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The Face That Launched A Thousand Lyrics

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And so we continue. Same characters, different times. Evie and her giant black cloud of bad luck over her shoulder return with an even more drama packed punch of goodness. With the story growing lo...

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Happy fucking birthday.

April 28th, 2003- my 20th birthday.

Then again, it just proved that I was growing up. But hearing that reminded me that I probably wasn't, and was just going down.

Staying away from the drama was easy. I just didn't answer phone calls except from Patrick or Andy late at night.

It had only been five and a half months, but still, the depression of being alone followed for that long.

I bet you expected it to be like...five years later, huh? Where I ended up pregnant, which would have been odd, considering I never had sex with Pete.

Other than that, I have to tell you that you thought wrong and not everything goes according to plan. But then again, it could be five years later, but too much important things happened when the boys returned.

Which just so happens to bring us to the beginning.

Oh, but what's a moocow story without...

"/Ohhhhhhhhhh Peeeeeetttteeee/,"

I'm kidding.


"Hey this is Edge, 103.9 and I'm here introducing this fucking kick ass tune that I came across today. Apparently this band named Fall Out Boy,"

I blinked and sat up from my bed to stare at the radio like the retard I was.

"And they just finished recording their first full length album. From the sounds of it, you better watch's their first single, Grand Theft Autumn...let me tell you, this chick is one lucky mother fucker..."

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath as I heard that unmistakable voice of Patrick.

God I missed him.

I instantly felt the depression slap me across the face, laughing at me like I deserved all of this. But then again, maybe I did. Maybe I deserved everything that ever happened these two past years.

And maybe I was never meant for Pete- but then again...

I really need to stop saying that.

Fuck him.

Well, not literally.

Ok, maybe literally, but...



I sprinted down the spiral staircase as the doorbell rang through the house. I slowed down as I looked up, dropping from the last step to see our butler opening the door.

I probably looked completely and utterly surprised, much like I was when I found out my sister and mother died.

Except I wasn't crying...oops, I want crying mind.

I was overly endowed in extreme happiness*, and I wanted no more than to run and meet him halfway, which I did, letting his arms wrap around my waist, hoisting me up as I held him tightly around the neck, snuggling my cheek into his.

"Patrick!" I squealed. His arms tightened, even when my feet fell back to the floor.

"Evie!" he copied. I pulled back and kissed his forehead.

"This is like...awesome," Patrick smirked and shook his head, arms loose around my waist.

"You lack adjectives**," I glared at Patrick and he smiled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. Patrick bit his lip.

"Two reasons. First, I missed you," I smiled wide.

"Awww, how nice of you," Patrick rolled his eyes.

"Well, we got home and...I kind of had to tell them after..." I blinked and furrowed my eyebrows.

"What?" I asked. Patrick sighed, looking down.

"Pete was looking for don't think he was very happy when he found out you were here," I bit my lip, furious.

"Why didn't he get his pathetic ass down here?" I asked. Patrick gulped.

"Evie...he um...he doesn't exactly love you anymore," he paused and I felt my heart slow down. "Well, that's what he /says/," I looked away.

"Then why was he looking for me?" I asked. Patrick shrugged.

"He wouldn't tell us," I sighed through my nose and looked back up at him.

"Patrick?" I asked. He nodded once.

"What?" he asked back. I bit my lip and leaned against him again.

"Happy birthday...19 is big," Patrick squeezed me close again.

"20 is bigger," I pulled away and crossed my arms, glaring playfully.

"Thanks for making me feel old," I muttered. Patrick shrugged.

"I have to ask you something," he said. I was bewildered by how fast the subject could change.

"What?" I asked. Patrick smiled mischievously.

"When are you coming back?" I shrugged.

"When I feel like it," I said, turning towards the stairs to direct him towards the guest bedroom. Patrick stopped me, gripping my elbow. I looked back at him. "What?" I asked. Patrick gave that smile again.

"So Friday," he said. I widened my eyes.

"What did you /do/?" I hissed. Patrick bit his lip, half from fear and half from laughter.

"Our plane leaves at 9 o'clock, so..." I swear, I never had smacked Patrick before, and it didn't stop me from the palm of my hand meeting his head.

"Bitch!" I joked and turned around to walk up the stairs. I heard a snicker.

"Whore," I smiled. Maybe going back wasn't such a bad idea.


*SO MANY ADJECTIVES! It's an awesome sentence, wouldnt you think?

*Ok, my friend insulted me with this today.**


*But also, seriosuly, I ran out.
(I have a footnote for a footnote)
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