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Chapter 4 - A Pill, Prayer and a Jealous Prick

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She fumbled with the lid to the pills and impatiently pushed them into her mouth, swallowing hard, her mouth was dry from the shock. Her hand thumped against her locker, her head gently bumped against it.

"Please be a dream.....thump......please let me wake.....thump........please make it go away.....thump......."

She hauled up the blue top and pulled out a fresh one , slipping it over body.

"Please God, I know I ask for a lot of crap but I'm being serious about this.....if you know you can do anything now it's to give me strength....give me courage.......give me clarity....and I'll keep helping you by doing my job and keeping people alive.....even if they don't want to be........Please God, give Peter strength, give him courage and give him clarity so he can see his goodness....." She whispered firmly, her eyes shut tight.

She sloped out the room like an unwanted shadow and moved down the corridors, it didn't feel like her normal work place today, not now. Turning the corner she paused as she saw Michael talking to 3-4 people who were sat on the chairs. He was knelt down as he explained to them. Damn, he was such a good, kind doctor. He did his job well, with modesty and accepted the consequences when he messed up. He'd earned the respect of his colleagues and he had earned Bea's heart.

When the woman looked over, her eyes began to cry again and she stood up, walking towards her.

"Beatrice!" She gasped and threw her arms around her. Bea just held her tight. After putting the young Doctor at arm's length, the woman's eyes wandered over Bea carefully.

"As horrible as this situation is, there is no-one I'm more happy to see than you!" She said softly, Bea took her hands gently. The woman smiled and quickly wiped her tears.

Michael observed intently, doing his math, he had concluded that this man and his family were of core importance to her past and that through the actions of the selfish man who'd overdosed, now had importance in her present life too.

Bea could only stare at him as their eyes met, she shook her head, moving closer to him.

"Patrick!" She cried softly and they hugged too tight.

"You have no idea how good it is to see you!" He said softly into her ear, they just held each other for quite some time.

"This is crazy!" She said into his ear as her chin rested on his shoulder.

She distanced herself quickly, realizing , remembering, awaking from her trance.

I'm in work, be professional, do my job, don't cock up.

Michael walked them down to the private room they had stabilized him in. Bea remained cemented to the white wash floors of the hallway, too fearful to confront her fate at that moment. He turned and stared at the pretty young Doctor he was destroying his family with.

Is she worth it? Really? Can she ever satisfy me the way I'll need? Will I ever satisfy her?

She looked over to him, he was only feet away from her.

Is he really worth it? Will he ever provide like Peter did? Maybe he will and I'll run from him too......

Michael cupped her face with one hand.

"Are you OK Bea?" He asked, her eyes glazed over, she could see Peter lying on that sickbed over Michaels shoulder, it made her feel sick just looking.

"No. I'm not OK......" She said weakly. His other hand reached down held her hand and she looked down at the reminder of his indiscrete position with her, that damn wedding band.

Patrick looked over and Bea glanced at him. She pulled away from his hand and stepped out of his affection like a slow dance move.

"I don't expect you to understand how much he means to me......" She said in a low tone. Michaels eyes met her, the flash of envy was only apparent to him as it surged through his chest.

Her eyes were not on him though, they were over his shoulder, looking at him. That insolent man who had failed to win the attention of everlasting sleep but had definitely won the attention of the one woman who he had no right to get.

Bea slumped down in the chair and pulled one knee up to her chest.

"Don't be here have rounds to do...." He said bluntly, the tone would usually have bothered and sparked a furious tantrum on her part, followed by making-up sex in the nearest, closest, most convenient place.

This time, she didn't even notice it. Her dark haired boy was back. Even if he was barely alive.
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