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Chapter 7

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I'm sorry if this chapter sucks and for the shortness. Please tell me what you think! You rock for reading my story! More soon I promise!

Quinn's POV

I don't know what Frankie did, but he pissed me off. Ashley doesn't talk to Frank anymore. She just finished their cd which kicks ass. I've been staying with Ashley ever since that night. I don't ever want to see her like that again, and I'm going to do my best to not ever see her like that again. In just two days Gee and the guys are going on tour which means no more Frankie around. And I talked everyone into letting Ashley produce our next cd, So that means I've got more time with Ashley.

"Quinn?", Ashley said bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah baby?"

"We have to go to the premier party for their new cd."

"Oh okay, I thought you were alseep?"

"I was then it popped in my head."

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow night at seven."

"Doesn't the concert start at five?"

"Yeah but all I wanted was to make an appearance then leave."

"Might I ask why?"

"I just don't."

"Okay, but why come home after we leave?"

"What do you have in mind?", she said turning around to face me.

"Maybe we could go to a club or something."

"Ahh, I would love to."

"Why we are alone and talking, what happened that night with you and Frankie?", I really wanted to know and it seemed like the perfect time to ask. She turned so her back was facing me.

"I'm sleepy good night."

"Why can't you tell me?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"What did he do to you?", I could tell that she started crying, she sat up I sat up and wrapped my arms around her. She turned around and began to tell me everything.

I was silent, "Quinn?, Are you okay?"

"Yeah just processing the information you've just given me."

"See I knew you wouldn't understand.", she cried harder.

"No, no ,no, calm down I understand, I'm just thinking about what you said."

"So tell me what your thinking."

"You love Frankie, Frankie loves Jamia, and I love you. You know we are some messed up people.", we laughed.

"You love me?", she said in a very sexy way. She crawled on top of me and kissed me, and I mean kissed me. I flipped her over and got on top of her , she giggled. I kissed down her neck.

"Are you a virgin?", I asked still kissing her neck.

"No.", I stopped kissing her neck and looked at her.

"No ,how many men did you sleep with before me?"

"One, I thought he was the one but he wasn't."


"No, calm down."

"What was his name then?"

"Boy your full of questions tonight."

"Answer my question."


"A color? Don't tell me you lost It to a dil-"

"NO! I've never used one! That's his name."

"So let me get this straight, you slept with a guy who is named Grey?"


"Okay as long as it wasn't Frankie because if it was I would have to kick his ass!", she laughed.

"So where were we?", I said putting my lips on her neck where they once were. I took off her shirt, but everything quickly was taken off. When we we're finished I looked at Ashley she is so beautiful.

I kissed her passionately and whispered in her ear. "I love you."

"I love you too.", I wrapped my arms around her and we feel into a deep sleep. What felt like twenty minutes later I was woken up by a knock at the front door. Ashley was sound to sleep. I got up and put on my boxers and walked to the front of the house. I opened the door to see Bert, Branden , and Jeph. Smiling really big at me.

"Looks like someone had a rough night.", Bert said laughing, they walked in, "So where's Ashley?"

"She's still asleep."

"I'm going to make sure.", I stopped him because I want Ashley to sleep as long as she wants.

"So no hangover today Bert?"


"Wow I'm proud of you dude."

"It's your girlfriend dude she changed me I'm a new man this is my first day without a hangover. That's what I wanted to talk to her about."


"Didn't I just tell you she changed my life, she was the one who talked me into not drinking!"

"Well Briana went to school, and Ashley's resting, maybe you should come back later."

"It sounds like you are trying to get rid of us.", Bert said crossing his arms over his chest and raising his eyebrow.

"You think."

"Harsh man harsh, but we will go, no matter how bad you treat me I still love ya man."

"Love ya too.", he hugged me and tried to kiss me.

"What no good bye kiss?"

"Bye Bert.", I shut the door in his face.

As I was walking back to the room memories of the night before ran in my head. She said she loved me too. I walked back into our room and Ashley wasn't in the bed. I walked into the bathroom and the shower was on and Ashley was singing. I took off my boxers and in behind Ashley. She turned around and as she jumped I kissed her passionately. She leaned on the wall.

She laughed, "I really have to take a shower."

"I do too.", she laughed. We bathed each other making our hair look crazy with the shampoo. When we were finished, she wrapped herself in a big fluffy towels. And left to her room to get dressed. When she was done she went to the kitchen and started cooking.

"Are we alone.", she asked as she sat on my lap.

"Yeah,I know we should go shopping?"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, we might be at the party for five minutes ,but we still need to look hot."

"Okay lets eat first I'm starving.", she got done cooking and her phone rang.

Ashley: Hello
Ashley: Hey yeah me and Quinn are heading that way anyway.
Ashley: Okay see you in a few.

She hung up. "So who was that?", please don't be her job.

"Nikki and William."

"Who's Nikki and William?"

"My friends."


"Get dressed , running around naked is going to scare the guest.", I laughed and walked to the room I put on some jeans and a shirt and yes some briefs I know what you all were thinking ,quick thinking it ,but I have to admit that if I were you I would of thought the same thing.

We sat at the table and ate and we was out the door.
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