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she finalli finds out the truth

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x-x Olivia p.o.v x-x

I got to his house and banged on the door. No answer .... So I banged again I was about to turn away when someone opened the door.
"nice of you to finally answer now were the hell is Ryan !?"
"he's asleep at the moment can't you come back later!?" Spencer said
"no" I commanded and pushed Spencer out of my way and stormed into the house.
I ran through the house looking in every room but there was no sign of him anywhere. I ran back into the living room where Spencer had fallen asleep.
I roughly pushed him off the sofa I was extremely pissed now. He fell off with a bump I would of laughed but I was to annoyed.
"get the fuck up and tell me!" I shouted.
"ok firstly calm down and secondly isn't he in his room !?"Spencer said
"do you think I would be asking you if he was" I asked
"gah fine then I don't know" Spencer said
When I was about to answer when there was a loud crash .
"Ok what the hell was that !?" Spencer asked
"I would know because !?" I answered
He didn't answer but he started to creep towards the door then he ran out of it leaving me alone with whatever was in the basement.
Why are guys such gah they annoy me! I thought.
I walked over to the stairs leading to the basement. I felt around for the light but couldn't find it. But I still continued down the stairs being the nosey person I am.
I got to the bottom of the stairs. The room was silent but I knew there was someone there.
"hello?" I said into the darkness
No answer I wandered further in. Nothing. So I gave up I was about to walk back when something went passed me.
So of course I screamed. I continued screaming until somebody put their hand over my mouth.
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