped him. "Pete... I'm sorry but I don't want to lead you on. I don't think I feel exactly the same way that you do. You're a great friend, and I love hanging out with you, but I personally just don't feel a connection."

She genuinely felt bad for what she said but still knew she had to say it before things got worse.

Pete took her hands and looked at her. "Maybe someday you'll change you're mind. I'll be waiting, I promise."

Amy awkwardly smiled, said goodnight, and went inside as fast as she could. She wish the fun day wouldn't have been ruined by such an awkward end. This is why she didnt date. The awkward pauses and thoughts, the guy babysitting you, and the creepy feeling of knowing someone 'will wait' for you. She couldn't handle it all.

She took out her phone and saw she had one new message from Patrick.


Amy smiled, but figured she'd wait til tomorrow to talk to him. She was too tired and too overwhelmed to anything else tonight but sleep.

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