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Chapter Ten: Gift

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A collection of drabbles, vignettes and short stories about how Seto Kaiba is not cuddly. Challenge fanfic from the LJ community 10snuggles. SetoxJounouchi

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Seto Kaiba Does Not Cuddle

By LilyChan

Chapter Ten


"Fate makes our relatives, choice makes our friends." - Jacques Delille, Malheur et pitié

"Brother! Look outside the window! It's snowing!" the dark-haired boy said excitedly as he pointed out the window. The brunet took a glance outside to see the snow falling onto the yard of the estate they had chosen for the winter.

Seto really wasn't impressed with the sight, but for his own brother's sake he'll indulge in the white substance. He tried to smile, but still couldn't do it as naturally as Mokuba and Jou could. So he just patted the boy on his head and nodded.

"It's really nice." He said, albeit unwillingly.

The blond hadn't spoken to him since their departure from Domino. Even though it bothered Seto a little bit, just a tiny speck, he had a plan for his lovely little blond dog.

"Is it okay I can go out and play in it tomorrow?" he asked, with hope sparkling in his eyes. Seto nodded. "Yay! That'll get Jou out of this house!" he said as he ran to the other's room.

Seto nodded and stared at the snow that fell slowly onto the ground. Might as well savor the silence while I still can...


"Jou, do you think you can take Mokuba out to the arcade?" Seto asked as he sat down at the table. Mokuba gave him a questioned look that wondered if it were still that unwanted alien from that day of the water gun fight while Jou just blinked confusedly. "Oh, I suppose you don't want to go then."

The dark haired boy waved his hands around. "Of course I do, brother! Let's go after breakfast, okay, Jou?"

The blond nodded and sighed as he got up to put away the dishes.


/This had better be worth the headaches. /Seto thought as he went to open the door that had a soft knock on it. Behind the door were the short midget and his clan of misfits. He had paid their expenses (except for the blasted Otogi of course) just so Jou wouldn't be miserable during the holiday season. Seto know that had been the essential reason why he was miserable from the instant they had arrived.

"Hey, Kaiba!" waved Yuugi as he and the others had entered the estate. The other didn't even bother to wave back.

"Just so you know all know I'm only doing to stop his sniveling."

"Whatever, Kaiba," laughed the brunette. Seto merely growled in annoyance as they brought themselves, and a trail of snow in. Oh, how he hated not having any servants whenever such an occasion such arise.

After they had settled they had decided to create havoc around the house as Yuugi tried to distract him from the others.

Pretty soon they had heard the door open and there stood a surprised Jou and an equally excited Mokuba.

Yuugi went up to hug Jou while everyone else just merely waved. A big grin quickly replaced his shocked face.


Finally, it was time for sleep. At least Seto would get some peace from the day's adventures. He sighed as he felt the soothing of sleep overcoming him, but his eyes shot wide open when he felt something against him. He looked down to see a mess of blond hair and a grin that could shame the Cheshire Cat.

"Thank you, Kaiba. Merry Christmas."
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