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Chapter Twelve: Movie

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A collection of drabbles, vignettes and short stories about how Seto Kaiba is not cuddly. Challenge fanfic from the LJ community 10snuggles. SetoxJounouchi

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Seto Kaiba Does Not Cuddle

By LilyChan

Chapter Twelve


"No temptation can ever be measured by the value of its object." - Colette, Earthly Paradise

/Why the hell am I here? /Seto thought as the movie theatre turned dark. By his side was an excited puppy named Jounouchi Katsuya. After months of begging, pleading, and bribing, Jou finally got to see the Yakuza movie that had came out. It was supposed to have action, and lots of it.

He turned to see the blond eating his snacks during the previews and was disgusted at the sight. He turned away as the question once again resounded in his head. The picture started and it was as clichéd as he had thought it would be. The mongrel next to him thought it was pretty awesome, as he let the other know. Over and over.

It didn't take long before the blond had fell asleep when the outcast told the yakuza lord that she was in love with him. Seto rolled his eyes at the sight. If that were at all true, the yakuza lord would've had her killed for possibly exposing their quarters. He rolled his eyes once again when the lord stuttered as he tried to confess himself.

/What a piece of shit this is. /He thought as he glanced at the blond next to him. He didn't realize that the other had shifted his head onto his and how lovely his lips looked.

He shifted in his seat as he tried to concentrate on the movie, but it was so cheesy and out of this world that he had no choice but to glance at the blond next to him.

The temptation to kiss him there was evident. He fought with every fiber of his being. He already knows what his lips taste like.

/So why is the temptation just as strong? /He thought to himself.

After debating with himself, he decided he'd just let the blond come closer to him instead. He'll get to the kissing whenever he was awake. He threw his arm around him and brought him closer. Even though that he didn't kiss him, he still felt the warm tingles envelope his body as he brought the other closer to him. Thankfully, everyone else was too distracted by the awful movie to notice the C.E.O. being cuddly to someone that's so beyond his league.
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