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Now when you thought it was going to be the cliche vamp stry - think agen

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"hey Allie so what's up" I ask while walking into the kitchen.
"well I was talking to Patrick and I think you should see this" she said.
We walked into the basement where Patrick was sitting looking through a very old book.
"Patrick tell her what you told me" Allie said.
"Seisha what was the name of your mother !?" Patrick asked.
"My mother her name was Eliza, Eliza Andreille why !?" I answered.
"does the women in your dream look like this !?" he asked while handing over a book.
I gasped and nodded.
"but my mum is dead" I said
"your half right" said Patrick.
"so she's a vampire !?" I asked amazed.
"explain please " asked Allie.
"well you see Seisha here is the mortal daughter of Eliza Andreille who was married to a certain William Beckett and when she gave birth to you, instead of being a vampire you turned out mortal and your mother knew that you would be instantly killed so she snuck out and left you with a friend and her friend brought you up as her own" Patrick said.
"so what does this mean !?" I asked.
"well it means that you're the successor of the dandies and you can end this madness" Patrick answered.
"but how !?" I asked.
"well you need to become a vampire first then you will have to become queen but before that you have to find your king" Patrick answered.
"king ! how the hell am I supposed to find a king!?" I asked.
"well the rightful king will have a tattoo on his lower back" Patrick answered.
"And that is !?" I ask.
"the same as yours the words fallen angel" Patrick answered.
"but I had that done when I was 18 and that was because of my dream" I said.
"and who had it done with you !?" he asked.
"Ryan, its Ryan he is to be king" I answered.
"yes" Patrick said.
"how am I going to explain this to him !?" I ask.
"he already knows" answered a voice.
"Ryan, why couldn't you just tell me all of this I would of understood why, did you have to end it !?" I asked.
"because Seisha I didn't want to hurt you I didn't want you to become like me" he answered.
I turned round and walked over to him. We just stood there looking at each other unsure of what to say.
"Ryan do you know what you have to do !?" Patrick asked.
"yes I do but do I really have to !?" he asked.
"it's the only way" Patrick answered.
"ok" he said.
He looked at me and said "I'm sorry".
Before I could answer he sunk he's fangs into me. That's when everything went black.
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