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Pete has some bad news for Ana...

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Ana fiddled childishly with the napkin in front of her as she sat opposite Pete in the restaurant. He watched her as she folded it in every direction she could think before opening it back up again and starting all over. He subconsciously shook his head at her, she was the strangest girl he had ever known and even after knowing her a few years he didn't understand her. Pete had been shocked to hear of Ryan's gesture with the apartment and was a little jealous that his place had been taken in that department. He saw her smile to herself as she found a new way to the fold the napkin making it look like an ice cream cone. She held it up and laughed.
"I should do origami." She told him.
"You should do therapy." He answered moving his own napkin as the food was delivered to their table. They ate and they talked but it was taking Pete ages to get to the point of his visit and he wasn't sure he would ever get there. He didn't want to hurt Ana but some things were more important than infatuation and he was sure she was only infatuated with Ryan. There was nothing about their relationship that made him think they were in love. He knew Ana too well, she was just enjoying her latest toy and the sooner Ryan understood that the better.

Ryan laughed at the reflection of Brendon's face in the mirror explaining to his friend that he really should leave the make up to him. Brendon agreed as he wiped the black from around his eyes with some cotton wool.
"You do it then." Brendon suggested sitting back down in the chair. Ryan took the eye liner pencil and began to carefully edge his friend's deep brown eyes. "Watch my fucking eye ball man!" Brendon moaned.
"I have a steady hand." Ryan assured him.
"And..." Brendon grinned. "A steady girlfriend." He said it in a girly voice making it sound very teenage. Ryan smiled. "So are you going to tell me how New York was?"
"Close your eyes." Ryan instructed him as he swept the brush across the pallet of eye shadow. Ryan was silent for a while as he concentrated on his attempts to decorate Brendon's face. "New York was fantastic." He then said. Brendon opened his eyes and looked in the mirror to his side.
"Wow that's much better thanks." He stared at his own reflection and pulled some faces before sitting back down in the chair. "Did you and Ana... you know?" Brendon grinned.
"You're such an idiot." Ryan smiled back.
"Oh come on did you?" Ryan let out a gentle laugh. "And?" Brendon took that as his reply.
"She's amazing." Ryan said.
"She's a loon." Brendon teased. Ryan started packing the make up away. "So you're serious about her then?"
"Of course." Ryan told him.

Backstage was bustling with people and as Ryan walked into the room he had to take a deep breath to calm himself ready for the onslaught. He was as polite as he could be and he posed for so many photos he felt like smashing the next camera he had to smile for. Ryan saw Brendon laughing his way through the fans and wished he had his energy at times like that but he didn't. He found it draining and even though he loved his fans he found it sucked at his sense of self.
"Thank you so much." Spencer told a fan as she told him how much she loved them all. Ryan smiled at her but his mind was elsewhere, he was missing Ana really badly since he had left New York. It was all he could think about and all he had to look forward to was seeing her again.
"Ryan would you sign my poster?" The girl asked politely.
"What?" Ryan said staring blankly at her.
"Sign her poster Ryan." Spencer nudged him handing him a thick marker pen.
"Oh yeah." She handed it to him and he noticed her hands were shaking a little. It totally blew his mind that someone would be that interested in him that amazed by him that they would be nervous in his company. He felt like it was wrong and his eyes met hers over the poster. She looked terrified. "Here you go." Ryan attempted a particularly friendly smile for her thinking it would relax her but instead she appeared more nervous. The ring of his phone broke the bizarre encounter and Ryan retreated to the corridor.

"Where are you?" Ana asked him in her softest voice.
"Chicago." Ryan told her a smile permanently on his lips at the thought of her. "It's cold."
"I'd warm you up."
"Shit I know how you'd warm me up." Ryan laughed a little. Ana was missing him so badly it made her nervous but she couldn't hide it from him. She couldn't even consider hiding her feelings from Ryan anymore. "Where are you?"
"In the bathroom of a restaurant down town." She giggled.
"What are you doing calling me from the bathroom?"
"It's so funny Ry seriously, there's a hen party here and as soon as they spotted Pete!" she laughed. "Fucking hell I think the waiter actually asked him if he would sign some autographs for them because he was worried they would get out of hand otherwise."
"They were close to getting hysterical." Ryan laughed knowing how much Pete would have both loved and hated that at the same time. "But I miss you."
"Oh God I know. I can't think straight I miss you so much."
"I wish you were here kissing me." Ana told him.
"I'd be more than kissing you."
"Tell me what you'd be doing." Ana smiled to herself.
"Imagine I'm there with you." Ryan started but lowered his voice for a second as some crew passed him in the corridor. "I'm behind you and you close your eyes when I start kissing your neck."
"Hmmm." Ana closed her eyes as she leant back against the wall imaging exactly that.
"I'm stroking my hand across your stomach." Ana let out a sigh. "It's sliding under your top and up to your breasts."
"Can I reach my hand around and unzip your trousers?" Ana asked making Ryan laugh.
"Yes you can do what you like." He told her.

