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Pete doesn't want to break the news to Ryan...

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Ryan frowned when Ana's phone went to answer machine for the fourth time, it wasn't making any sense to him. He was sure he had said he would call her later; that they would continue their conversation from earlier.
"What's up?" Spencer asked as he sat down on the second bed in the room.
"Nothing just can't get through to Ana." Ryan told him.
"I thought you said Pete was visiting her?"
"Yeah he is."
"Well d'er." Spencer laughed switching the TV on.
"D'er what?" Ryan frowned at him.
"Ana and Pete?" Spencer suggested. "They'll be out getting trashed." He finished. Ryan nodded thinking that Spencer was probably right. "Wanna watch Spiderman or Oprah?"
"Are you fucking serious?" Ryan laughed.
"Yeah you're right, no contest, Oprah it is." Spencer smiled at his buddy making him feel a little more relaxed.

Pete edged into Ana's room cautiously knowing exactly how volatile she could be but he found her curled up on her bed. He felt awful and he felt that maybe splitting them up wasn't the right thing to do, maybe she liked Ryan more than he realised. Ana wiped her eyes and sniffed a little as Pete sat down on the side of her bed. He wasn't surprised that she had been crying.
"Listen I've been thinking." Pete began but she cut him off as she sat up.
"Can you do it?" she asked.
"Do what?"
"Tell Ryan I don't want to see him anymore." She said. Pete could see from the expression on her face that she was serious.
"Maybe I was over reacting." Pete suggested. "If you like him that much then..."
"Oh don't be stupid." She snapped at him. "He's too much of a pussy for me anyway." She said drying her eyes with the cuff of her sleeve. Pete noticed the intensity he had seen in her earlier was gone and he considered that maybe this should have been Ryan's choice not hers. There was a part of Pete that understood Ana's cynical side, the side of her that expected everything to go wrong long before it did. "Just tell him I'm everything he thought I was when he first met me."
"If you tell me you need Ryan then I'll find a way to make you the virgin girlfriend." Pete said.
"I don't need anyone." She replied.
"I'm sorry about this shit really I am."
"Oh fuck it, its no big deal at least I can have some fun now without little miss Ross whining that I'm a naughty girl." Ana's tone was cold.
"You don't mean that." Pete told her trying to retain some of Ryan's Ana, he hadn't realised how much nicer that version of Ana was until he saw her revert back before his very eyes.
"Do you know what Pete?" Ana said. "Ryan was just something to play with and like all great toys they get boring eventually." She smiled. "Tell him to stop calling my phone or I'll change my fucking number."

By the end of the next day Ryan was getting anxious about the fact that he couldn't get hold of Ana. He even called Pete but it was the same story there, no answer. Ryan sat alone in the hotel room wondering what could have happened, scared that maybe the chemistry he had once noticed between Ana and Pete had somehow been put into practise. He swiftly seized his phone when it began to ring out at him.
"Hello?" he asked.
"Beautiful." It was Pete. "How's things?" he asked him.
"I rang earlier." Ryan told him not bothering with the pleasantries of small talk. "I can't get hold of Ana."
"Oh right." Pete's reasons sounded slightly forged to Ryan but he listened all the same. "Oh she had to work today. I dropped her off on my way to the airport. She realised half way there she left her phone in the club the night before."
"Right." Ryan felt a sick sensation in his stomach he knew when he was being lied to.
"I don't know why that girl owns anything she has a mind like a sieve."
"Yeah so she's working?" Ryan reiterated.
"Yeah." Pete replied sensing Ryan's disbelief and cursing Ana for not handling this herself.
"Did you guys have fun?" he then asked.
"Yeah yeah it was cool man." Pete was silent for a moment. "I'm coming out to Vegas when you get back on Wednesday, we have business to talk and strip bars to visit." He laughed.
"Sounds great." Ryan lied.
"Everything ok man?"
"Perfect." He lied again. "I have to go."
"Yeah yeah me too. Listen I'll call you Wednesday, pick me up from the airport?" Pete was cringing on the other end of the phone wishing he could find a way to make all this go away for Ryan.
"Ok bye." Ryan hung up with the sickest sensation in the pit of his stomach. He was certain he understood what had happened. He was certain something was going on between Ana and Pete.

Pete rolled his eyes when he saw Brendon stood at arrivals waiting for him, that wasn't the plan. He was meant to get some time alone to discuss things with Ryan not spend an hour in the car arguing over radio stations with Brendon. Pete slapped Brendon's hand away from the tuner on the stereo.
"Dude you shouldn't even be allowed to drive let alone tune whilst driving." Pete told him.
"Put a CD on." Brendon opened a small compartment between the two front seats jammed with CD's. "Here."
"Eyes!" Pete shouted at him. "Road!" he added.
"OK ok! God." Brendon smiled. Pete wasn't in the mood for music and he finally turned the stereo off. "Do you want to stop for coffee?" Brendon then suggested.
"Um coffee?" Pete answered his voice thick with sarcasm. "What you want to fucking date me now?" he added making Brendon laugh.
"No I just want to fuck you."
"We'd need more than coffee for that my friend."
"So what's the business anyway?" Brendon then asked him. "Ryan said you wanted to talk band?"

