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oh geez i frgt hw mny

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Now when you thought it was going to be the cliche vamp stry - think agen

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"shh, its only me" Ryan whispered into my ear.
I spun round. And hit him on the arm. "thanks for scaring the hell out of me" I shout.
"no problem now leave" he said.
"er ... lemme think NO !" I shout.
"I'm warning you leave" he commended.
"I'm not going anywhere till you explain why you broke my little sisters heart" I said.
"you really want to know do ya !?" he shout
"well dur that's why I'm here" I shout back.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs.
"owwie your hurting me" I said.
He loosened his grip. "now tell me" I said.
He turned round so he was facing me. He looked dead his eyes were silver and he had fangs.
I stumbled backwards. "you're you're a vampire" I ask.
"yes know you see why I can't be with her" he answered sadly.
"but ry, you know you can get help for this just go to see Allie" I said.
"Liv you wouldn't understand ok I'm not just a vampire" he said.
"what do you mean your not just a vampire" I ask.
He doesn't answer he not even in the room. "Ryan !? Ryan !?" I call.
No answer I leave his house there's no point me staying. So I go home.
When I get home I see Seisha in the living room watching Fairly odd parents (I LOVE THAT SHOW !!) "Are you ever going to grow up !?" I ask her.
"errm .... Lemme think nope never!" she answers.
"sis there's something I need to tell you" I say seriously.
She senses the tone and turns the TV off and turns to face me.
"What's up sis !?" she asks.
"You know Ryan?" I ask.
"well dur he was my boyfriend" she answers.
"well I think I know why he ended it" I said.
"what? How? Why !?" she asks.
"I know why he ended it, I went to see him and because he is a vampire" I said.
"you went round there !?" she shouted.
"had to kick his ass for ya !!" I said.
She laughs. "still if he was one couldn't he see Allie !?" she said.
"that's exactly what I told him but apparently she can't help" I said.
"oh... well maybe I should see him then" she said.
"yeah maybe you should" I said.

x-x My p.o.v x-x

I grabbed my coat and wandered towards the door.
"you going now !?" she asks.
"yeah might as well" I answer.
"oh ok just be careful ok !?" she said.
"will do" I said.

I walk to Ryan's house regretting every step am I really ready to see him again !? I think to myself.
My phone started ringing after the first 5 rings I answered.

Me = hello
Allie = hey
Me = what's up !?
Allie = you know the dream you had well after talking to Patrick
Me = ......
Allie = I think you should come over.
Me = oh ok I'll be there in about 10 mins ok
Allie = ok cya then
Me = bye

I put my phone back into my pocket and walked in the direction of Patrick's house
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