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The Only One

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Theresa hears....

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Three weeks had passed since that Saturday night, that wonderful Saturday night. Jay and I had been together ever since. Bliss filled my soul comepletely, I was finally with Jay and could not have been happier. There was, however, moments that I was not comepletely at ease, when I was alone, just before I fell asleep at night. This feeling of guilt would invade in my drowsiness, and I could not place it. At least, I pretended I couldn't.

One day, during the fourth week of our relationship, I had returned to the dorm late from training with Persephone. I was tired from the exercises, and hoped Jay and I could watch movies or something. I went upstairs to his bedroom.

The door was closed, but I heard Jay talking to someone inside. Listening, I frowned when I heard it was Atlanta. What could they be talking about? I decided to find out.

"....stop leading her on, Jay. She's falling for you, and I don't want her to get hurt."

"You want me to dump her, but you don't want her to get hurt. I really would like to understand your logic, Atlanta."

I couldn't believe it! Atlanta wanted Jay to dump me!

When they all come crashing down- midflight
You know you're not the only one
When they're so alone
They find a back out of life door
You know you're not the only one

"I know why you asked her out."

"Oh, why's that?"

"Because Archie likes her."

"Actually, I think he's pretty much in love with her."

"So why don't you let him have her, then. It's not like you love her, is it?"

A pause, then...

"No, I'm not. But she doesn't have to know that."

I felt like crying. How could Jay do that to me? Why would he lie like that?

We're all grieving
Lost and Bleeding

All our lives
We've been waiting
For someone to call our leader
All your lies
I'm not believing
Heaven shine a light down on me

"So, what do you plan to do, Jay? I won't let you leave my best friend heartbroken, even if it is to date me."

WHAT! Jay liked Atlanta. I felt betrayed, stabbed in the back by my best friend and my boyfriend. Wait, ex-boyfriend. Jay wanted to dump me.

Don't look down
don't look down, into the eyes
of the world beneath you

"I guess I'll have to dump her, but I'll be gentle. Tell her we just aren't working out, or something."

"Will she buy that? She seems to be having a good time with you, and she is a psychic. Maybe she will be able to tell you're lying."

Don't fall down
You'll fall down
You'll become their sacrifice

"I doubt it. But will it really matter, she'll be too upset to care."

"Yeah, but what about your precious team. It'll be hard to work with her if she hates you."

"She'll hate you too, probably. Think you stole me."

Right or wrong
Can't hold on to the fear
that I'm lost without you

Of course I would think that, Atlanta did steal Jay from me. Why would he lead me on, if he liked Atlanta, only to dump me later. Was she just telling him to do this, or was it planned? I felt confused, and numb with realization.

If I can't feel
I'm not mine
I'm not real

"If she says anything, tell her you didn't. That I dumped her and then asked you out, not the other way around. Oh well, better go do it, quit laying it off."

He was coming into the hallway. No way was I going to let him make a fool out of me. I had to act first.

All our lives
We've been waiting
For someone to call our leader
All your lies
I'm not believing
Heaven shine a light down on me

He opened the door, and looked genuinely shocked to see me there. Hadn't he told me we would meet up after training? I couldn't take this.

"Theresa, hi, I-"

"Jay," I said, falsely cheerful. "I like to think that I'm a pretty good judge of character. I can tell that a guy is a gentleman, or a scum bag, very quickly. Unfortunately, in your case, I needed an eye-opener."

I looked nervous then, and guilty. I almost liked that he was suffering so.

"We're over, Jay. I can't date someone that dosen't even have the decency to break up with me before asking out another girl. Later."

I turned away, hoping that my voice had been as calm as I wanted it to be. I was hurt, and wanted to be crying, but I couldn't. Did I ever really love Jay, or even care for him deeply? I couldn't answer that, because I really had no idea.


Okay, many of you are probably ready to slaughter me because of me making Jay and Atlanta sleeze-balls, but I apologize a thousands times for this! I only did it for the story, and really like both characters. Besides, I'm a J/T and A/A fan, so this really doesn't suit me at all. Oh, well.

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