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When Amy met Andy

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Amy meets a drunken, coked up Andy. Could it be love?

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"He'll wait for you? What does that even mean?"

Patrick asked Amy through a giggle while they sat at their usual lunch table.

Amy had her head in her hands and shook her head "I don't know. It was awkward and kinda creepy to hear. He's a nice guy, I know... but I mean come on! WAIT for me?"

Patrick laughed "Yeah well he didn't say anything to me about it. I think he might've been embarrassed."

"He's not coming over tonight, is he?"

"He's not actually... I didnt invite him. I think just you and I need to have a night in again for once. We'll rent movies."

Amy perked up "Really Patrick? I'm so excited! I feel like it has been forever since it's just been you and I hanging out."

Patrick looked down "Yeah well, I want to get as much time in as I can... according to my manager I'll have to work a lot. But I'm excited. I start saturday and this guy Andy is training me. I havn't met him yet, but I'm sure he's not that bad."

Amy smiled "Well I'm excited for you that you got a job and things won't be that different. We'll still hang out... just don't start making new friends and leaving me behind."

Patrick threw a french fry at her "Never."


A few months later and not much as changed. Amy and Patrick hung out almost every weeknight, doing homework and watching movies. Pete joined them occasionally, but the awkwardness between him and Amy was incredible. Patrick worked every weekend, but the hours weren't long and he really enjoyed it.

Patrick made a few friends at work and even hung out with them from time to time. He felt bad for not inviting Amy, but it usually was spontaneous and after work and he wouldn't even have time to call her.

One night late after work Patrick invited Amy over to stay the night.

"Hey ... we havnt had a sleepover in a while! This is exciting." Amy arrived with a pizza and a few movies. The usual.

"So how is work going?"

"Its fun... the people are really cool. They all went to this party tonight after work, but I didn't feel like going. I'd rather stay here and spend time with you."

Amy punched him in the arm. "You're such a liar!! You're not allowed to go anywhere anyway! 1.) You don't have a car since that last piece of shit died and never recovered and 2.) You're parents wanted to go out tonight and you had to stay here cause of your sister."

"DAMN... you know me too well."

Amy laughed and put in Rushmore.

About halfway through the movie Patrick's phone rang.

"Oh it's Andy..."

He answered.

"Hey man..."


"seriously dude, I don't have a car..."

"I would, but I don't have a car and I have to stay here with my sister. No one else there can take you home?"

Amy was staring at Patrick and the seriousness on his face.

He continued

"yeah I'm sorry dude. Just be safe dude. Sorry. Bye."

Amy looked at him "What was that about?"

"That guy Andy that I work with, he went to that party tonight and I guess things got out of control. He's really fucked up and needs a ride out of there. He said something about more drug dealers coming and this high schoolers are there now drinking and snorting coke and he's afraid the cops will come and he's about to pass out or something like that..."

Amy looked shocked "And you're just going to LEAVE HIM THERE? Patrick, what if something does happen, he's trying to do the right thing and leave. Call him up, I'm going to get him."

"No Amy, I don't want you there. What if they pull you in? A pretty little girl they're not going to just let leave."

"Just call up Andy, tell him to wait outside and to look for a green car... I'm going to get him. Tell me where it is."

Patrick smiled and dialed Andy up and got his address.

"Okay, now, he's got long hair, glasses, and a bunch of tattoos. Don't pick up the wrong guy. He's not gonna go home, he's just gonna stay the night here."

"I'm on it!"


Amy pulled up to the address Patrick gave her. There were a lot of cars outside, but not a lot of noise. It had this eerie drug house feel and Amy felt uncomfortable, especially when there was no one with long hair and glasses waiting for her outside. She parked her car, took a deep breath, and walked in. Chills went through her as she saw beat down kids (all much older than her) on the couch smoking and snorting god knows what. There were younger, high school looking kids in the kitchen taking shots.

I can't believe Patrick was invited here, thank god he didn't go.

