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Anywhere But Here

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Another boy, and no rejection this time.

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"Hey, Theresa. Are you doing anything Saturday night?"

"No, not yet. Why?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go sailing with me. Like on a date?" Jay looked so hopeful when he said that, as if I would break his heart if I refused to go with him. How could I have resisted the date, anyway? I had been fond of the descendent of Jason since we had met, and had always looked to him as more than a leader. I answered instantaniously.

"Sure. I'd love to go sailing with you," and I flashed him a smile, that seemed to melt him slightly. I remember this perfectly, because it made me feel so good to know I had this effect on him.

When I'm in a crowd
Or on an island by myself
Silent or too loud
Wishing I were someone else

Saturday quickly came around, and I could have fainted out of excitment and fear. What I feared, I could not explain, Jay was my friend and had never made me nervous before. Now my stomach was clenched, and I giggled nervously at everything. This from a girl who thought giggling was for pansies.

Then I can't believe
You hit me fast and hard
When you turn to me and say
Never change the way you are

I had been trying to get Jay to go out with me for a long time, and now he had finally asked me out. Sometimes I worried about him, because he worked too hard and worried too much. Now, I could get him to relax, if I could relax myself.

Trying to catch your eye
Things will never look the same
Now I can't deny
You're the moth and I'm the flame

He was waiting for me in the downstairs of the Brownstone, looking nervous and happy, a strange combination in Jay. I was drawn to him, his kindness, his courage, and his determination. Thanking Zeus that the others had disappeared, I descended the stairs and walked up to him, hoping my sudden shyness was well hidden.

There I go again
I should walk before I run
How can I explain
I can't stop what you've begun

The walk to the docks was quick, only a couple of blocks away. We made small talk for a while, laughing at the mistakes we had made at training earlier that day. We were laughing at Archie's utter defeat by Neil, when a sour taste invaded the back of my throat. I had still not forgotten the words he had said, just a week previous. I put them to the back of my mind, I was with Jay, and nothing else mattered for the moment.

I'm going through the door
Flying across the floor
When you look at me
Suddenly it's clear
You're, burning up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be
Anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

The water had a calming affect on both of us, and we quickly rigged the sailboat, and readied to go. I held the wheel, and Jay had his hands on my shoulder, making sure I didn't crash us. We were still talking and laughing, having a great time, and the world seemed to halt while we enjoyed our quiet time for awhile. Then Jay braked the boat, and pulled out a picnic basket with our dinner inside. I teased him about his cooking, and he said he bought it all. This made me laugh, and he followed.

Here is the place where
My head is spinning
Time is beginning
To race away
You come to throw me
Knock me off my feet
Give me wings to fly
The world goes rushing by

We finished eating, and, noticing how late it had gotten, began to head back to the dock. Again, Jay let me take the wheel, holding my waist and watching to make sure I was carefully steering. Slowly, he moved his arms so that I was in his embrace, and I smiled at him warmly. We reached shore and anchored the sailboat, but before I could step onto the dock, Jay gently grabbed my arm. I turned around and met his eyes, he looked so sweet, so loving, it touched my heart.

I'm going through the door
Flying across the floor
When you look at me
Suddenly it's clear
You're buring up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be
Anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

Our lips were about to touch, my mind was near blank with joy, when Jay's PMR went off. We had to go fight Cronus in the park, but I was peeved at the bad timing Hera had. Just before we left to meet the others, Jay kissed my cheek, and took off ahead of me. I had to smile at his sweetness, happier than I had been in a week, then ran to catch up with him.
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