Pete pondered the idea of discussing everything with Brendon first, maybe passing the buck to him, giving him the responsibility of breaking the news to Ryan. He knew he could trust Brendon with the information but it was just whether or not he could help. Only three more minutes passed before Pete's mouth opened and everything spilled out into the privacy of the car. Brendon listened carefully and quietly until Pete appeared to have finished his rant.
"Wow." Brendon said calmly. "What was she doing posing for nude photos?"
"Don't you mean 'damn isn't Ryan going to be heartbroken'?" Pete frowned at him.
"Yeah that too." Brendon laughed.
"What should I tell him?"
"I never saw any photos online; I've been lurking on some of the boards and stuff."
"Yeah I am hoping they don't appear again."
"Were they hot?" Brendon laughed again making Pete shake his head.
"For fuck's sake."
"Sorry man I really need to get laid." Brendon explained.

They were quiet for a few moments as they both contemplated Ryan's reaction.
"He's really serious about her." Brendon spoke softly like it was a secret.
"Yeah I kind of figured that much when he paid for her fucking apartment." Pete answered.
"He did what?" Brendon was shocked. Pete just nodded at him. "Fuck!"
"He's going to be pissed at me."
"Why you?"
"I was the one who suggested she should stop seeing him." Pete told him. "I was the one telling her she could ruin his career."
"Oh man can you imagine our fans seeing that shit though?" Brendon seemed to understand Pete's initial reaction. "I mean most of them are teenagers."
"Exactly." Pete replied rubbing his tired eyes. "Your young fans need to believe you guys are squeaky clean, they need to think your girlfriends are virgins like them." Pete said quite seriously. "I understand the business behind fans and that's the way it works."
"Yeah." Brendon nodded. "I guess dating a whore with a coke habit isn't quite the image we're after right now."
"Whore?" Pete frowned at Brendon. "She's not a whore." He insisted.
"I'm sorry yeah I know that man." Brendon replied. "What a mess."

Ana pushed her way past some people in the corridor cursing at them for obstructing her way to the bathroom. She swung the door open only to find a couple making out against the opposite wall.
"Get the fuck out!" she yelled angrily. Ana knew she could be intimidating when she wanted and she enjoyed the power it gave her over people. The bathroom emptied so Ana closed and locked the door. She stood staring at her own reflection, seeing the bags under her eyes and the strange pale tinge to her skin. She hadn't been sleeping at all and she couldn't even eat because she just felt constantly sick to her stomach. Ana saw a tear trail its way down her cheek from her blood shot eyes and realised she was so numb she didn't know she was crying. She was at a party with Jim and some girl had been handing out small yellow pills when she got there, Ana had taken four and now she was sure she could have cut her own throat and not felt it. She did feel the vibration of her phone in her pocket though and as she pulled it out to answer it she saw another tear drop from her face.

"Ana?" Ryan asked not sure if he was scared or happy to hear her on the end of the phone.
"What?" she sounded as though she was asleep and Ryan checked the time thinking maybe she had been working late.
"I've been trying to get hold of you for days." Ryan told her holding back some anger so he didn't scare her away.
"Whatever." Her voice trailed off a little and Ryan felt anxious when he realised she wasn't ok.
"Ana what's going on? Are you ok?" he asked her. She was silent but Ryan could hear the repetitive thump of a bass line in the background and the low buzz of voices. "Ana?"
"Oh for fucks sake what?" she suddenly whined down the phone as though Ryan was some freaky stalker that kept bothering her.
"What the fuck?"
"You need to stop calling." Ana told him, still her voice was low and slow and he knew that wasn't her drunk voice and he knew that wasn't her high voice.
"Where are you?"
"Fuck knows." She sounded kind of angry with it.
"What's happened?" Ryan was feeling so sick he wasn't sure he could hold it together.

Ana opened her eyes and as she tried to understand why she was laying on the floor she realised she had a phone in her hand. She held it closer to her ear and heard Ryan's voice.
"Ana?" he pleaded. "What the fuck is going on?"
"What?" she found herself saying. She sat up and felt dizzy. "I don't feel well." She said.
"Ok listen Ana you have to try and tell me where you are." Ryan was speaking so slowly it made Ana laugh.
"I'm fucked Ryan I'm not an idiot." She said.
"Seriously Ana I am so fucking confused right now."
"You are?" she laughed again. "Wow try my mind at the moment." She stood up. "I'm fine." She reached her hand out to the bathroom door and flicked the lock knowing she would be safer in an unlocked room at that point in case she was about to OD.
"You at a party?"
"What have you taken?"
"Ana do you need someone to come get you?" Ryan then asked her.
"Ryan you need to stop calling me." Her voice began to trail again. "I don't want to see you anymore." She added as she leant back against the glass panel on the shower unit. She felt sleepy again. "You still there?" she asked as she slowly slid down the panel onto the floor.
"Are you serious?"
"Because you're like a fucking pre schooler." Ana said. "I'm done with it." Ryan was silent for a moment.
"Ok." He said and hung up. Ana closed her eyes feeling satisfied that she had something less to worry about now.

it would be really great if more people could tell me whether they're reading this or not. i dont want to drone on and on if no one's interested lol thanks guys :P
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