Ana allowed her mind to do just that as she listened to Ryan's calm voice. "I'm sliding my other hand down the front of your trousers."
"I like that." Ana told him wondering how on earth she was having this conversation in the bathroom of a restaurant and hoping no one came in and disturbed her. "I'm doing the same to you."
"Good." Ryan replied.
"Ryan." she spoke in her bedroom voice, he liked that voice it was gentle and feminine.
"Do you have a hard on?" Ryan laughed again.
"Yes." He told her. "Well nearly."
"This isn't fair." She started moaning down the phone. "I want you here, I want you doing these things to me now." The bathroom door swung open and two women breezed in smiling at Ana as she stood in the corner.
"Did someone just come in?" Ryan asked her.
"Listen baby I'll phone you later on tonight ok?" Ryan told her seeing Brendon and the others spilling from the green room. "We can finish what we started."
"Ok." Ana smiled down the phone. "Speak later." She hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

Pete scanned his eyes around Ana's apartment taking it in quickly so he could concentrate on the task in hand, ruining Ana's day. He sat on her sofa as she talked endlessly about how wonderful Ryan was and how he had arranged everything for the apartment in a matter of days, Pete nodded his way through the conversation wishing she would shut up, she was making it harder for him. She looked so happy though, there was this strange twinkle in her eye that she'd never had before. Pete told himself it was the fact that she was enjoying her life but he knew deep down it was Ryan.
"Oh you should see my bed seriously, Ryan got it from..."
"I don't want to see your fucking bed." Pete whined at her. Ana stopped talking and looked at him a moment realising he had been very quiet. She presumed he just hadn't had a chance to get a word in edgeways. "Listen Ana we need to talk about something." Pete told her.
"We do?" Ana asked.
"We do." Pete sighed. Ana sat down beside him on the sofa. He handed her the reefer he had just rolled and when she shook her head he insisted. "You're going to need it." He told her.
"What the fuck?" Ana asked him. Pete reached over to his laptop and took it carefully from it's bag, sat it on his lap and powered it up. Ana smoked the reefer as she waited patiently for him to reveal this big secret of his.

Pete clicked the mouse on the laptop a few times and then finally he put the laptop down on the sofa beside himself.
"Take a little look." He said as he wandered away to use the bathroom, giving Ana some privacy. Ana's eyes adjusted to the screen as she sat down, placing it carefully on her lap. She saw photos from the party she had taken Ryan to in New York; they must have been taken by the girl she had got angry with, the one with the camera phone in their faces. She began to feel nervous as she studied the pictures. There was one or two of Ryan and Ana talking and laughing in the kitchen and then the money shot, Ana doing a line of cocaine and Ryan holding back her hair or at least that's how it looked. Ana took a few moments to understand what she was looking at it was Fall Out Boy's message board and as the information sunk in she could already imagine how devastated Ryan would be.

Pete sat down beside her taking the laptop from her. He gave her a sympathetic smile and she sighed a long sigh.
"It gets worse babe." He then said. Ana felt sick because she was starting to understand where this was going. Pete clicked the mouse another couple of times and turned the screen to face her.
"Oh my god!" Ana's face dropped and the colour drained from it as she looked at a naked picture of herself on Pete's laptop screen. "Stop it!" she said angrily. "I mean shut it down, take it off!" she added jumping from the sofa. She had always hoped those photos would never come back to haunt her but she should have known better. "Where did you get that? Why would you have that?" she was so mad at him and so embarrassed.
"I'm sorry." He said quite genuinely. He could see she was close to tears and he felt really guilty about having to explain the next part to her. "Ana honey." He began.
"I know." She said quite boldly. "I know exactly what you're going to say." She added.
"It's too much Ana." Pete told her. "Ryan can maybe get away with the party shots but you."
"I'm a fucking liability!" she laughed as Pete raised his eye brows at her.
"Something like that."
"Where did you find those pictures?" she then asked him.
"They were posted on here. I have no idea who the poster is, I mean I have an e-mail contact I could find out if you wanted."
"Find out who it was." Ana's face turned to stone Pete watched her process the information.
"Ok. Obviously the post was deleted but I don't know who saw it before I got to it." Pete explained. "I don't know how far this has spread yet, we'll know in a couple of days."
"So you're on damage control?" Ana asked him as she stood with her arms folded tightly and her body tense. Pete nodded. "Does Ryan know yet?" he shook his head. "So what do you want me to do?"
"Oh man." Pete rubbed his hands over his face as though he had just woken up. "Stop seeing him." He told her.
"Fine." Ana replied and walked off into her bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.
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