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Chapter Thirteen: A First

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A collection of drabbles, vignettes and short stories about how Seto Kaiba is not cuddly. Challenge fanfic from the LJ community 10snuggles. SetoxJounouchi

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Author's Notes: Here's the last chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I have enjoyed writing it. :)

Seto Kaiba Does Not Cuddle

By LilyChan

Chapter Thirteen

A First

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays

It was the last day of school. The two had started to go steady earlier that week. Seto was still very unsure of starting a homosexual relationship that was so open. Jou told him that if he trusted him, he promised things will be okay. So far, it had been heaven for the two. They had gave each other glances every so often during class, especially when no one was paying attention to either.

The brunet didn't want to be near his friends, thus Jou understood. It was disappointing at first that he still didn't consider Yuugi and the others his friends, but that was alright since he still was able to hang out with them as long as they didn't intervene with their relationship.

"Finally, you can see why Kaiba has a 10ft pole up his ass!" joked Honda. Jou laughed along with the rest of his friends while Yuugi just sighed.

Even though it took some time for Seto even set aside his pride to admit that he had some attraction to the blond, Jou appreciated all the little things. He sighed as he recalled the memory of when he saw Kaiba in his most vulnerable state - sleeping.

It had been extremely warm that day and Jou decided to pay a visit to his secret area that he goes to in the park. He wanted to take a short nap before he would go to work as the waiter at the local diner, but to his surprise, he saw something he honestly didn't expect.

Seto Kaiba sleeping.

He didn't know how to take it. He walked closer to him to see how he looked whilst sleeping and he was surprised, once again, to see him sleeping with a slight smile. He was officially scared and decided to go ahead and arrive early.

For the rest of the day, all he could see when he closed his eyes was Kaiba's face when he slept. He didn't expect Kaiba to be there, much less sleeping.

Now that he had gotten together with him, though, Jou realized that the brunet had trusted the blond (whether he realized it or not) enough to let him to see him slumber.

"I don't know why," Kaiba said, bringing the blond back to earth, "but I feel like sleeping every time I lie in your lap."

Jou laughed nervously, not ever wanting to admit he had caught him sleeping that day.

"I guess your bad habits are finally rubbing off on me, mutt." He said as he turned and shifted to get comfortable.

He smiled and rubbed his head. "I guess so, Moneybags."
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