"Uhm excuse me... hi"

Amy turned to an older guy standing against the wall.

"Do you know where Andy is?"

All of a sudden a very distressed looking guy came out of the back room. He had long hair, glasses, and a lot of tattoos.

"Hey Amy, right?" She nodded "Yeah, sorry for not being outside, I had to help someone out real quick. Let's go."

They turned toward the door and the older guy grabbed Amy's arm "Wait princess, you're not staying? Come on, stay, have a few drinks." He started to pull her close. Amy was speechless and a little scared.

Andy put his arms on her shoulders "Greg, she's not interested, and we really have to get going. Later"

He whispered in her ear "Come on. Don't talk to anywone..."
He led her out of the party.

When they got in the car Amy turned to examine Andy "Hey thanks for that, but I would've eventually stuck up for myself. I guess it's just a new type of situation for me. The only partying I usually do is just with me and Patrick smoking weed or drinking beers. Nothing big at all."

Andy smiled "Hey, I admire that. Patrick told me about you, and he said that you guys gave up smoking too. Thats pretty awesome. I'm so sorry that you had to come get me, I must seem so pathetic."

"No! Are you kidding? When Patrick told me the situation I knew I had to come get you because at least you wanted out. I mean, I didn't even know you and I would have felt bad if something happened to you because we didn't come get you."

She looked at Andy. He was friendly, not at all what she expected. She expected him to be beat down and loopy and rude and hard. He looked like he would be hard, but he was kind. She didn't understand why he got caught up in this lifestyle.

"Hey Andy, I know it's not my place to say or anything... but you just said that it was amazing that Patrick and I stopped smoking weed. How amazing would it be if you tried getting out of what you're into."

He looked at her shocked.

She shook her head "No, I'm sorry... that was too forward. Its none of my business and the last thing I want to sound like is motherly and give you a lecture."

"No, I'm just shocked. I thought you'd judge me and I felt bad that you had to pick me up... but you're not judging me. You just want to help. Its kind of sweet."

Amy smiled and they rode in silence the rest of the way. There was something weird about Andy, but in a good way. He was drunk, high, tattooed up, rugged... yet came across very bright and well spoken (even with the drugs in him) and was really mellow and kind.

"Patrick... we're back." Amy shouted as she walked down the stairs to the basement.

Patrick fell asleep on the couch and Amy rolled her eyes and didn't wake him.

"Here, let me get you some of Patrick's shorts to sleep in."

Before Andy could protest, Amy was running up the stairs to Patricks room.
She returned with gym shorts, a tshirt, and a glass of water.


Andy was sitting on the other couch. She sat down next to him and smiled.

"Wow, thank you." She just couldn't stop staring at him, and he couldn't stop staring at her.

Amy broke the silance "Hey, this couch pulls out into a bed, you'll be more comfortable that way."

By now Andy was pretty out if it and not as clear, or well spoken as before. He was coming down from his high in the worse way and starting getting dizzy and loopy. He just nodded.

"Uhm are you okay?! Do you need anything else? Here... have a seat on the chair while I pull the bed out..."

He transitioned from the couch to the chair uneasily and watched Amy take off the coushions, pull the bed out, and put pillows and blankets on it. In his mind, he wanted to help and didn't want her to do the work and take care of him, but his body couldn't move. He just stared.

"There... here, let me help you." Amy helped him in the bed and made a spot for herself on the floor with a small couch pillow and blanket. It was uncomfortable, especially since Patrick had no carpet in his basement, but she didn't mind.

She tossed and turned to get comfortable.


Andy groaned from the bed.


He was a little more back to reality then he was a half hour ago.

"Amy, I'll sleep on the floor."

"No! You stay there, really, I'm fine."

"well theres room on the bed, just come up here. I won't try anything, I'm not that type of person I promise."

She smiled to herself. His speeched was a little slurred, but he had good intentions. She took a breath and got up. "Alright... if you don't mind."

She crawled in next to him and they fell asleep.


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